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  1. Our 2 best goal scorers were injured in training this week so a point isn’t too bad.
  2. Good to see Brown back. MAn of the Match. CK looked good. Ref had a nightmare and a terrible homer. Offered very little up front against a poor Woking.
  3. They’ll need long studs. Poured down all week. If Brown plays I’ll be optimistic, but I don’t want him rushed back.
  4. Woking have hit a slump as well. Should be an interesting game.
  5. In answer to the question- Yes. We need a bit more muscle. Muscle with brain like Lee Gregory would be great.
  6. It’s not an investment. Any contribution is a gift. The Current Board have spent more on our club than any of their predecessors. Some of the views above are so naive it’s unbelievable.
  7. Thanks for that. Those can take years to recover from. Rest the only solution?
  8. I’ve probably missed this but what’s happened?
  9. I love the idea that Josh and Earing contributed and we took 3 points from 2 tough away games without Brown and King. This squad has balls. We’re going to make the playoffs.
  10. Muscle. Brown’s absence is hurting us. When he returns we can stand up to teams .
  11. We’re missing Brown’s physical presence.
  12. Credit where it’s due DB. He gets enough stick when we’re struggling.
  13. It was always going to take a while. Never believed he’d be up and running in weeks. Always months. A big loss.
  14. Great player, though I prefer him in front of the 2 centre halves. Looked a goal threat at the beginning of the season.
  15. An excellent away performance. Thought we passed it around beautifully. CK easily the best player on the pitch and the injury list is shrinking fast.
  16. Yes we can. We’ve got a great manager and a new positive attitude. Doubt we’ll win the league but a playoff win is possible. Board has done a great job lately and not getting the credit they deserve at the moment.
  17. Great win and another game closer to Browns return.
  18. Richmond96


    Doubt Brown will play. Hamstrings need time. Be very happy with a point if he plays. Delighted with a point if he’s out.
  19. Surprised and disappointed CK isn’t starting.
  20. I think we'll make the playoffs. We're playing to win. We're picking up points while key players are injured and the squad feels like it has more depth than in previous years. Also the League is wide open with no clear winners, with the possible exception of Yeovil. Teams with bigger support and budgets I'd expect to be at least fighting for playoff positions are struggling (Chesterfield, Wrexham, Notts C, Hartlepool, Torquay, Stockport C). Time to get excited.
  21. We’re in it. No doubt about it. So refreshing that we play to win. Sure we’ll lose a few but we’ll win more than we lose. Playoffs at least.
  22. Loving bigger clubs like Chesterfield, Wrexham, Notts C, Hartlepool, Torquay and Stockport C are trailing the Mighty Shaymen. Big match on Tuesday.
  23. Very impressive performance and result. When Brown gets back we really can do some damage in this league. Great to see Southwell get a few mins.
  24. I’m a fan. Scored for fun before he joined us because he had some support. JF signed him on false pretences. I believe PW will play to his strengths.
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