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  1. 1 hour ago, shaymenRup said:

    You guys are unreal. 
    Maher is in his best position , defensive midfield protecting the back line and dropping back when needed.

    Clarke has shored up a leaky defence, who were struggling due to having no defensive midfield protecting them.

    Start supporting the side, every player who pulls on a Town shirt and start being more positive. You were the same during the match, posting negativity and then ooooo we scored.

    This side have a good blend, experience, talent, energy and a workmanlike drive to succeed. They win, win ugly and frustrate the opposition. They can dominate and look amazing, but they can also break down and contain. Each has its moments in matches and it’s what defines the better more successful sides. 
    Also having a great blend of experience, raw talent, competitive ball winning skill and at time pace to make us difficult to beat.

    Shaymen (every one of them) till I die.

    Ahah what did I say during the match? Think the only thing I said was we had a poor start (First 10 mins) that was it. 

    I do support the side I watch pretty much every single game just because not everyone Arse licks the club or players doesn’t mean they don’t support the team! 

    You would be terrible if you supported a team like Newcastle  

  2. 5 minutes ago, olitheshayman said:

    They know nothing! They wouldn't recognise the center-back performance of the season if it hoofed them into row 

    I think some fans say what they want to hear/see. 

  3. 4 minutes ago, TommyH72 said:

    Well for starters it was definitely a game to forget thats for sure. But its a long time since i watched a Town game where I felt so calm going into the final 10 mins with only 1 goal in the bag. Town were never in any danger in my opinion, for all their possession Alty never really threatened us, perhaps the very early shot that Sam saved that then cannoned up onto the bar, but other than that they offered nothing. I like to think that the reason Town didnt bother to much was because we didnt have to, why risk injury etc when you really dont need to. I suppose if I was going to be critical then it would be that we didnt look threatening either, Earings superbly crafted goal after 11 mins really ended the game. The 2 commentators didnt even try to mask their bias, well why would they I suppose, but their never ending referral to the condition of the pitch was monotonous to say the least, it was the reason Alty never got their slick faced paced passing game going!!!! Reminder guys, you were the home team on your own sodding pitch?????? And yes it was crap. On paper we had a very strong team out and the bench looked very strong as well, It was a good game to reintroduce Summerfield back into for 30 mins or so, but I'm not sure why all of a sudden Jeff King has become or go to guy to be subbed every game. A few weeks ago he was very much our star man, and much as it would be difficult to pick out anyone who was very poor yesterday, I would struggle for a clear reason for him to be the one making way. But thats probably a good thing, we certainly have a depth to the squad now that has been missing for much of the season due to the injuries. We did look lackluster up from though, Hyde caught offside to many times for me, Allen was absent most of the first half, but so what, it was a good game in which to have an off day!! We certainly need Hyde to start hitting the goal trail again though. So all in all I'm more than happy with the result, its all about the points now and the lads brought home 3 vital points yesterday. Upwards and onwards, we need a good showing against Wrexham on Tuesday, lets see some teeth, get at them from the start and get those next 3 points in the bag.

    So, how good or how bad, 3 points, then it has to be good!!!

    You’ve just answered your own question. 

    We got 3 points so why would it be anything other than good? 

  4. Just now, quizmaster said:

    PW has built a team spirit and sense of togetherness in the squad. He has no big egos to massage. We seem to thrive on being the underdogs, lingering in the background of coming in under the radar - call it what you want. Money can't buy this. This and luck with injuries could get us 'over the line.' C'mon Town.

    I agree!

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  5. 1 hour ago, shaymenRup said:

    I think since his return the defence have been better and more confident to go forward. Seen more forays forward from both Byrne and Bradbury.


    Byrne & Bradbury have not gone up forward half as much as they usually would and my guess is that it is because they don’t want to leave Clarke exposed. 

    We went from 2 clean sheets in a row to conceding 2 goals in both our last two games so how did the defence get better? Majority have been saying since Clarke has returned we’ve looked more shaky but you think we’ve got better and we are more attacking :huh:

  6. 3 hours ago, Papa Lazarou said:

    So he isn't good enough for our team then? 

    Maher in Centre back and hardy starts or hardy on the bench. Of course he is good enough I never said he wasn’t. Probably just you making it up again as usual. 

  7. 2 hours ago, olitheshayman said:

    Tom Clarke has stuck in my mind a long time because of that goal he scored against Histon away when we couldn't get an away win for love nor money...

    ... but after today, Nathan Clarke has overtaken him. Honestly, if he's been missing at all this year, it's only because an eye injury is a pretty serious matter in a game where your vision matters so much.

    He's not the only one in our team who has had a set back and come back stronger. Look back on what you thought of our squad list in September and think of how you rate them now. This team is improving, week in week out, and we're going to be a force to contend with in the playoffs. 

    Bring on the Wrexham! 

    Wtf is happening. Am I missing something from today’s game? I saw Nathan Clarke have a good game but Jesus Christ it’s like he’s the new Ruben Dias? 

    1 good game and we now have 2 threads about him and one comparing him to his much better brother Tom Clarke. 

    Get Maher back in his proper position and get the defence back to how it was. 

  8. 2 hours ago, Flea said:

    This is a MASSIVE game for us in our hunt for the playoff spots.

    We are currently 3 points ahead of them with a game in hand. If we beat them, that is a very healthy buffer between us. They would have to claw back 6 points from their last 9 games to be level with whatever we do in our 10 games. 

    Each game now is big, but on Tuesday we could pretty much hand a knockout blow to a potential playoff rival. A draw wouldn't be the end of the world, however if we lost then that door for the last spot is well open. 

    I think this is our biggest game of the season personally and one which we will be too fit for them. 

    They have improved with the signing of Angus etc but their most recent signings today are nothing great. 

    3-1 win for us! 

  9. 2 hours ago, Lewis said:

    If Clarke doesn't meet your unrealistically high expectations you slag him off, and when he has a really good game you find it odd that people are praising him. The bloke can't win with you 

    No he can win as he’s played well and I’ve praised him for it. He was class todsy! 

    But a whole bloody thread on him. 

  10. The Walsh brothers will be creaming their pants tonight.

    Papa Lazarou & Ash will be having a takeaway together 

    Shaymen0, Roy Race & Bill Atkins will be having a nice romantic meal 

    After Clarke’s world class performance today. 

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  11. 1 minute ago, Papa Lazarou said:

    Clarke was constantly the only halifax player you could hear on the coverage, squeeze up was a regular shout, not what you normally hear from a defence sitting deep. Sadly some will not give Clarkey any credit. "Only played well because Alty played into his hands" don't make me laugh, the guy still has plenty to offer.

    Big decisions for the manager now with Summerfield and Woods back. Loads of options all over the pitch for the first time this season.


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