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  1. Nathan Clarke is a midget 6ft 2 inches nearly gets his head taken off penalty all day long ,Sutton got what they deserved
  2. It’s also about our players and Officials and fans traveling down in safety too not good conditions for travelling.
  3. Just watched BBC weather at Linch time most of the Country is going to get another deluge of rain Friday into Saturday amber warning
  4. What weather forecast have you been watching most of the country has Yellow warning for rain Friday and Saturday maybe the English Riviera will escape.
  5. Plenty of Salford fans are not happy that the club let Hogan go,The word is Hogan and Gary Neville had a big fall out and is the reason that he has been moved on .Salford fans are saying Hogan was there best defender this season and are saying Gary Neville is just treating the players like pieces of meat .
  6. Nice to be wanted and he is wanted.Come the end of the season and he has scored 15 goals and helped us have a great season he will have many teams banging on his door to sign for them.Hopefully if he helps us do the impossible and we get promoted then maybe we will be able to sign him on.
  7. Neither can I but if you read there forum there are a few bullsh#ts on there.
  8. Apparently they paid 100 k for Hogan who’s also out of contract either more money than sense or a bit of Billy Bullsh#t
  9. Has Super tough Superman Jim run into Geoff Horsfield lately so Geoff can give him another beating like he did at Port Vale?
  10. Come on here to wind us up ? He won’t sign for you he doesn’t want to play for Jim ll Fix it ,And by the way if your God Jim doesn’t get you promoted with next season and half he will be out on his arse .
  11. Liam Noble on bench ? When did he join us?
  12. A full stadium with playing less money is better than an empty Stadium we’re you paying too much for the level of Football your watching
  13. Huddersfield already announced season ticket prices will be the same prices again next season we should do the same if we want to build our fan base.
  14. Top performance yesterday along with the Grimsby performance under Aspin first season back in the National League when we won 4-0 that is the best we have played .
  15. Lillis wrong club at wrong time ,I cannot think of anyone apart from Brown who was more hated at Halifax Town than Butler was and was reputed to be on around 2k a week back then .
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