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    Is the South stand going to be open?
  2. Great win Allen was outstanding when he came on but at the moment and in the current formation there really isn't a weak link. Looking forward to Saturday
  3. Staunton is a class player, literally covers every blade of grass which has already been mentioned. Seems to have much more freedom in his game than he had last season under Fullarton. Thi k he is also a very good defender I like the way he can run forward with the ball just don't think him and Clarke were very commanding together
  4. Just out of interest does anyone know - did the team stay over last night or drive down to London on the day?
  5. Didn't like Mcalinden but in the formation and given a run down the middle I think he is definitely worth trying to keep. Redshaw needs to stay if possible Mccoulsky not bothered would rather he went. Cooper was ok but recently his passing has been awful and although he does a lot of running doesn't really offer anything
  6. Much better system and credit to Wild for that. Great to see 2 upfront and every player looked the part. Staunton covers so much ground, Danny Williams looked excellent, Cooper better, Allen, King all looked comfortable. Sho Silver for so long has been made to look poor upfront alone this system looks so much better and I am sure he could fit into it (if needed)
  7. Ridiculous that he isn't involved
  8. Can't work this selection out, binnon Williams only left back on bench, Nolan apparently injured at Stockport starts, no Duckworth, Jeff king walks back into the side, however good Redshaw is surely there's no physical presence, no Cooper either Really hope it works though
  9. No macdonald in the squad and Redshaw upfront alone?
  10. Johnson is a good keeper but it was strange today as I don't remember him actually making a save? Thought Staunton put the effort in also
  11. He has one idea, that isn't working he has no back up plan. Gets worse every week. Same formation, same subs - at the same times of games every week.. Players out of position, no fight, can't defend, no striking theat, no idea
  12. Say's a lot when away fans start leaving before half time
  13. Absolutely awful. Worse every week
  14. I haven't got a problem with TSS upfront, it's whether he is alone with Mcalinden wasted on the left making them both look poor or will they be upfront as a pair like at Harrogate where they both looked 100% better
  15. Thought Staunton was the stand out today, the amount of ground he covered was superb
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