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  1. Gavlar


    Our streaming doesn’t seem that bad after seeing this.
  2. He can’t defend that team today. Nothing was against us. No bad referee decisions etc etc. We just got played off the park. Lost every battle. Every 1st and 2nd ball. And never looked a goal threat. All the best to SS
  3. I’m not just saying this because we are deservedly losing. But I tuned in 10 mins late and it’s taking me till the 38th min to realise Gold O-I’m-useless is actually playing.
  4. South Shields win today for me. We look lost of ideas. Decent team tbh South Shields
  5. 6 notts county players have covid. So doubt they will be back for our game. Hence why Maidenhead beat them.
  6. We’ve gone away against one of our “so called” bogie sides and come away with another clean sheet. And a point. Why panic? Two players to rescue our season??? We are 5 games into said season ffs
  7. Can see how any fan can complain about another good point AWAY from home. Another clean sheet. Jesus preseason we were giving **** teams chance after chance. Once we start putting chances away we will be walking into league 2. Give the team a break. 0-0 at Woking is a good point. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves
  8. Rodney before joining us had scored 12 in 98 games. Look what happened there. Once fit I think Gold will be an asset. But I wouldn’t play him with Hyde.
  9. Easy to say we “are rinsing” fans. The Dagenham stream I believe gave you access for a month. For £9.99. Meaning you got the Barnet game as well. The Stockport game was £7:50 The Boreham game was £9.99 and the worst stream, gave me headache. Woking is £12 it’s all swings and roundabouts. If you don’t have a code and have to pay 9.99 for the game. It’s pretty simple. Don’t pay £9.99. I don’t get why folk are still popping on at the club over the stream fee etc. If we hadn’t of had the cameras fitted. Folk would of been moaning that we are “behind” other teams etc etc.
  10. Folk saying “we are already too reliant on Hyde” let’s not forget the two strikers brought in on short term deals. Have had no preseason. It’s going to take time for them. That Necampenouro player is very very highly rated by Oldham fans and players who played with him last season. Yet in the games I’ve seen of him I think “why is he demanding high wages” like someone else said further up. It will just click into place one game. Gold tore us apart last season at the shay. He is a player. Just doesn’t look like one atm. I think Stenson has put a bit of pressure on himself classing him as “a raw
  11. Bobby Davison (manager at Guiseley)
  12. Yeovil yet to win. Can bet Staunton plays his best game at the Shay. We are struggling in the final 3rd. Feel we will need to score 3 to win this game. And we haven’t got that in the locker just yet. 2-2 draw
  13. Also think Big Sam should of done better with their goal
  14. Decent half. A bit too much hoof ball. But I’d of taken 1-1 at halftime. Stockport will be top two come end of season
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