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  1. For everyone saying it’s not the commentators fault etc I ain’t seen many comments on social media or anyone on here saying it’s the commentators fault for how bad the stream is. Which yes the stream is garbage but the club have stated that and give us reasons why. The commentators I’ve had on mute for a while now so I don’t really hear what they say anymore but I just found them very one sided and biased so muted them one game last year but all together they’re a good set of lads and I wouldn’t have the balls to do it neither would many so credit to them in that aspect.
  2. It won’t stop racism at all as that will never ever go. But what it will stop is racial abuse on social media which would be a huge help.
  3. Right but that’s not what you meant. You said it’ll just move them somewhere else? But racial abuse is on social media so surely that is removing 99% of the cause no
  4. No some apps already do it. I’m sure you have heard of a Monzo account right? Well they do it and so do other it just stops people from creating random fake accounts. It’s not hard it’s simply a photo that matches your id and it will either be verified or declined. Simple stuff
  5. Where would it send it then? If it’s off Twitter, off Facebook, off Instagram then where else would it go? As that’s where the racial abuse is so surely it would solve 99% no?
  6. It’s so so simple to sort out and very easy to do. 1. When setting up an account you have to have a real name/username 2. You have to upload photo ID or some sort of ID when setting up an account 3. Take a photo/selfie of yourself so that the ID and yourself matches 4. Account will be either verified or declined. SIMPLE
  7. Can we not get shaymen player camera on the stream then. So much better
  8. Obiero looked very good when he came on. Fast, skilful and confident. Look forward to seeing him get abit longer on the pitch
  9. The guy is fine and I know him he’s a young lad but just very one sided and biased.
  10. I have done best commentators this season were Wealdstone, County and I think it were Kings Lynn.
  11. No need to give it a go why not ask the other two to give it a go? They were giving The commentator some stick so ask them.
  12. He is doing a good job and it’s sowmthing that I couldn’t probably do. However we are very very biased and one sided so I just have it on mute for now.
  13. @Hoddiejust for you so yet again this must be the 200000th time you’ve accused me of something I’ve said or done wrongly again. You’ll get there eventually mate but just try not jump down my throat constantly yeah
  14. Please read a few pages back. 2 other people slagging them off. Not once have I “slagged” them off just very one sided and I have them on mute for the games now.
  15. TJAshton


    That’s the likely bet that I would place
  16. The commentary team have no control over it so why on earth are they getting the grief. The only thing that annoys me about the commentary team is how one sided they are to us but I have them on mute every game now so it’s all good.
  17. TJAshton


    Worth a tenner if you are happy to lose a tenner. Would be great to see us promoted or even go atleast one step further than what we got last season at Boreham Wood. But my money would be on Stockport
  18. TJAshton


    Not for me. Get it on Stockport
  19. I’m not bothered about a bloody form table. I’m bothered about the actual table that matters
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