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  1. He’s young and on loan not talldefinitely not a keeper or centre half!!
  2. New signing in today’s squad!! To be announced shortly!
  3. As a fan of another local team I attended today’s game and it seemed quite a few were waiting for mistakes to happen so they could shout abuse at Fullarton. As for the team early on they lacked any attacking threat from the full backs that’s needed in modern football. Skarz didn’t once overlap the midfielder. Duckworth improved in the second half. Maher in midfield was awful - king changed the game completely! kosylo only woke up once he moved out wide he seems to lack the strength to be able to play centrally. quigley was terrible! a new left back, central midfielder and a more mobile striker needed based on today’s performance. Good spirit shown to come back for a draw.
  4. Kids free on saturday - good initiative by the club! At least there will be 3 of us in the crowd!
  5. Sub for Torquay in National League South?!!!! No don't need anyone who's a sub at that level thank you!
  6. Michael Nottingham Signing for Blackpool in league 1
  7. Tommy Miller and dino maamria also there tonight so I guess they have thrown their hat in the ring too as well as Colin cooper and Greg fee
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