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  1. Feel like a player like him or Gus Mafuta could improve us. Still would like another creative midfielder but that might not work
  2. I feel like this One was an easy win
  3. Did we win 4-0 or something at home?
  4. Can’t see DB doing that. £15 for adults I reckon
  5. Right? From what I remember (which seems very little ) i don’t recall them being any good. That chubby guy up front (fairhurst I think) scored at their place.
  6. He did but didn’t think they were any good. Thought over the legs we were comfortable winners
  7. Well over the 2 legs should I say. They weren’t very good and thought we won comfortably over 2 legs
  8. I agree. Let’s just hope it’s like the Nantwich game where we beat them easy at home.
  9. Got player of the month for them did Barrows
  10. Very similar to Macalinden but Lloyd a lot better. Don’t know why they signed Macalinden really
  11. Whats their style of play?
  12. He’s a top earner and it’s good now we have him off our wage bill to allow someone better to come in.
  13. I reckon he will have been on over £1000 a week yes
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