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  1. Most of last season’s success was with mainly players that were the backbone of Fullarton team this is Wilds team and it cannot deliver anything.It was alarming when plenty of players from last season left was it money only or was it Wilds Managment why they left?
  2. Cambridge Utd official on Sky sports today said that financially they will be worse of with fans in the ground even with 2000 what they will be allowed they would be financially better off behind closed doors maybe we are lucky having nobody in from a financial point of view.
  3. When we were in the Football League I went to plenty away games and the majority of places I went to were far better and more up to date than Halifax.Calderdale Council has been killing our town for years .We could and should have had what is the White Rose centre they wanted to build it before Lowfields industrial business park but Calderdale said no to White Rose it would kill Halifax most people don’t shop in Halifax because it is totally crap compared to most other Towns .On that basis The Shaymen have been punching above there weight for years.
  4. Any good Manager has a plan a plan b and plan c obviously no b or c for him.
  5. People will come on here and say you cannot blame Manager yes you can the buck stops with him his players his tactics and his team talks whatever he said and did today was clearly not good enough!
  6. That’s down to Wild sure if he was given a chance with us and a contract he would have stayed
  7. Josh Macdonald just gone from Hartlepool penalty area the length of the field to set up a goal he should still be wearing a Halifax Town better than the shower we have got!
  8. Josh Macdonald just come on for Hartlepool at Ilkeston game live on bbciplayer Hartlepool 4 up
  9. Stockport were very lucky to beat us we should have beaten them!
  10. Rugby League is a sport with an inferiority complex it has never will get away from its Northern roots watching the Australian Rugby League the NRL it’s a far superior game to Super league in this country and history says so it’s 50 years since this country was better.
  11. Cowley brothers are probably the perfect fit for Salford they will cost though.
  12. I think your being very harsh there Tommy when they came in Huddersfield had 1 point from 9 games so for anyone to turn that around was a hell of an achievement they should never have been sacked and that’s what most of there fans think there Chairman is an idiot who is ruining there club .One of the rumours going around Kirklees is that someone has put a bet on of about 4 Grand on them to get relegated because they will be going into administration before Christmas.
  13. Remember Paul Stoneman commenting on Paul Bracewell he said if we could have done everything that Paul wanted we would have been playing in the 2 nd tier and not 4 th Tier .It would be difficult to say who was worse for Town Bracewell or Butler both expensive and contributed bugger all whatever they say .
  14. I always thought with Richie Barker success with the likes of Shrewsbury that Paul Bracewell would have achieved a lot more .Rip Richie
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