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  1. The positives. We got a point. Definitely 2points dropped. We looked short of ideas. Dominated possession. Lacked a killer touch. Still. How many would of taken a point away at Wrexham after the Southport game?
  2. Truly (and I don’t say this lightly) the worst game I’ve ever seen
  3. Least wild can’t use the excuse of “we need to finish our chances” as both haven’t created any. Sam must be frozen
  4. Just two teams cancelling each other out. Both managers seem happy with a point
  5. If wild wants 3points tonight he will get them. Wrexham ain’t all that.
  6. A rather flat non existent 1st half. Would you be happy with a point tonight? I think this game is more than winnable.
  7. Final ball from both teams is abysmal
  8. Both teams are struggling. We will gift them a goal tonight. Jeff King and Summerfield ain’t got their passing boots on tonight
  9. No better time to play Wrexham. If you go on their forum it’s pretty much anti-football and every player is ****. Sounds familiar. 2-1 Halifax
  10. Wild is out of contract in 4months. I’d say that’s the most important one to be tying down right now. The rest will follow
  11. Absolutely spot on. Summerfield gets all the praise but Earing and Green have been immense of late. Summerfield and woods will do the likes of Earing and Green the world of good. We are slowly but surely seeing the team that wild said would put bums on seats. We may not control the game for 90mins. Might at times be frustrating to watch. But what this team has that last seasons team didn’t, is the will to win. 1-0 down last season early on would of seen us Taking another hammering. This season 1-0 at halftime sees me backing us for the win.
  12. Absolutely fantastic from all the boys. Fantastic 3 points.
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