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  1. I think he got stuck in and liked to fight. He put himself about well, stuck up for himself and didn't let the defenders bully him. He stuck his arse out and backed into defenders and there were a few times he played off the shoulder of the center halves and also tried dragging them wide. I was very impressed but I suppose everything is brilliant when it's going your way. I wilk see what he's like when he's really needed and it's going tits up.
  2. Get home games through my season ticket and I bought the Stockport and South Shields away games but won't be buying anymore aways as I just don't trust what I'm going to get for my money. I like out home streams, just a tiny bit of buffering and I think the camera is too far away and the ball is a struggle to see at the south stand with the distance and floodlights but it's bearable under the circumstances at the moment. Just need that d**k Boris to put us in tier 2 so I can get my real moneys worth because if I'm truly honest, I wouldn't have brought a season ticket if I knew it was goi
  3. I've had a terrifying thought about this new venture. I'm not sure where a Panther lives but I hope and pray they don't try change the name of the Shay to something sh*t like 'The Lair' 'The Den'
  4. Superb. Might do a Gareth Cheeseman from Coogan's Run! (If you know you know!)
  5. Superb so far and although the early goal helped massively in Barnet had to rip up their plans we have still gone on to score. Bell looks like he's enjoying getting involved in the nitty gritty but is running offs the shoulder very well. Jack Earing has been fantastic. His running, chasing, positioning, passing and dribbling top notch and dare I say Paterson-esque!!
  6. Well its horses for courses, I'll judge at 9.45pm.
  7. Doubt it but bet it crossed their mind.
  8. Hahahaha. Some great aliteration going on there from the town well known for panthers!!!
  9. All revealed at 4.30 today. Something about a M-6-2 panther that is 150 years old.
  10. Clarke has made some very good blocks. A couple down by the South stand early on in games spring to mind, especially Yeovil early on. I don't know why he's getting some of the flak.
  11. I'd have a midfield 3 of Maher, Summerfield Danns or Earing 4-2-3-1 Summerfield and the fullbacks go forward whilst Maher tucks back to make a back 3 incase of a counter attack and to appease the back 3 Wild seem obsessed with but we'll have width with wingers and fullbacks too. Hyde can sniff around and we'll have a number 10 playing higher up and hopefully dictating. Man it all sounds so simple and easy!
  12. Bradford City in a precarious position and McCall just signed another extension so might be staying around to wreck them. But I won't be laughing until we sort our own s**t out.
  13. We've played really poor in matches such as South Shields. We've been unlucky not to gain a result such as Stockport, The formation has been daft and some players have impressed me such as Earing, Summerfield, Allen. If we can't beat Barnet who are in and amongst us in the league then it really will hit home to me that we are poor.
  14. I've gone for the win. If we can't beat these we really are poor.
  15. Can't see it being owt to do with the rugby as there's already Wakefield wildcats. God knows what it's in aid of. Either way it's cringey and as believable as me seeing Shergar roaming Mixy res.
  16. We still had an unused sub and Dave Beasant on the bench. If only Bobby Robson had done what Louis Van Gaal did 24 years later when he put Tim Krul in net for the penalty shootout.
  17. Cat Stevens is doing a gig down the Piece Hall seeing as he's realised he can still play music and Allah won't kill him to death for doing so!
  18. Am I mad and petty for not wanting to buy the stream tomorrow because Sutton will be allowed fans back from next week whereas we can't and I don't want to contribute to their income?
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