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  1. Played Fantastic this day... I will never forget The Harrogate fan leaving the ground to the chorus of You Fat Barsteward and took it very well
  2. Sorry to bother you all..But does anyone know if you can stream the game using an android phone thanks Come On Shaymen
  3. That last goal was terrible Fleetwood No3 miles in space then one of the players bottled a challenge...Not good... couldn't see any other of the other goals
  4. Looks very good and composed..Just hope he can do the business for us Up The Shaymen
  5. Talking of Gazza what a player..What about when he went to where Raul Moat was hiding out with 4 cans n a fishing rod
  6. Wonder where he is nowadays can't even be bothered to look..After the way he treated our club..
  7. Don't be saying that Tommy..They will shoot you down..its only a Training exercise and can't break into a sweat..But i agree with ya..
  8. FCHT15


    So i heard very expensive too.. You can't beat a good fish..Let's hope it's much better than the francise before
  9. FCHT15

    On TV

    No mate one spot only
  10. FCHT15

    On TV

    A tenner for a Steam of what..i will do ya a live feed of me boiling my kekkle for a fiver
  11. FCHT15


    It was tongue in cheek mate
  12. FCHT15


    Let's hope they can manage to break a sweat EH
  13. FCHT15


    Friggin hell BenFCHT I've had nothing but grief over it..Yes like ya say it doesn't suit us that tactic.I like Wilde myself and praying it's not just lip service..It's them 1 minute bloody clips that got me going and expected more..But them clips from previous signings made them look good and when it really mattered they was woeful..Thanks for your positive post Ben have a great weekend and let's hope ee can smas gizley all the best Keith
  14. FCHT15


    I apologise for saying we was poor.. I probably won't be able to watch the full game tmoz.like i was on Tuesday..So will be relying on Twitter..unless i can get a radio link.. It's not the same though you wanna be watching..So i won't be able to decide how we played..I just hope and pray we can kick on..It will be gizleys cup final so they will be up for it..So i wish each and everyone of them all the best and stuff em Good Luck Shaymen Onwards And Upwards @ FCHALIFAXTOWN
  15. FCHT15


    We need to social distance though..take our own beer jobs a goodun..Might even go to Harry's if its open
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