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  1. Apparently Kian Spence has left Scarborough today and is on trial at Halifax - Centre back
  2. More than likely but not rushing to right now
  3. I do totally understand that the club will need money especially during the Corona situation but the price increase is a big one especially as yet again there are no consession prices. A lot of people are finding money tighter at the moment and also current season ticket holders did technically not get there full moneys worth this season (I know its not the clubs fault). I do think sales will drop, even if the club had have made an offer for current season ticket holders or an early bird offer amor even concession prices it might have attracted more people to continue buying.
  4. Still think the keeper didn't even try though as good as the goal was.
  5. Felt a bit for Binnon Williams yes he made a few mistakes in defence but going forward into the other half of the pitch he looked much more comfortable and put in some decent crosses and had a good effort on goal. He never hid from play and was involved a lot, Rodney was the complete opposite looked disinterested and was didn't see much of the ball or get into any decent attacking positions. Was an awful performance yet again though.
  6. No but recently Allen has when he comes on against tired defenders, he didn't get a sniff today though against their number 6
  7. When i saw the team sheet I was a little worried can't really understand why Sho Silva was replaced with Allen. Woking had huge centre backs and Allen can change a game as a substitute where as Sho Silva isn't really that type of player. Very poor all over the pitch tho and could litterally played for another 12 hours and Town wouldn't not have scored.
  8. fchtnico1


    Is the South stand going to be open?
  9. Great win Allen was outstanding when he came on but at the moment and in the current formation there really isn't a weak link. Looking forward to Saturday
  10. Staunton is a class player, literally covers every blade of grass which has already been mentioned. Seems to have much more freedom in his game than he had last season under Fullarton. Thi k he is also a very good defender I like the way he can run forward with the ball just don't think him and Clarke were very commanding together
  11. Just out of interest does anyone know - did the team stay over last night or drive down to London on the day?
  12. Didn't like Mcalinden but in the formation and given a run down the middle I think he is definitely worth trying to keep. Redshaw needs to stay if possible Mccoulsky not bothered would rather he went. Cooper was ok but recently his passing has been awful and although he does a lot of running doesn't really offer anything
  13. Much better system and credit to Wild for that. Great to see 2 upfront and every player looked the part. Staunton covers so much ground, Danny Williams looked excellent, Cooper better, Allen, King all looked comfortable. Sho Silver for so long has been made to look poor upfront alone this system looks so much better and I am sure he could fit into it (if needed)
  14. Ridiculous that he isn't involved
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