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  1. He also said it’s pointless having a keeper on the bench and that it’s benefitted them a lot more times not having a keeper than having one on the bench.
  2. Wrexham just lost With the last kick of the game against Torquay which is good for us! We should have won that game about 5-1/6-1 but our decision making on the counter attack is terrible. We should have been so comfortable against them as they were not good at all.
  3. I’m still waiting for all these clean sheets since Clarke is back in the side. Say what you want but it’s rather annoying when the defence looked solid, we kept 2 clean sheets in a row then wild changes it. Why?
  4. Good goal tbh. But please don’t balls this up now town ffs
  5. Obiero looks fast and useful!
  6. Let’s see what this lad is like then
  7. Does my head in. So one sided
  8. Wanna see this new lad from Hudds have a go now.
  9. Good stuff. Don’t have the brains for it anyway
  10. I can tell. Only if they were like you
  11. Clueless honestly. Can tell you and Lewis are brothers
  12. We didn’t score from a corner against Aldershot! Clueless you Walsh’s
  13. That wasn’t from a corner you tit
  14. Notts county and Hartlepool both losing!
  15. Agree him and Byrne have been great for us this season! Like them both a lot
  16. Finally a bloody goal from a corner!
  17. Must have been a while ago as I don’t remember it
  18. I thought we would be really good at attacking and defending set pieces. Have we even scored from a corner this season? And defending them both Johnson and the team have been poor this season.
  19. Our passing last couple of games has been woeful
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