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  1. They’ve just had one dissalowed too. Looks like I’ve saved myself some money today then
  2. It’s not even surprising. You only had to look at the team sheet to tell you exactly how the game will go.
  3. Id honestly thought wild had learned that Allen and Omotayo upfront doesn’t work. Then does it again
  4. Not watching the game but sounds like we are getting battered
  5. Well he isn’t is he? Only have to look at the starting lineup to see that he isn’t
  6. **** knows why Hyde isn’t starting. Perfect game for him to start today.
  7. Summerfield has an injury apparently. Can’t see any goals in that team at all. Especially in that front two but we will have to see. Hopefully proved wrong. Id have certainly started Hyde in a game like this. Even just for 60 minutes or sowmthing. It’s alright creating chances but if you have two people upfront who can’t hit a barn door then we don’t have much chance. We have got to win this game.
  8. Well we can draw. Then it would go to penalties. But I think the poll is based on 90 minutes
  9. Perfect game for Hyde to start is this.
  10. I get they’re classed as a high spending team for the league they’re in but they only have Kempster, Glichrist and Josh gillies of any sort of “top” player for that league. The rest I’ve never heard of and they’ve had a very poor start to the league. Lose today it’s a very very poor result. We have to win, we want to get a winning mentality going and it’ll bring in extra money for the club. Usually I would say yes it’s a potential banana skin but the experience we have got, the way we’ve been playing and I reckon Hyde will start today then we will get the win.
  11. TJAshton

    FA Cup

    I wouldn’t have thought so. All home teams will more than likely sell out straight away
  12. TJAshton

    FA Cup

    Gotta win tomorrow. These have had a **** start to their season
  13. Ronnie ****ing Pickering
  14. Ronnie Pickering beat brighouse on his own. That guy really must be tough
  15. Apart from Hoddie who thinks our season is over and we will be close to relegation
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