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  1. Huddersfield Town do half time draw tickets for there games sell plenty by all accounts maybe another money making outlet .
  2. Bournemouth fan on talksport this morning saying it’s time for Eddie Howe to go like like mj85 he said Eddie Howe signings have been appalling particularly Dominic Solanky.
  3. Only one person deranged Communist scumbag beyond help
  4. You have no morales being a Communist trying to justify your left wing crap like your some morally holy Saint.
  5. Your mate Stalin killed millions of his own .
  6. I am no Snowflake your the gutless spineless prick .Left wing Communist like you are no better than than fascist right winger although you think you hold the moral high ground your Communist scum if you don’t like it clear of to China.
  7. Don’t drink but you try to be a bully on here you are a Communist not Labour supporter,The like of Corbyn and Long Bitch Bailley are Communists like you .if you hate it so much and people having there right to free speech maybe you would be happier living in China were they suppress people right to democracy..
  8. You are Communist and they don’t recognise any political opposition and if your likes got your way you would eliminate all your opposition like Josef Stalin did..
  9. A fair few players contracts will be up on June 30 th who is to say players out of contract might not want play in playoffs if they get another club or don’t want to risk injury like Lyle Taylor At Charlton.
  10. At £199 and you miss first 5 games you don’t feel as ripped off as £299 I have quite few friends who had season tickets this season they won’t be buying them next season nor will they be going for the odd game so we will lose plenty money.I have a few friends who support Huddersfield and they cannot believe that we have put prices up and are dearer than there’s.
  11. If we sold season tickets at £199 we probably would have sold about 60 k worth instead of 30 k worth we have done
  12. There will no doubt be some devious scumbag making plenty of money out of all this misery what we are suffering at the moment.
  13. There will be no Football behind closed doors at this Level ,I doubt there will be spectators allowed in grounds before a vaccine is found so it’s a no for me it could be 2021 before spectators are allowed in grounds again.
  14. We will be part time again within 12 months crowds of 3 figures most on here might buy one but on here isn’t the majority as much as some would believe.The idea that the prices will go up so we can afford better players is laughable we will still have a very poor budget.When will next season happen?This League won’t be playing behind closed doors for sure it could be next year before people are allowed to attend.But with the crowds we can expect next season social isolation shouldn’t be a problem.
  15. You are spot on Football behind closed doors is not going to happen at this level ,I cannot see many people parting with £200 when there is no Football in the foreseeable future,If the club goes bankrupt then the season tickets won’t be honoured most people cannot afford to take a hit like this.
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