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  1. I’m happy we’ve got two weeks off. Allows us to train and work on what we’ve been doing so wrong recently. Also gives chance for brown and king to be back for the Woking game then we can kick on again.
  2. Good news and it’s just what this club needs as I don’t think we will ever reach the football league without any further investment and that’s the sad fact unfortunate. So this is the only way and it’s good that DB is looking for SENSIBLE investment. How DB expected 3000+ season tickets after witnessing one of the worst seasons in ages is beyond me. Think what we got was good enough. Hopefully it gets sorted and we can kick on and stay in the play offs at the end of the season. If not have a real good go at it next season
  3. don’t think they’d risk him if he wasn’t ready
  4. Hopefully Brown is back for Woking which will be a massive help and imo will sort a lot of our problems at the back as we’ve conceded so many from set pieces and looked very vulnerable from crosses. Id drop Nolan next game for Staunton and get brown back in there. Redshaw for TSS and play Johnson Hanson Clarke Brown Ducky Cooper Staunton Macdonald Redshaw Allen Macalinden
  5. Don’t think it would work someone will have to miss out and I’d you would have to go with Macalinden missing out unfortunately. Allen and J MAC on either wing, redshaw up top with cam king behind
  6. The performances as of late have been a joke Ash please admit that. If you are happy with what you e seen recently then you’re easily pleased. It’s not good enough and it needs to change. We are 3rd in the league and it’s fantastic we are there and there’s only one man who’s got us there and that’s wild. But results have been lucky to us as it’s a miracle we are still there. As I’ve said to you before mate once Browny and King our back and redshaw starts playing up front we will be fine!
  7. If you was a right back against him though you would have a field day. Doesn’t make many runs and is so left sided it’s obvious where he is going to go. Really hope the lad picks back up his decent form.
  8. He certainly did. And also it was offside anyway his lobbed finish was decent
  9. I’ve had to change. I originally was thinking play offs but at this moment in time having to go with us just missing out
  10. It’s not being a scapegoat. If someone isn’t good enough then they’re simply not good enough
  11. And then it went 4-1 and half the stadium left
  12. 1 upfront could work if you actually had someone decent being that number 1. Look at Gregory for example he did it brilliantly. This cauliflower arse up top at the moment plays like a pussy and does naff all. That being our main striker that is will score us what... 1 goal every 7 or something. That needs changing.
  13. What’s annoying is this is our chance to get in the play offs and could really be only chance of getting in the play offs. This is what’s frustrating we are not taking advantage of it all. Yes it’s alright saying we’re in the play offs and this and that but these performances and results are relegation form and we won’t be in them for long. When Browny and Cam King get back it should be a little better
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