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  1. Cameron King is a very good player at this level, but is there anybody in the 'know' so to speak for the reason the lad cannot last the full 90 minutes of the majority of matches he is involved in. I personally find this really puzzling, surely as a professional footballer it is one of the basic requirements. When on the pitch, I agree with most people he is one who just may turn a match our way. Here's hoping for a great season to come!
  2. I just love that comment by vinnywenuts, God help us if the NL have to make a big decision. Cannot the talk to each other during a normal working day 9 till 5. Maybe the match had taken place already and they don't want to release the result. Pathetic springs to mind, a d while I am at it their web site is rubbish. Rant over!.
  3. Radio Leeds over the years have treated Halifax Town woefully, bearing in mind they call it West Yorkshire Sport. Only jumping on the band wagon when we have the chance of making headlines etc. Should Town have success in the playoffs, I personally would tell Radio Leeds to get lost and try to get the smaller local stations to take an interest. Up the Town forever!
  4. Good job we all support the mighty Shaymen.
  5. If I am not mistaken it was 1966, as I type we are now losing to the CZE on TV. So back to when we won anything worth talking about, 54 years ago. Power in football, we are joking. Someone tell Glen Hoddle.
  6. It grieves me to say, but in all honesty, England are a very mediocre team. Watching the TV it is sending me to sleep. Glen Hoddle has just said, as I type, we are slowly improving in the second half. Well he must be watching a different match to me. Anybody please tell me when was the last time that we won a major competition. The major footballing powers must be quaking in their boots. Ps, I am 63 and have watched plenty England matches.
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