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  1. TJAshton


    Would love that
  2. It wasn’t a serious comment. I obviously didn’t go to the game just because No Sho was starting I just had other plans so please calm down
  3. Well since the Stockport game I’ve enjoyed watching us. That’s with the same team, same tactics etc we didn’t change anything to counter the opposition as nothing needed changing so that’s a load of tosh. Why he changed it yesterday I don’t know. All this going for a battle up top and needing a physical presence etc is tripe as well as TSS never wants a battle, doesn’t liked to be roughed up and he looks scared of the ball. Yesterday it wasn’t just his fault obviously as there were 10 other team members on That pitch but it certainly doesn’t help.
  4. Some managers complicate things and look into it too much.
  5. Nope. A game most fans weren’t bothered about. Took the Mrs out for a meal instead as thought TSS would be starting
  6. Well sometimes you have to. Why not play to our strengths instead of trying to counter the opponents. Just carry on doing what we’ve been doing best Instead of changing it.
  7. That would be good if it happened though.
  8. I am right on this occasion. Thanks
  9. We do know. We would of had a better chance simple and end of.
  10. We would have had a much better chance of winning if he hadn’t.
  11. Maybe that’s what they want to do.
  12. Entire time? Haven’t been on it all week until yesterday you know to talk about the club I support as it was game day. They don’t all get a free pass as I also said Clarke was poor during that sticky patch as well as Cooper, Nolan etc just TSS stands out more than others as he really is poor.
  13. Really. Calling everyone who says TSS is shite a racist? Pretty much every town fan must be then.
  14. Wtf has that got to do with us. Clueless
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