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  1. Got to agree that people don't know about his time with us...But very much doubt his time with us will be erased....Because he was amazing
  2. Why the typical smarmy reply?
  3. Can't remember him playing against us....Not sure where he would be..But so glad we had him Best Ever Player I've seen down Shay and a joy to watch
  4. We don't get no recognition that he played for us
  5. I knew Vardy was The Greatest Baller. I had ever seen and I used to tell people watch this guy play he is Unbelievable and they just said blahhh blaahhh....But I will admit I didn't think he would be A True Legend and achieve what he as...I still look out for him and he just gets better and long may it continue. ☺#VardyArmy
  6. Also The Greenaways Illingworth Lads
  7. Used to play Against Craig Fleming..and saw him regular on the precint with his boots round his neck TopLad..His brother too i loved him bombing up that wing with his hair flowing..Great players from my generation..Also Steve Thornber Sowerby Bridge Lad
  8. Did Beefy Botham? i dont know without checking..just remember Beefy signing for Scunny im gonna check it out..Anyone know..Without looking any stats...He was my era growing up..definite all rounder..And he liked a spliff hahaha..Genuine Nice England Through N Through Guy IMO
  9. Does anyone remember the result v newport please... thanks Keith
  10. Chris Tate shocking business that was.. Dont know who was to blame for that one.. Could name quite a few crap strikers from over the years..But will stick with Tate coz it was our record fee i think..
  11. Go to the pathetic courier site and you will find out how shite it is...all you do is wind people up
  12. Bloody Hell didnt know it was a swap..Surely we could of got a good fee for him after his exploits..I remember an interview think it was Saint n Grevsie..And he said as long as im scoring i basically dont care about owt else..Smug one season wonder good riddance..But Tony Fyfe gosh he were useless
  13. When Lester Piggott was in jail.. He got a job working in the laundry..And tried escaping riding a clothes horse
  14. cheers for clarifying that
  15. Tony Fyfe AKA Lada Man... I think he was our replacement for Steve Norris..i could be wrong but he came from carlisle with a good cv but was absolutely terrible for us and got loads of stick from the Skircoat boo boys
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