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  1. Top performance yesterday along with the Grimsby performance under Aspin first season back in the National League when we won 4-0 that is the best we have played .
  2. Lillis wrong club at wrong time ,I cannot think of anyone apart from Brown who was more hated at Halifax Town than Butler was and was reputed to be on around 2k a week back then .
  3. Unlike the idiots that followed into the club Lilliis and Butler,This Message Board would go into real meltdown if those idiots were still involved in this Club .
  4. The link is on Radio Leeds webpage West Yorkshire Sport Daily
  5. Last year I bought my season ticket the day before the first home game against Barrow on the Tuesday club will keep selling season tickets.
  6. Go onto bbc Radio Leeds webpage there should be a link on there for the 6pm sports show,
  7. Luke Armstrong Middlesbrough to Salford 3 year deal that’s the sort of players Salford are signing Devante Rodney has no future at Salford time to get him signed up .
  8. Matt Rhead Lincoln to Billericay and Ben Jackson left back Huddersfield to Stockport on a season long loan.
  9. Please keep contributing on here Scot your comments are well appreciated and your views we cannot all agree all or some of the time but you have been a great contributor don’t become a stranger and let us know how JF gets on in the Future,I am sure he has a good job to get somewhere.
  10. Anyone wanting to know why Pete Wild left Oldham cue the new Scot of Shaymen.net Halifaxwisher he will have the answers ?
  11. Louis Dodds ex Chesterfield player according to someone on Twitter we have signed him .
  12. You say you had a conversation with Pete Wild and he told he was getting job you are a lot closer to Pete than you make out?
  13. Apparently Craig Harrison was one of the leading contenders so if it’s Pete Wild or Harrison it’s Pete Wild every time for me he gets my support but I think we have made a big mistake but I won’t be calling for his head by the end of August like a few others will be .
  14. People have feelings too besides being professional footballers.
  15. Doing Bosmworth dirty work,Promised a coaching job at least then told you will able to concentrate on playing he can get another club easily and probably get coaching role too very intelligent bloke .I think this club has a history for shooting itself in the foot and have done so yet again I hope I am wrong but don’t see Clarke staying.
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