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  1. TJAshton

    Our Squad

    Nothing like Matty Pearson
  2. TJAshton

    Our Squad

    I’d happily take him.
  3. TJAshton

    Our Squad

    I’ve been watching Darlingtons fan fundraiser for transfer funds from the early stage and they set a target for 100k which is a lot of money for transfers if you think about it & I didn’t think they would achieve that at all. Theyve now passed £105,000 for their transfer fund. I wonder how much we would be able to gain. About £5000 probably.
  4. TJAshton

    Our Squad

    I find it all pointless the queuing up outside places now. I understand why it’s in place but what a joke it is. As soon as you’re inside you’re standing right next to somebody so it’s pointless.
  5. TJAshton

    Our Squad

    Liam ridehalghs dad lives by me so I can always ask him next time he’s out. He’s on good whack at tranmere though.
  6. No he wasn’t ash you talk shite pal. He was liked at the beginning and even by myself as he was doing what was asked. It’s when players dont warrant a place in the team, still get picked and play crap every game and don’t do the job asked of them that’s when people start getting on his back. We can do MUCH BETTER
  7. TJAshton

    Our Squad

    So we are signing two players and you know them personally?
  8. TJAshton

    Our Squad

    Tobi has not warranted a place in the team next season so he shouldn’t be here.
  9. TJAshton

    Our Squad

    So basically we are getting Joe Skarz again at left back or we might as well keep Binnom if that’s the case.
  10. Which for him didn’t work out as he never did that unfortunately. Maybe down the glue leagues he might be able too I don’t know.
  11. That’s because he was a striker who played up top on his own and played the most games. I’d expect him to be top scorer no matter how poor he is.
  12. What am I complaining about?
  13. TJAshton

    Our Squad

    Jeff King with 13 yellows but not a single red card from him. Clearly knows not to be stupid once he’s got his yellow
  14. That would certainly put me off a season ticket. Not gonna do anything with him upfront. I had a bet with someone on here at the start of the season. It was for TSS to get 15 goals this season and I said he wouldn’t so he wanted a bet that he would get that target and the loser has to give money to a chosen charity.
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