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  1. Exactly my point. Who gives a **** if he’s done well at cond north etc it’s now that matters and so far he’s not exactly doing himself any favours for when he managers in the premier league
  2. Only thing I’ve digged at his him not making a signing which he’s done and it’s a good signing so can’t complain. And 2 wins in 19 is ****ing horrendous and I’ll constantly think he’s out of his depth and not good at this level untill he turns it around.
  3. We are. But no point changing now
  4. Who knows it’s a gamble just like getting any manager? Alun Armstrong for one, Jason Ainsley. I’m sure there will be other that will apply
  5. No? He’s turned it round quick. It’s taking him longer than half a season with 2 in 19signed better too
  6. Yes and they were rubbish at that point of the season and they all wanted the manager out. Still put 4 past us
  7. Oh again stop asking everyone who says he should go with “and replace him with who” people will apply as halifax is a big club, big stadium and a wonderful set of fans don’t worry we will get someone
  8. And a great one this season.
  9. Yes. But he still has to go at the end of the season even if we stay up. Get a manager in early and get a good squad together and try aim for above mid table 11th-6th and a good FA Cup rum and build from there the season after.
  10. Bit more patience? We have been waiting ages for a decent striker to arrive to partner Denton. 2 strikers and a midfielder is what we need. Usually it’s one in one out at football clubs but obviously not this one
  11. You have also with your brother. Also another thing when someone mentions a manager that you always ask for “well who we gonna realistically get to replace him” we wouldn’t be able to get or he’s just not good enough in your eyes.
  12. No? As you’ve said many time to people there aren’t any realistic targets. Just that one guy who everyone has suggested
  13. Think most people have suggested him Lewis so
  14. Can’t see us getting anyone tbf. Billy has got so many excuses it’s unbelievable. Anyway you’ll be waiting until Saturday about 1-2pm if we sign anyone
  15. Jonny Margetts for me out of the ones in there. Anyway according to chadders and the Walsh brothers there aren’t any decent players out there who we can realistically afford.
  16. I never get it either. It better be 2 strikers. Heath had said many times about a signing and it’s never happened so not even gonna get my hopes up.
  17. Midfielder and a winger
  18. Seriously would have thought we’d have announced a signing last week and early this week. Its a joke if we don’t sign atleast two strikers
  19. Don’t know and don’t care. All I know js he’s not making any now when we ready need two strikers ffs
  20. You should know of all people I don’t go to school anymore. A few years too old for that. Besides you called me old earlier now calling me a young lad. Make ur mind up
  21. A guy that ripped us at the shay and did well when we played them away too. He’s a good player and I’d have him at Halifax
  22. John Rooney. Not a powerful striker that we are looking for and someone we don’t really need. I’m the old one? well besides the point we need a powerful striker I’ve given you just two names to start off with that we can afford to get and would fit the type we need. There are plenty out there and you’ve just answered that yourself so Thankyou and have a good day youngun
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