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  1. Tim Mickleburgh!!!!!! Boy did he write some pointless drivel, but I always looked out for it!
  2. Apologies if already mentioned, but I just looked at the Courier article again with the intention of casting my vote. I do hope others have noticed that the email address appears to have been wrongly spelled, otherwise we could have an embarrassingly small turnout!!! https://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/sport/football/fc-halifax-town-supporters-club-launches-player-year-award-vote-2532927 supportersclub@fchalifatown.com
  3. Didn’t Bradford loan Eoin Doyle to Swindon, recall him.... then sell him to Swindon? or is that different?
  4. Fantastic effort all round yesterday. The desire was there. PW needs to ensure that desire remains for every match. It’s a worry to me that should Redshaw lengthen his stay with us (I really really hope he does), the potential for his silky dribbling will be inhibited by an increasingly poor pitch. Rugger starts again on the 5th and we’ve seen time and again our wide men struggling to assert themselves when the surface isn’t consistent. Players take fewer chances when they could end up being made to look silly and become the target of boo boys. At least Jack has a low sense of gravity and his touch is sublime. Let’s hope that he can do the business on a Shay pudding!
  5. Speaking of which, Did anyone else see the lion outside the ground after the match? Awesome!!
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