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  1. Good job we all support the mighty Shaymen.
  2. If I am not mistaken it was 1966, as I type we are now losing to the CZE on TV. So back to when we won anything worth talking about, 54 years ago. Power in football, we are joking. Someone tell Glen Hoddle.
  3. It grieves me to say, but in all honesty, England are a very mediocre team. Watching the TV it is sending me to sleep. Glen Hoddle has just said, as I type, we are slowly improving in the second half. Well he must be watching a different match to me. Anybody please tell me when was the last time that we won a major competition. The major footballing powers must be quaking in their boots. Ps, I am 63 and have watched plenty England matches.
  4. I think you are been kind to Solihull, they look very average. No speed, players look muscle bound.
  5. Best post I have read for ages, this manager is like a breath of fresh air to our club. And we are talking to the fans, wonderful. UTS.
  6. Agree with Flea, but our club appears to be losing the will to live at the moment. To the board, talk with the fans , they will be here when you have gone.
  7. God help major high street stores if they treat their customers like this. After all my years, both good and bad, this club treats there supporters like cattle fodder. Comments please!
  8. Not a truer words said, This club is now a joke. It breaks my heart to say these words.
  9. Well there you have it, supporters are treated shabbily, game off, no reason given. Communication skills at this club are atrocious. Fifty plus years supporting, this is as bad as it gets.
  10. With the new season almost upon us, I would like to take this opportunity to inform the powers that be that to communicate with your customers about the product you wish to sell is of paramount importance. This can generate optimism and excitement for the coming months ahead, and certainly help sell season tickets for the coming season. Some suggestions which I believe would be a step in the right direction would be as follows. 1, A weekly update from the manager about players signed or returning to training. , General reports on injuries, fitness etc. 3, Photos of the ground, staff, or players pre season. 4, Interview with new players as and when they sign, 5, Comments from any of the directors say once a month. 6, New merchandise etc. 7, Keep the website fresh, it still says do you want to watch the highlights of Fylde v Town from last season. I could go on, but finally if you want to engage with the supporter's, then please communicate with them, it has got to be a step in the right direction. Here's hoping for a successful season! Up the Shaymen
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