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  1. What nonsense. Just because we leave the EU, it doesn't mean we stop being a member of UEFA.
  2. Don1864


    In the scheme of things, £50k is most definitely cheap, especially considering that the club won't be responsible for maintenance/repairs etc. As a comparison, Wrexham pay circa £200k a year lease for the right to use the Racecourse , then of course maintenance, repairs, stewarding, police etc are on top.
  3. Don1864


    Town are darned lucky to have a council that were willing to take on the ground. Out of interest, how much does the club pay to the council each year for the privilege to play there ?
  4. You could always sign Mike Fondop now he's left Wrexham.
  5. As a Wrexham fan, please take him ;-) Maybe he just hasn't settled over here, but with one thing and another it's simply not working out for him. He's only featured in one out of five matches so far this preseason, and wasn't taken on our preseason trip to Portugal (visa issues quoted as the reason but fan base is sceptical of this). It's worth noting that he's not injured, just out of favour. He reportedly came back unfit after the end of season break. Interviews with other players say that he is late for everything so all in all not seemingly being too professional. I think it would certainly do him good to move on, whether permanently or on loan.
  6. A good result for the Nomads. Connah's Quay was where I lived for the first couple of years after birth.
  7. Yes - that's the rule. I'm not sure of the consequences though for not adhering to the rule - whether it's a points deduction, fine or expulsion. Perhaps the rule has never actually been tested.
  8. In the short term, isn't there a minimum number of registered players required before the national league's deadline of this saturday ? (ie 14 days before the start of the season) Or have enough players been signed now to satisfy this ?
  9. Andy Morrell/Billy Barr partnership?
  10. Out of interest, for a comparison, how many season tickets were sold last season altogether ?
  11. Don1864

    Kevin Roberts

    His temperament is the main reason why I've always not really been a fan. On his day, it seems he can be a great player and can make things happen out of nothing, but it's his petulance which has always put me off. I assume if his temperament was good, he'd be playing in the EFL. He does seem the ideal sort of player (ability-wise) that we seem to be looking for this coming summer, so I wouldn't rule it out that we might be looking at him. Is he out of contract this summer then?
  12. Don1864

    Kevin Roberts

    Wrexham fan here. I was a little disappointed to see Roberts released. Early on he was integral in our excellent defence but later on in the season he was looking very ordinary. I see some people asking about Nicky Deverdics. For one thing or another, it just didn't work out for him here. We started off playing him a little out of position but his poor performances were chalked up to him being out of position. When we did play him in his favoured position then he didn't seem to perform there either. He's therefore often been a bit part player. I don't agree with him being lazy though as has been mentioned on here. Just like every summer, the 'Kosylo to Wrexham' rumours have started to crop up again on our forums.
  13. Barnet will be desperate to get this game played tonight. Their schedule is already looking pretty packed with so many postponed games due to their cup exploits.
  14. I suppose you'll just have to wait until both teams meet in European competition :-)
  15. I disagree. Not only was it Manny Smith who was marking Denton for the majority of the game (as he's the taller of the 2 centre halves), the alleged elbowing incident towards the end of the game where Pearson went down, was from an aerial challenge from Kosylo.
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