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  1. Glad J Mac is back. Maher will be a huge blow but time for Nolan to kick on. Or go into the loan market and get A Defensive midfielder.
  2. Give him a little bit of credit. He built the gym facilities and improved the training ground massively with no help at all! Pete has said the facilities are even better than Oldham. JF might not have been a good manager on matchdays but in terms of the training ground and going through the Part Time to full time change he has to be given credit for that.
  3. We’ve been saying that quote for a long long time now
  4. Agreed. I think he will go into the loan market.
  5. I don’t think we willl get play offs with the current team. A striker and another attacking player to come in then yes I’d think so. But no one should be expecting play offs. Mid table 8th-14th I reckon.
  6. He does. I said last season he wasn’t good and his temper was terrible. He then apparently wanted to meet me and speak to me
  7. Kosylo will want to play and prove himself. Ducky will hopefully wind him up just like K Roberts did when we played Wrexham at home. Pete Wilds first full week and can do the training for Fylde hopefully we can see on Saturday a good performance and result. Fylde is always a team i want us to beat. Set of Cocky Arrogant Ba$tards
  8. Chadders just can’t control himself down South
  9. You’d hope there’s a lot of money left for a signing. Not been a signing where you think “he’ll be on decent money” maybe Allen that’s it.
  10. I just think there’s one position we are lacking and that’s a striker. Wingers are fine and J Mac will be back soon. Midfield is fine too it’s just up front. We need someone to get in behind with pace or to bring on fresh legs when TSS is tired.
  11. Jeff King and Binnom are Wilds that’s it.
  12. Sorry to say Steve but I don’t think we will. We don’t have enough quality players. Agreed it is nice to have a manager who is straight to the point and said we were horrendous as it didn’t sound good yesterday. Atleast he can see that and wants to put it right
  13. Mid table 100%. Don’t have enough quality players for Play offs. Couple more additions and get a decent striker in then potentially yes.
  14. He is a class and we’re lucky to have him as if we didn’t we would be near the bottom easily. Still lacking a goalscorer who will get ya 10/15 goals a season
  15. Need a striker in there. Can understand J Mac not in there yet obviously but once he’s back fit get him in there. We have Sho Silva who won’t score too many goals but holds the ball well and runs his arse off but once he’s tired we need to bring a striker on.
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