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  1. Wild has always used the excuse of being tired and playing 2 games per week. Weve had a full week now and it was the worst performance of the season EASILY
  2. Not getting worried at all or going into a meltdown but One word to describe that was - Garbage. Every single one of them were **** today. Binnom-Williams was horrendous and his positional play atrocious and after 20 minutes he was knackered just like the rest of the team. I’d swap Wootton for Sho Silva every time he is what we are missing. Absolutely bullied Clarke all game. Hope we can bounce back but we miss Brown massively.
  3. Yes just seen. Think more people will buy on the door. But can’t see 200 people by in the day so I reckon 550 will go tomorrow
  4. Be a very close game and not going in predicting anything. But I’d take a draw
  5. Hope we take 700+ tomorrow and make a good atmosphere
  6. I’d still take it mate. It will look good next to the fans. Take it anyway if they say no just put it back.
  7. I could understand if there’s over 1000 fans or whatever but for 600 people we should be able to sit/stand where we want. Think people will do that anyway
  8. Supposed to be 22 degrees and so should be a great day out.
  9. Yeh it has now been confirmed. Very stupid it’s not like there’s going to be loads. I.E Wrexham or Stockports following
  10. Rodney didn’t look good at all. Basing on highlights, record and fans views you would have said he was a poor signing it would seem. And gladly he proved me and others wrong.
  11. I think it’s more basing of what we’ve seen of him. What I’ve seen he looks very average at best. However in this team there’s no way he can be up top on his own as it won’t work. He has to be up top with TSS or Macalinden.
  12. People will just stand where they want I think mate.
  13. County Now Opened another block for us.
  14. There’s about 20 left at the moment. So they’re going to open the bottom section or another side section. Let’s try get 700+ and make a good atmosphere!!
  15. Nothing. They will have to fight for their place as before it was just them two. Now there’s more place for competition
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