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  1. He’s an arse licker and is always one sided towards us. I mute the game me as I hate listening to it
  2. We did look like we had it sorted then Wild changed it up!!!!
  3. Not bothered as long as we scored. Great start and that’s exactly what we needed! Let’s kill these off they’re 20th for a bloody reason!
  4. We don’t score corners. We might today
  5. Either way we have to win and we will win. Anything other than 3 points today is a bad bad result.
  6. Chadwick not in due to personal reasons
  7. That would be your choice though. Obsessed with Clarke.
  8. Your really keeping Bradbury out? Why are we getting rid of the back 3 that did so well the last few games now we’ve got Clarke back in we look shaky as **** and start hoofing it
  9. I’ve put us down on a bet to win anyway so the 5 times this season I’ve had us to win we’ve won. We will win again today
  10. Clarke was no doubt a brilliant centre half before and he was in his first season for us but as you get older you become slower and less agile and that’s exactly what Clarke is. I like Maher and he is fast and doesn’t “stroll” about
  11. All 3 of our defenders our very similar and Clarke is very different. They are all agile, fast and run out with the ball and pass it about. Clarke is very slow, no nonsense and just hoofs it.
  12. Should be in the team instead of Clarke not Spence.
  13. Oh he does. He’s a crap ref and ruins the game.
  14. Well I arent paying if he is. Ruins the game and he hates us!!!!
  15. I’ve gone for a win this game. Gotta win, should win, will win!
  16. They’re missing their captain which should help us. Theyre **** end of and that’s why they’re 19th so if we don’t win we are not ready for the play offs.
  17. Easy win this. If not then we are not ready for the play offs.
  18. Got to get play offs this is our best chance and much much better than last season.
  19. Not good at all. Chesterfield, notts county, Stockport, Hartlepool, Torquay all won. So it’s very obvious yesterday’s results were not good no?
  20. They sacked Gannon ages ago and they weren’t in the play offs. Probably thought they needed a change and they are now not doing bad under the new manager.
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