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  1. Will live streaming just be available to uk fans? Or will Shaymen and fans of other National League teams from say Australia and the USA and other countries be able to watch our games,That would be great for fans in other countries who would never get a chance to watch the games.
  2. Noticed last night Huddersfield had no sponsorship on there shirt against Notts Forest think they had a Chinese betting firm on there shirt last couple of seasons .
  3. Dover charging £8 is a realistic price unlike the idiotic £20 price what some on here have suggested ,Let’s hope whoever streams it does a decent job and it doesn’t breakdown too often otherwise it won’t be worth nothing.
  4. Talking to a couple of friends that are Huddersfield Town fans they are getting free streaming for season ticket holders plus season ticket to watch games is deferred until they can go again it’s £10 to watch away games ,But one word of warning is that whoever streams the games the system has gone down a few times during games it happened in there match at Brentford last week.
  5. That’s what a number of clubs are doing
  6. You are Living in the real world Unfortunately some have a deluded vision of what the club should be charging £20 would see no more than 100 people tops watching it I would be surprised if 50 people would pay £20 .I can guarantee if the link that provides the game breaks down during the game you won’t get your money back.
  7. I know a few people who have asked for there money back if they cannot watch the games in person.I cannot see any Football at our level taking place they have said before no games will take place behind closed doors ,Sutton Utd Chairman says season cannot happen without fans a few more clubs including Dover have said same .£20 Streaming will not be happening very few people would pay for it .
  8. Who’s going to pay £20 to watch a match on the internet? Huddersfield fans watching there match at Brentford last Saturday missed half of the game because the link broke down .If I payed £20 for that sort of service I would be well pissed off .Huddersfield fans aren’t paying anywhere near that price 3 home games in month for £60 you can get skysports cheaper than that.£10 tops is enough
  9. Talksport have said they have an MP who sits on a committee for the return of fans coming on to talk later and he’s already said forget fans in stadiums in 2020 .The MP is in a meeting at this moment so we should get answers today.
  10. Doubling his traveling though if he lives on Merseyside if he is travelling to York 3 times a week another 6 hours travelling extra.
  11. Thought Brown wanted to move closer to home ?Does he know his geography?Will probably be his last decent chance at getting a decent deal so I don’t begrudge him that and all the best unless he plays against the Shaymen.
  12. Another hard lockdown will be the death of many Football Clubs plus many other businesses .
  13. When Rugby start playing you can guarantee even if the capacity is a 1000 for us they will make an excuse to let more in for them.
  14. I don’t remember hearing that he ever was implicated in anything?
  15. Not a friend of a friend the guy I talked with is a Goalkeeper coach at ManUtd who is a personal friend of his he asked me and my daughter where we came from when I mentioned Halifax area his first words were a mate of mine Is Manager there Pete Wild .And ManUtd women’s are no Tinpot club they probably have more resources than we have .
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