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  1. All the negative comments towards Liam. 1. he finished our top scorer. 2. he was played out of position. Liam is and was a very good player. Blame his agent. Like someone mentioned above. Another Shaun Tuton (agent wise) feel if he was to play upfront in a two, he would get 15-20 goals in this division
  2. Gavlar


    sometimes players don't go somewhere for the money. Doesn't happen very often. But like someone has already said. I don't think the National League will see big money being thrown around. A lot of clubs (even EFL) will be cutting costs big time. I think if you ask Rodney he will say he loves it here. That will play a big part. He hasn't exactly pulled up trees whilst on loan at Stockport. Halifax maybe just the place for him
  3. I think personally. When push comes to shove. We just ain’t good enough. We have the players. We just can’t seem to find the correct formula to have them all singing off the same hymn sheet. And after the Halesowen display. I don’t think any player deserved a shirt. So 5 changes for me was justified.
  4. Gavlar


    I’m not for making changes. Stick with the same team that’s won us the last 3games. Momentum is everything. Cmon Shaymennnn
  5. Put out the same team that beat us 5-1 minus Walker.
  6. Think you will find Redshaw has been offered an 18month but doesn’t want to accept as he waits for EFL club to come in. Money we offer won’t be anywhere near what he wants.
  7. Staunton was at fault for 3goals Saturday. He starts at CB we lose. We need another CB in ASAP.
  8. Could be the son of Suddam Hussein. The brother of Jihad John. The cousin of Bin Laden. If he can play football ont deck. He will do for me
  9. Always said (last season) Southwell in a decent team will score goals. Last season at times I felt for Southwell. He was constantly played out of position. I’ve said again this season. I think Kossy in this team would flourish. We don’t need Dave. Southwell will end up our Top scorer this season.
  10. Gavlar


    It’s crazy to think 70% of this team played last season. Pete Wild has taken the shackles off them all.
  11. Gavlar


    As we currently sit top of the pile. I worry, whilst most our “assets” are out of contract at the end of the season. How many players might be poached including the manager (he too is only on a 1 year deal) think the next signing should be Cameron king on a two year. Followed by McAlinden.
  12. Gavlar

    Danny Rowe

    Well Flowers did say say there would be changes. But Rowe going to Solihull would be unreal. More chance of Sunderland or Bradford
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