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  1. I can't beleaf we haven't announced a signing yet
  2. I hope we dont have a Cash flow problem..
  3. I totally atree with all the comments
  4. To be back on track i Wouldn't mind Jordan as a new signing
  5. Im getting a bit Sycamore of it
  6. I thought it was quite Poplar
  7. I thought you was only oaking
  8. Yes he was a bit of a tit tweet tweet
  9. FCHT15

    Old Kit

    Thanks Steve Yes im fine..I hope you are too mate
  10. FCHT15

    Old Kit

    Thanks Eddie yes im still here mate..I hope your ok
  11. FCHT15

    Old Kit

    Some fans favourite kit ever..I agree definitely one of my best too
  12. Big season coming up for Our Management...I just hope we can find some decent quality..Coz i like Pete and the way he talks about Our Club bringing it forward etc..I think he is much better than our previous appointments..IMO Onwards N Upwards The Shaymen
  13. Outstanding Premiership Level Players...Now and again..I think we gonna be waiting a long time for this to happen..Im afraid to say.. Horsfield - 97/98 Vardy - 10/11 I hope it's less time to find Our Next Gem who is Premiership Quality
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