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  1. Joe Meek. Crazy bloke and great film about him 10-12 years or so ago.
  2. I didn't buy or watch the stream but i followed on twitter. I went to see and spend the evening with my love. I jumped and went crazy. Get in town.
  3. Icke's Lizard


    I remember last year i was singing Barry White on Kareoke. The crowd kept shouting "you are soul" I think they liked me.
  4. Need more movement upfront and to commit more when we do get up there. Not good enough but strangely not absolute dog dirt. We can get something from this game.
  5. We've become a dump, and not far off being a complete $***hole. I love my town but there is nothing apart from a few pubs in that town centre for me. I've had a couple of run-ins with them scroats who sit and drink atvthe botyom of George's Square. That scruff who carries a sleeoing bag and a lass started one night so I smacked them both in the mouth, even the lass!! I dont care coz she was trying to hassle and rob me. Im young enough and i can handle myself but i fear for some of the old folk and i just know some of them and others who dont have it in them to fight back won't go i
  6. Drove past that monstrosity that is broad street earlier. The bottom unit next door to the clap clinic was seeing some building work going on. Cant possibly think who'd want to move into that.
  7. If only the Huddersfield board had backed Shankly in his pursuit of St John and Ron Yeats. Add in Ray Wilson, Law might have stayed.
  8. Looking forward to this. Im channeling my inner Kevin Keegan tonight and I'd love it if we beat them, love it.
  9. Ive gone for the win. Players back in the squad, just beaten the top team away after a very long trip. Why not be confident.
  10. Its a great idea. I was thinking similar friday teatime when we found out about our predicament. I was thinking about doing so many laps of the pitch but a mile seems more feesable. Did you know that walking 2.7 miles per days equals 1000 per years. Just thought id say!!
  11. Check out this goal. Now imagine if this was scored in the greatest and most spectacular and fantastic Premier league the earth has ever seen. Take a bow son.
  12. Done my bit and chipped in. Gonna go down the shop, get a few cans and chill. These no footy afternoons are boring.
  13. £350m worth of 'talent' on the Manchester City bench today. I hate football at times.
  14. Icke's Lizard


    Had the vaccine today but for some reason she out it in my leg. Pfizer killing me.
  15. Icke's Lizard


    How do you turn a duck into a soul singer? Put it in the microwave until its bill withers.
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