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  1. Still having a moan and groan on Facebook about players and the pandemic so everything is fine.
  2. That Ken Barlow fella has no ambition. He sits on his nice cushy number for the past 40 years as a stalwart of the show when he could tread the boards with the national Shakespeare company or try his hand at Hollywood. Back to Duckworth, I appreciate he knuckled down and played well but heven was always going to move in this year after the way he faffed around and dragged it out last summer.
  3. Bought my season ticket yesterday. It's hardly a deal breaker whether we stay afloat or not but I've done my bit and like tesco "every little helps"
  4. Wouldn't believe anything said on social media about signings and links to future players, Self important people more interested n retweets and likes. Let's be honest, nobody has a clue.
  5. Didn't that rent-a-gob Adrian Durham from talksport have a hissy fit about it?
  6. Just browsed on Facebook and Scott McManus was tagged in a post by his missus in which she says he is hanging up his boots and retiring.
  7. Icke's Lizard


    Wild loves him. Didn't he move the other week though?
  8. Nathan Clarke modelling our new kit.
  9. I don't mind it to be honest, it's one for the girls I'd say and if it helps shift a few more. I think it could go down as a cult kit.
  10. Nu with Nuie? What the bloody he'll does that mean!!
  11. Kingsley James commanded a fee and had high hopes about him. Awful.
  12. Such a sad story and no need for any of this to happen over a throwaway comment.
  13. Yeah ill give him his due and he played well. But there were too many times last year where he was yards behind the play and was nowhere inside the box waiting for a cross, plus he isn't tough enough imo. We need a hard sod of a striker and he isn't that. And as I say he can't be the poacher of a front 2 as he isn't anywhere near most times. I will support him should he stay and wish he makes a fool of me. I can't see it.
  14. Ive always believed that every striker at some point has a proper purple patch but I can't see it with TSS. I hope I'm proved wrong but if he goes and further depleats our squad then I won't be upset if I'm honest. Lovely lad, means well but hardly inspires us fans on match day! Let's be honest abd say you've got to be the most ardent of fans to get excited to see him on the team sheet. North Korea personality cult proportions.
  15. Good point. That's very true. The more you do - the liklihood of making a mistake increases.
  16. I agree we need some flair and creativity as an option. I've had my say on King so won't go over that again. Hopefully Earing will come on leaps and bounds and be a good replacement but its a risk as he hasn't played a lot of man's football.
  17. Might be worth a bet on relegation.
  18. This sounds harsh but I'm not fussed. He's a great talent but we can't be carrying bit part players who struggle to do 60 mins a match and struggle with 2 games in a week. It makes us predictable to other teams and upsets the rythrm of the team too with chopping and changing. I wish him all the best and it's a real shame for him personally as he should be playing in the football league but for whatever it is. I don't wish to speculate.
  19. I think Brown is a great lad and a proper passionate player who gives his all. I love players like that. Maybe Wild wants to play more possession based football and higher up the pitch which let's be honest Brown isn't the best at and isn't the fastest. I know Clarke is knocking on but he's a lot cleverer and can use his experience and brain to get himself out of a pickle. It'll be sad to see Browny go but that's football I suppose. Regarding Redshaw. I don't think he would score so many goals as some people are making out. The good scoring strikers in this league tend to be big men bullies and Redshaw isn't that. I would have hot rid of TSS if I'm honest because he hasn't got it in him to stick his backside out, stick an elbow in and be a pain in the neck for centre halves. I hope they can drill it into him over the summer and I'll respect Wild'side decision. I'm looking forward to Earing getting some time and maybe we will see Staunton or Maher back at centre halves. It's interesting times and I just wish this virus would sod off so we can witness these changes in person. I've got faith in a good footballing side next year. I just hope we can add more bite and aggression up the top half of the pitch. P.S. Thanks to Josh MacDonald. He's been unlucky with injuries but 2 goals in 132 appearances for a forward isn't great, hes not good enough im afraid. The right decision but I wish him all the best.
  20. Denying us a friendly down the Shay had an impact. We weren't fit enough and it showed last night. I feel that we were good enough and competed well but our heads and brains went as our fitness dwindled. They should care about every single thing this town does as a successful football or rugby club can bring money into the area. They don't give a toss about us.
  21. Gutted about the result. We have the manager to get us back, the players competed last night but I feel they weren't fit enough. These are strange times and so I won't be too heavy or critical of them. Boreham Wood had a friendly last week and although they lost, it mattered hugely as they had match minutes uses under their belt and it showed. If the rumours about the council denying us a friendly down the Shay are true then shame on them. They have hindered our progress and development. Absolute shysters with no interest in this town and not one good luck message from them or our MP.
  22. Aye, I don't really take notice of other team's players if I'm honest but him leaving seems to have caused a stir from the odd tweet I've seen this teatime.
  23. Icke's Lizard


    My Missus has just got back from the doctors so I asked what was the verdict? She said "the doctor thinks I've got acute Angina" I said "Aye and your t*ts aren't bad either!"
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