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  1. I thought Duckworth had a very good game last night. However, our midfield still needs help and Hansen gets in for me. Players showed some passion, which has been lacking, so credit to JF. Seems as if Hansen has misbehaved but so did George Best, Gazza, etc. Good managers get their best players on the pitch, firing on all cylinders. 

  2. Heath out. I can't stand it any more. He hasn't a clue. You know the Board have doubts when he's banned from speaking to the Press. When he signs someone to play off Denton (at long last) he drops Denton. You couldn't make it up. Please, please, please sack BH. This league is wide open and though we've had bad luck with injuries we simply are not fulfilling our potential. 

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  3. I've a lot of faith in the BoD. I think they'll get rid of Brainless Billy now. He got us up last season so deserved a chance in this League but enough is enough. Too many BH decisions simply cannot be explained. Playing Denton by himself too often is the worst of many mystifying BH calls. Taxi for Billy. 

  4. I'm not a Heath fan. He seems to have his favourites e.g.  bringing Clark off the bench when we need a goal (nonsense). He also seems incapable of getting the best out of our young talent (Morgan and Hibbs). After getting us promotion he deserved a chance to manage us this season and I know we can't afford to replace him at this point in his contract, but he has to get some points on the board between now and the New Year or it's going to be a struggle to survive now. 

  5. 11 minutes ago, Mr Vincent said:

    Tough times. Im not going to write an essay on why we are where we are as im sure most of you will know what id say. All I can say is that Billy Heath has been employed to do a job and he is trying to do it his way. He is the best that can be afforded given the structure and ownership in place, as are his players. Ill say no more on that.

    The late equaliser would have been a real boost, players, fans etc would have walked away with something to carry forward into the next match. Its just typical of the way things are going that Dover would go down other end and the best young keeper in the league would make a fumble of it. 

    I have a revolutionary idea. Stick together - do something that this manager and his team have never properly enjoyed -100% backing and support no matter what. 

    I have got to be honest, be in on this forum, down the pub or at the ground, I have never known a period of time in 30 years where such a large proportion of the fan base are offering absolutely zero support. There will always be and always has been pockets of support, no matter how well things are going or what manager is in charge that will have a pop and give the abuse, however the extent we are seeing it to now is just making the Shay a dismal place and almost impossible place for a manager and his players to get results. There can not be a worse place to play your football at the moment that the Shay. 

    We need another 10-15% out of this manager and his players to stand any chance we can all see that and its going to be a long tough season by the looks of it............................................but from where im standing the fans who cant do anything that shout resign Heath this and get Denton off that need to change the way they offer their support 100%. 

    The manager and his players do not stand a chance in the current environment. 

    I agree with your sentiment but Billy Heath seems incapable of learning from his mistakes. It's like Groundhog Day. The atmosphere at The Shay is so negative players are scared of making mistakes. In the Shaymen TV interview Billy claims we've played well, when it's clear we've struggled to create many chances. He always talks about effort and commitment but what about some NOUS for a change?

    Our set up makes it hard to create chances and take the game to the opposition. We're playing 2 wingers but the midfield is sitting so far back we struggle to get them into the game. We play Denton upfront all by himself most of the time and wonder why we don't create anything...How about playing McManus instead of Charles and trying to keep possession a little more and play from there.

    All isn't lost yet. We've played and lost to 2 of the best teams in the league. Easier fixtures coming up. Lets hope Billy can set us up to create some chances and then we can judge where we are after 12 games.

  6. Posted yesterday at 11:14 AM · Report post

    It's one thing for people to say he picked the wrong team, another for people to justify that.

    Here is the team.

    Starting team







    McDonald substituted 67th minute by Clarke




    Tomlinson substituted 69th minute by Charles







    Okay no BS just name what changes you would have made to the team including, if necessary,  the subs bench.

    Dixon for Hotte

    McManus for McDonald

    Morgan for Tomlinson

    Tomlinson for McManus

  7. I talked to Morgan just after KO and he was fit and wanted to play. Seemed like a nice guy. I'd move on if I was him. BH can't rate him if he isn't even make the bench. This is going to be a tough league. Northern Conference is swimming with money and I think our league is as well. Does anyone know how our budget compares to our rivals?

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