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  1. FCHT15

    Gary Wilby

    Agree these 2 know each other... But not the same family..
  2. Some old pubs in elland can't believe how many they were in such a small area...Barley Mow..Bath Tavern..Bird In Hand..Black Bull..Blue Barrel..British Workman..Brown Cow..Cherry Tree..Crown & Anchor..Fox&Grape..Horse &Jockey..Jolly Boatman..Live&LetLive..Martin's Nest..Mexboro Arms..New Inn..Old Bailey..Rising Sun..Royal George..Royal Oak.Sacha Court..The Saville..Star..Town Hall..Fleece..Wellington..Travellers Rest..Pressers Arms..The Drop..Spring Gardens.Barge&Barrel..Delacys..Caddyshack..Malt Shovel..Colliers Arms..
  3. Keep Strong Fella
  4. Cheers Steve once again have a good weekend mate
  5. Lippy Aka Richard can't remember his last name..I see him sometimes he is a postman
  6. Stafford Arms Polish Club Knackered Knob ( Old Cock) Lots of history in this boozer Lewins Bowling Green The Rook Crazy Horse Jumping Jacks Druids Cherry Tree Queens Road End Halfway House Shant Trafalgar
  7. Sabrina - Boys Loved The Video Growing Up
  8. Woodcock - Gibbet St Talbot & Commercial Illingworth Jumples - Warren - Hebble Brook- & And another onefacing it can't remember name... McMillans - All Mixy Area Ovenden WayTop - Shant - Ivy House - Lonsdale I Will Give Someone Else A Chance I've Still Loads I Remember Brothers Grim - Woodnook - Shepards Rest - White Horse - Navigation - Puzzle - Sowerby Bridge Still Loads More
  9. Steve Walsh - Found Love This Gentleman was taken away far too young...RIP....He once appeared somewhere in Halifax i wish i could of seen him.
  10. Elland Full of people walking around..People cycling just no one giving a damn..Even The Saville N Wellington Pubs sneaking people in..The Saville landlord loves ringing the coppers for nowt.. Shame he doesn't get a taste of his own medcine..Absolute greed he been doing it all along just keeping the pub doors locked until he gets a punter..Even seen his son come back from somewhere with alcohol today jokers and the first to slag someone off for doing wrong
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