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  1. Bloody hell looks like a lot of people don’t need to go on pornhub tonight. They just need to watch the highlights and watch Clarke for 90 minutes by the looks of it.
  2. And id say 10 others on the forum also agree and many others on social media but don’t let that get in the way of you loving to have a go eyyyy! Unfortunately we don’t live in the same household so your last point is invalid
  3. Clarke was very good today and good to see. Did some great blocks and led the back line very well. Not just me who has mentioned wanting Clarke on the bench but it is good to see him doing what he does “best” again. Good win and a clean sheet happy days! 3 points against Wrexham easy
  4. Good gritty win that. They’re the games we need to win and glad to keep a clean sheet. We will beat Wrexham Tuesday
  5. **** sake! Chesterfield now winning. Gives us more reason to need the win!
  6. Every game we do this. With about 20/25 minutes left we always drop further and further back. Wild said in his interview that we need to stop dropping too deep and he will work on it. Clearly not when we are doing it again
  7. Get a win here and we will beat Wrexham they are nothing special! But we are just sitting too deep at the moment
  8. They’re not causing us a great amount of threat. Only Colclough looks decent but we should be happy with that first half. Need an early 2nd half goal and should be fine then.
  9. Wrexham, Chesterfield and Torquay losing. All helps us
  10. Really is. Showed Glimpses before but this season he has been fantastic to watch. Matured into a great footballer. Just wish we had him contracted for next season.
  11. We really need to get Earing signed up for next season. Has a wand of a left foot
  12. Well it wasn’t great was it. It is now though
  13. Americans have never been renowned for being good at football though so doesn’t suprise me. They can stick to American football, ice hockey and baseball
  14. There’s one word that’s in there which is a mistype. If you can’t read or understand it then that’s your problem
  15. Johnson Byrne Maher Bradbury King Senior Earing Green Woods Hyde Chadwick/Obiero Get the defence back to what it was when they started playing well and get us back to playing decent football and less hoofball. Should be 3 points today as we need to stay in the play offs.
  16. However you’ll watch the game and they might not fall over if a player runs past them but they’ll fall over trying to run with the ball or something. It’s embarrassing to watch sometimes and it’s usually the goalkeepers that stand out for me as they are that bad.
  17. Rachel Blackmore is in the form of her life! Great jockey and she has proven she can do it against the big boys. But these women are shocking and an embarrassment for wanting equal pay, to be on sky sports, Bt sports etc. Shoukdnt happen! P.S if Nathan Clarke was playing we would keep a clean sheet against Madrid. Just saying
  18. Alty manager just signed a full time contract as of today until 2024. Hope that doesn’t give them a boost for tomorrow.
  19. Chorley men’s played against Everton women’s and Chorley won 14-0!
  20. Women’s football is embarrassing. I would only want to watch that for a laugh.
  21. 2-1 win tomorrow. Hyde and Earing. Mullarkey or Colclough for them.
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