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  1. He was the worst striker I’ve seen at the club
  2. Ah yes. Because you bring so much fun and debate to this forum.
  3. I won’t ever mention Clarke until other people bang on about him being in the team as we leak goals. Tonight we kept a clean sheet and who gives a **** if we concede goals as long as we score more.
  4. Until we kept a clean sheet. So tonight
  5. Yeah that was shocking but it’s another point on the road and a clean sheet. I think we kept a clean sheet because Clarke played as when he doesn’t we can’t keep clean sheets. Oh wait!
  6. What an awful game. Two very poor sides this evening
  7. Very very happy with that team. Come on town!!
  8. Usually I would say a loss to Wrexham but they’re crap! A team with some very average players in it and a poor manager. Having watched the highlights of them against Chesterfield this looks to me like a very winnable game!
  9. He did learn the trade the hard way at Derby. Got them to the play off final of the championship with a low budget
  10. Really Then again football is a matter of opinions
  11. Name them. I can think of 2 - Michael Cheek and Byron Webster.
  12. We have also conceded some very sloppy goals with Clarke in the defence! We also play better and have won more games without Clarke in the team
  13. The good thing about this team is everytime we go 1-0 or 2-1 down etc I’m always confident we can come back and win the game. Don’t care what some of you lot say about Clarke but I’m happy for us to concede goals as long as we outscore the opposition. Which usually we do
  14. Would love nothing more to beat them on Tuesday! I reckon the lads will be up for it big time!
  15. * Good keeper but not the best in the league
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