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  1. Isn’t it only Notts County who have sacked their manager?
  2. The good thing about This announcement is Wild and Millington must be happy for the upcoming seasons and what Bosomworth is willing to do to help them two
  3. No. But I did predict a win against Sutton
  4. Barnet have won 1 in 25 league games. That was against us. Shows had bad that result really was
  5. 4 wins in a row for chesterfield and 4 clean sheets in a row. Jheez
  6. Be good to see how he does in men’s football and not kids
  7. The guy is way too injury prone. Need another striker and another creative midfielder
  8. This was expected to be honest and a good deal for us as I expect he is free. Now for another striker and a creative midfielder to be brought in.
  9. We played well and certainly deserved the win. Thought they would have been better than they were. However typical Halifax style as soon as it went 2-1 you knew we weren’t going to the win the game.
  10. Did we push the boat out to get them? Don’t think we did
  11. Correct! In business sometimes you have to take risks to succeed.
  12. There’s only probably 2 players who have contributed as much as earing and that’s King and Summerfield. I know it’s a team game but in terms of what you are saying they’re the only two I can think of
  13. Not expensive signings though. Joel Taylor won’t be expensive either from Chester.
  14. Not signed anyone for big bucks though have they?
  15. We are only dissapointed as we were 2-0 up with 15 mins to go
  16. Hornchurch beat notts county and Hereford beat Woking so they are both in the final.
  17. I’ll also point out what a fantastic job James Rowe has done at Chesterfield. If I was a football league club looking for a new manager I wouldn’t look at wild I’d get straight on James Rowe.
  18. We really need 2 new signings. A striker and another creative midfielder. We always rely on Earing to create something to win games and when he doesn’t play the whole team plays poor
  19. It is what it is we move on now. I honestly think we will win our next 4 games now.
  20. Ash - “ Well we’ve just gone toe to toe with top of the league and we knew it was gonna be tough at 2-0 with 15 minutes to go. Credit to the team”
  21. Green the last few games has been immense. As has Niall Maher!
  22. Good first half and we always play better against the top teams! Wild did say they were up for it and Raring to go
  23. We really need to win today otherwise we will keep dropping. Eastleigh, Wrexham & chesterfield winning
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