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  1. Ahah what did I say during the match? Think the only thing I said was we had a poor start (First 10 mins) that was it. I do support the side I watch pretty much every single game just because not everyone Arse licks the club or players doesn’t mean they don’t support the team! You would be terrible if you supported a team like Newcastle
  2. Ah I thought it would be them
  3. Oh I don’t see Clarke in the team of the week either? Am I missing something?
  4. I think some fans say what they want to hear/see.
  5. They’re the experts
  6. Selective 10 on here maybe but a lot more than 10 on social media
  7. Surely not? The way some have made out on here it has to be atleast a 9?
  8. You’ve just answered your own question. We got 3 points so why would it be anything other than good?
  9. It is. For some reason I thought it was away. It was a boring 0-0 draw away at their place
  10. If they start Omotayo we have every chance but I think we will be too strong from them and catch them on the break.
  11. What?!?! Byrne & Bradbury have not gone up forward half as much as they usually would and my guess is that it is because they don’t want to leave Clarke exposed. We went from 2 clean sheets in a row to conceding 2 goals in both our last two games so how did the defence get better? Majority have been saying since Clarke has returned we’ve looked more shaky but you think we’ve got better and we are more attacking
  12. Maher in Centre back and hardy starts or hardy on the bench. Of course he is good enough I never said he wasn’t. Probably just you making it up again as usual.
  13. Wtf is happening. Am I missing something from today’s game? I saw Nathan Clarke have a good game but Jesus Christ it’s like he’s the new Ruben Dias? 1 good game and we now have 2 threads about him and one comparing him to his much better brother Tom Clarke. Get Maher back in his proper position and get the defence back to how it was.
  14. Agree. He looked brilliant against us, was very happy we signed him and then turned out to be a very poor signing
  15. I think this is our biggest game of the season personally and one which we will be too fit for them. They have improved with the signing of Angus etc but their most recent signings today are nothing great. 3-1 win for us!
  16. Swap Clarke for Maher, hardy comes in for Clarke on the bench. Happy days.
  17. Silly Question John. Clarke obviously
  18. No he can win as he’s played well and I’ve praised him for it. He was class todsy! But a whole bloody thread on him.
  19. ****ing hell a whole bloody thread about him? One good game and he’s the legend. He did what a defender is expected to do and played well and was the best of the back 3.
  20. The Walsh brothers will be creaming their pants tonight. Papa Lazarou & Ash will be having a takeaway together Shaymen0, Roy Race & Bill Atkins will be having a nice romantic meal After Clarke’s world class performance today.
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