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  1. He never said you said it. He’s stating someone called me it for stating an opinion
  2. All that mattered was tonight. And they’ve let us down. Project play offs raised 40 something thousand and we go out on a whimper like that
  3. Brown marks Rhead all night and does well then Staunton who is known for being poor at marking and in the air goes with Rhead and he scores
  4. No mate come on. No fight at all from any of them players out there.
  5. Rodney, Redshaw and Cameron King would have dipped them apart. Tobi has to be given credit he was superb today and only player to show any fight. 40 something grand raised for them to go out on a whimper like that. Very pissed off
  6. We’ve gone out on an absolute whimper mate and if you can’t see that or don’t feel let down then somethings wrong. Piss poor that
  7. Nothing changed I see. First half done well as we usually do and 2nd half been utter rubbish! Why sit back all second half and to run out of ideas so early is worrying! I actually feel very let down by them players out there. All that money raised and all that’s gone into to trying to help them and that’s how they re pay us.
  8. And that’s why no one ever comes in for him. Plenty rave about him but I can’t see why
  9. Correct and hopefully for next season wild has learnt we aren’t actually good enough
  10. Two terrible goals to concede! Sat back far too much this half and as always expected to go for the draw! How Staunton can’t keep up to a fat **** like Rhead is beyond me. why are we always like this in the second half
  11. Cameron king off. Earing and Jeff King on wild has gone for some flair here
  12. I agree. Can’t see us creating anything here. All Boreham wood and only so much pressure we can soak up
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