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  1. 21.38pm to be precise come Tuesday night
  2. Agree with what Gav said (bubba) I've never heard of him so a quick google tells me he hasn’t had many clubs. One infact. Literally been at Oldham all his coaching/short managing life. With us needing 6-7 players be interesting to see his network of players
  3. Not a name mentioned by anyone. But hopefully he knows a few players to push us on. Maybe return of Dan Gardner
  4. My thoughts exactly pal. I honestly think it’s too early for him. And IF he were to get the job we lose arguably our best defender last season.
  5. Sounds out of our price range
  6. Who’s Matty Kosylo? Never heard of him
  7. He is realistically the only player that will be sold on for a decent fee. Comes back stronger and like someone said earlier, adds goals to his game and he may be gone in Jan. quality on his day and excited to see him play again.
  8. I remember the day well. I’d just scored a hat trick over in Oldham playing Norton Nomads. Got back to the changing rooms and got my Halifax shirt on and a few Rochdale lads asked me why we had sacked the manager when we were 7th. I was clueless we had until I got home. shocking that
  9. Gavlar

    Darlington game

    I get that mate. But it could work both ways. Bringing the squad together quicker with everyone writing them off before kicking a ball. Don’t get me wrong. If we take a beating the 1st few games then panic. But as it stands the way folk are banging on about JF leaving when 80% voted for it with their feet or online, I just don’t get it. The club can’t help the pitch or the council not allowing games to be played, yet our fans are slagging the club off all over social media. Calling the club a laughing stock. The only thing a laughing stock is some of our “so called” fans
  10. Gavlar

    Darlington game

    All overreacting. Come the 1st game of the season we will have 16 players fit and ready to play at Ebbsfleet. You all want to be happy we have a club. It’s not the best scenario with the season 3weeks away but ask yourself would you want a squad of players on 2-3k a week and not arsed about the club or players on peanuts and passionate about wearing the shirt? JF wanted players out of our range. If DB had sanctioned them and it backfired he would be lynched for sending this club under AGAIN. We run a tight ship and for me it’s a good job. Give me 11 Matt Browns over 11 Adam Rooneys. Budget means nothing in this league. Get 11 players all here for the same thing and we will go places. Start panicking and throwing money around like some have suggested and we will end up one place and it will be lower than conf north. Enjoy the rest of your summer. See you all at Ebbsfleet
  11. Could also of left because of the Sale of Brown to Bradford City
  12. Called it weeks ago. The reasons we have struggled for players is Bosomworth doesn’t trust him with a budget. Couldn’t afford to sack him so refused most of his signings pushing JF away. Welcome home Neil Aspin
  13. Gavlar


    Yep that’s the one and if signed will take the 3rd and final room in the house with King and Shotime
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