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  1. Very weak. Started ok, but faded quickly. Need Brown & Mayer back ASAP. Points won while they are out will be a bonus. Confidence is slipping. Support was magnificent. Hope those who stay down enjoy the City. Saw a few going into Hooters.
  2. Hope we play in tangerine colours
  3. Eating at World Service Restaurant for those of you looking for somewhere good this evening. Definitely recommended.
  4. I’m an ex Trent Poly (78-82). Arrived & eating lunch in the sun. Can’t wait for the game. Hoping for a win but will take a draw.
  5. Thumbs up to the Board for financing this. I have a feeling they are going for it this year.
  6. I’m hoping for good weather & nearly 700. I’ve got my train ticket up from St Pancreas 10-05, so time for a good lunch, followed by a great game and 3 points.
  7. Your not alone Monk. Agree with all of the above.
  8. I was advocating a loan signing as soon as Brown pulled up. However, on reflection I like that PW gave others a game. Bound to be good for moral. Nevertheless, it’s time now to get defensive mid field cover. Yesterday wasn’t a great day at the office, but I’d still fancy us to get something out of the game the next time we play them if Mayer and Brown we’re playing. See you all at Notts County. We won’t have a better away day all season until the playoffs, which is where I believe we’re headed.
  9. Win today and we could take 700-800 to Notts County next weekend. Fingers and everything else are crossed.
  10. I thySouthwell could score a hatful now we’ve changed our style. Can’t wait for him to get back.
  11. What a difference. PW reminds me of Bill Shankley. The whole squad seem to be pulling together. I wanted a loan signing after the 2 injuries. However, he’s given squad players a go and they’ve stood up and delivered. Has to be great for moral. Also if you never give fringe players a chance, you’ll never know how good they are. That said, anymore injuries and we really will need loan signings. Beat Yeovil on Saturday, who looked good on the highlights show v Notts County and we really can get excited.
  12. Jimmy Lawson and Bobby Hoy served us well when they left Huddersfield.
  13. Ernie Moss was a nightmare.
  14. How’s Earing playing? He’s rarely mentioned in the commentary.
  15. 481 fans there. Fantastic support.
  16. Listening to the boys. Town fans easily out singing the locals. Bet we’re sharing the goals around more than any other professional side in the country. Would love to see TSS score tonight. Clean sheet please.
  17. I’m hoping for 2,500 to attend on Saturday if we beat Chesterfield.
  18. If it’s a slight hamstring injury, he’ll probably be out for 4-6 weeks. We need a loan signing (centre half or defensive midfielder) ASAP. If PW brings one in before Tuesday’s game I’ll be getting really excited. I know money’s tight but if ever the Board had to stretch the budget, it’s now. Fancy us to beat Chesterfield on Tues if we get a loan signing in. Hopefully Cameron King will be back firing on all cylinders on Tuesday.
  19. I’m in dream land. Fantastic what a more positive approach can do.
  20. Goalie has lead in his boots and hands in his pockets.
  21. It’s a positive start. Southwell to come back and show us what he can do this year. Too early to make predictions. Need 12 games. Everyone was very excited after 7 matches last season then we fell off a cliff.
  22. This is even more exciting than P3, W3. I was very concerned he’d sign for a League club. PW is really impressing me now. Fantastic news. Would not surprise me if he scored at Wrexham.
  23. Richmond96


    Agree with WB. Would rather lose trying to win than draw, trying to draw. Suspect many of us feel this way. Early days but feel PW could be a breath of fresh air. BH was a likeable bloke but I just didn’t have confidence in him and though I initially had high hopes for JF I don’t think he got the mentality right. Team looked depressed before we got off the bus most of last season. Wonder if PW will bring back Helli?
  24. Agreed Flea (The Professor). If PW plays on the front foot on Tuesday, whatever the result I’ll be happy. Early signs are we’re not going to be as predictable as last year. Keep it going.
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