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  1. They do not deserve another payment. That would be a joke if they got it again!
  2. Just seen this morning on Twitter the National League is being cancelled and will be null & void. “The National League have voted to end their season now due to the coronavirus crisis. The League held a board meeting yesterday & decided to vote in favour of declaring the season null & void.”
  3. The FA has finished the season in step 5 & 6 so another ball will not be kicked for the likes of North Ferriby etc. This is supposed to implemented across the whole of non league however still no clarification if it’s going to be null/void.
  4. Brown hasn’t scored a header in ages. Clarke has more this season. So you’ll be waiting a long time for brown to score
  5. Even your other chuckle brother
  6. But let’s be honest, You might want it shutting but it’s where most of the younger generation head before going to either Maggies or Atik. I was in there on Saturday for the first time in a long while as the bouncers are utter arseholes and it was just filled with 16/17 years olds. So having been in Saturday It wasn’t even that bad if I’m honest, full of younger people obviously but some of the older generation too all having a laugh etc so for me it doesn’t deserve to be shutdown completely.
  7. Can’t see it personally
  8. Hanson and earring have to be put up onto the transfer list as they’re not good enough. TSS is obviously included but here’s the players I would get rid of, TSS Binnom Williams Hanson Earing Nolan Cooper Danny Williams ( maybe ) Josh MacDonald Nathan Clarke ( Too slow now however I would like to see him still involved somehow ) So actually more than 6/7. Can’t see it happening but that’s what I’d like to see. I’m really positive that wild will give us a good season next and create a good team. Looking forward too it.
  9. The only way to stop it spreading is a lockdown of the country. Only going out for necessary stuff. They bang on about trying to stop it spreading but that’s the only way. At first I thought it’s a huge over reaction but with how fast it’s spreading and the increase in deaths/cases over the last week or so suggests to me it’s something major. To have schools closing is a major decision as atleast half the country will need to look after them kids. The next decision has to be a lockdown of the country for atleast 3 weeks to make any attempt to stop it spreading.
  10. Correct. Should also know where we need to strengthen and who to keep and get rid of. A good 6/7 players I’d get rid of
  11. I don’t believe for a second there is a player in this league even close to 10k per week. That’s like a half decent championship player or a good league 1 player.
  12. Prepared to lose £100k a month to try gain promotion.
  13. Because we only have one creative midfielder and he never plays that’s why. Saturday we played 3 defensive midfielders in a home game against a **** team
  14. Signs for Harrogate. Has 17 goals in the north this season in a very average Guiseley team. Looks a good signing for them and will probably help them win the league unfortunately.
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