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  1. I can't argue with the people who were there but according to bet365 at half time Woking had 0 shots on target Halifax had 2
  2. How are Barrow top, after the away game there and Reading their fans forum it seemed like relegation was on the cards
  3. More strength and height yes. I honestly think binnon Williams would be better upfront than Silva in the current style of play however I know he isn't actually a striker. Think a tough strong experienced midfielder is needed
  4. When Allen & Redshaw were stood on the touchline ready to come on today did Duckworth pass to Allen not realising he wasn't actually on? I just looked away for a few seconds and saw the ball go near Allen so wasn't sure what happened
  5. Maher should be in the back four and Staunton should replace Noble until Brown is back
  6. Need Brown back Need a hard, strong, tackling midfielder Need a play maker Need a proper forward who can actually stay vertical. Not much to ask
  7. Wow Mcalinden man of the match. Says a lot
  8. Absolutely #hite. Wait until 3 0 to make the 2 obvious substitutions which should have been made at half time (well except for the fact macdonald has been taken off)
  9. So poor again. There are players in this side who offer absolutely no fight at all Mcalinden and Nolan two of them, just breeze through games one paced. Midfield offers nothing, TSS isolated, Mcdonald actually is someone who can run at their defence. Torquay have two pacey forwards who look lively and are tormenting the town defence
  10. Sam Johnson and the back 4 are pretty good but the midfield is severely lacking at the moment. Nolan, Maher, Cooper and Mcalinden today in a sort of diamond shape offered very little and although the forwards were poor there was literally no service to them. Nolan is OK but no imagination or creativity, Cooper gets stuck in, Maher is a good player but also not creative and Mcalinden is far too one footed and lightweight. I'm certain there are selections with the current squad who could offer far more in midfield (creativity, flair, fight and pace) Southwell didn't play great but Sho-Silva looks drained of all confidence and was no better than Edwards today. Hope Pete Wild can build some momentum again
  11. Very poor, Mcalinden and sho Silva awful. Binnon-Williams &, Staunton easily the best of the bunch
  12. Very lacklustre tonight, not playing to TSS strengths, ended the game with a striker on the left, a left footed striker on the right wing, TSS isolated and that is the 4th defeat this season all of which town have failed to score in. Why won't modern managers ever put 2 upfront together, (and I don't mean 1 of the 2 playing 20 yards behind) Duckworth, Clarke and Staunton thought had good games, C King made a difference as the ball wasn't hoofed and actually played on the floor more. Can't understand why Josh Macdonald has been dropped from the bench especially at home Dover on Saturday will be a massive test.
  13. I'm sure they could, just sliva seems to be favourite at the moment
  14. Personally think he could be exactly what is missing at the moment and will help and be helped playing with Sho-Silva. It wouldn't work him coming in as a replacement for Sho-Silva but if Wild can find away to play both together it could be a great partnership. Fullarton didn't know how to get the best out of any forward thinking player last season (Rodney aside he Duku was brought in at the same time)
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