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  1. Now then Trev, have you been upsetting people again you naughty boy ?? Are you still partaking in acts of necrophilia I haven’t seen any photos for a while ?
  2. Sorry girls in out Friday and Saturday nights, will try and get up at some point during the afternoon for a scoop or two
  3. Registered for the 10k and will do the 3 peaks now, its the only things I cant be sub for
  4. Who are the confirmed 18 ????
  5. Available for the day if required
  6. Please feel free to enter. AFC Juniors league. www.fantasy.premierleague.com Passcode:173428-54292
  7. Well we won the first half Six fingers slightly better in the second half
  8. Being played tomorrow at Dean Field school, Ovenden tomorrow .. 10am kick off against Todmorden. The webbed feet Lancashire lads inflicted our biggest defeat of the season (4-2 at home) so revenge is seriously on the cards !!!
  9. AFC juniors cup final date confirmed as Saturday 18th may, 10am kick off at Dean Field School, Ovenden (after the local league failed to get the shay or Brighouse town !!!)
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