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  1. A win would be amazing a draw would be very good but just got a feeling Wrexham will be too strong with the main reason being I thought quite a few shaymen looked knackered on Saturday (as Wild said in his interview they are about a week behind other teams. Wrexham 2-0 Halifax. Hopefully I will be very wrong though
  2. Great win that today. Sat back a lot but I think a few of them looked knackered to be honest so it had to be done. Duckworth was absolute quality today
  3. Actually thought the ref did well on Tuesday considering how much of a buffoon he has been in the past
  4. Anyone know length of his contract?
  5. Hope he does well and is better than the last Oldham manager to come to Halifax
  6. Been thinking, a lot of people question the playing budget and maybe the lack of it. But really as DB said last year Fullarton controlled his budget in a different way to other managers in the past. Given the fact that many players Fullarton brought in were from southern teams I presume the implications of this are the club needs to home these players eating into the playing budget. in the past especially Neil Aspin brought in local players and scouted them extremely well but obviously there were no boarding costs on this. wonder if the next manager will again look closer to home and be able to bring in better players using the budget in a more efficient way perhaps
  7. Having watched BPA often I would not want Mark Bower his football always seems to be pretty dull and let the Avenue team grow old together without ever really advancing. Would personally love Neil Aspin back as he seemed to work in a great way scouting and developing players which can only be good for the club in the long run, unfortunately can’t see that happening though
  8. If it has got anything to do with being unable to attract players maybe it’s not just a case of the club attracting players maybe Fullarton has struggled to bring in players due to lack of links? Only players he brings in seem to be players he already knows or from down south. Aspin had the scouting and links throughout the lower divisions it seemed. Who knows not great timing though
  9. Imagine people’s reaction if the next signing announcement is the resigning of Odelusi. (Personally I don’t think he is as bad as some think)
  10. fchtnico1


    It worries me that he was actually offered a new deal as he clearly wasn’t very good, tried hard but little ability
  11. At first I thought Quigley would come good and just lacked confidence but really he just got slightly worse glad he hasn’t signed for town but 100% would have had him over Edwards if he is still around
  12. I wish they would stop playing the music when they score (or that song at least) feels so outdated and on the occasions if say 3-0 down and pull a goal back with a minute to go it’s quite embarrassing
  13. Johnson and clarke are a must, amazed they haven’t already been tied down for another year (maybe the club have been trying)
  14. Haven’t been in the south stand for a year or so but would agree with that. Would also say it was good in the east stand a while back but it’s cerainly got worse, shay cafe only for us now
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