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  1. It’s only Wrexham Reserves, but a wins a win and Redshaw’s fitness improving. He can make a big difference to us.
  2. Fair point. The main drain on resources probably is money wasted on management & consultants. I was trying to broaden the discussion to “what do we want from the NHS going forward?” Should obese people be told to lose weight before getting a knee replacement? Should people who make appointments but fail to show up be charged a cancellation fee?
  3. What often gets ignored is the evolution of the NHS. To start off with its was designed to provided a basic level of care. Now people get cosmetic surgery (depending on their post code). If we didn’t waste money on boob jobs etc perhaps waiting times for essential treatments might fall meaningfully. Are our politicians honest enough to have an honest debate about such matters? Sadly no.
  4. The other big issue is another referendum in Scotland. If they vote to leave (I don’t think they will) it gets even harder for a hopefully new, more centralist Labour to get power. Labour are a total shambles. Momentum and Unite are in total denial this morning. Suicidal idiots. You have to win to implement policies.
  5. The buck stops with Corbyn, he’s the leader. Though both should go. Their naive policies would have resulted in less tax being collected and the people they’re trying to help, suffering even more.
  6. Halifax public know a total loser when they see one. Let’s hope Unite collapse and a more sensible Labour Party grows out of the ashes of a terrible defeat to the most useless Tory Party of all time.
  7. He started the season so well. Let’s hope he gets his mojo back soon.
  8. Winston Churchill once said “in wartime truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies”. I think all the Parties in this election have forgotten we’re not at war. All the lies are distorting the selection process.
  9. Not exactly the entertainment we were promised.
  10. Thought Wild promised us attacking football. Get CK on now.
  11. You make some very interesting points. Personally I think most of the country would prefer our politicians to consistently tread the middle ground. Wild swings from hard right to hard left results in a bumpy path for most of us. That said there isn’t much evidence that coalition’s work in the U.K. I think Farage is the most honest of a very bad bunch of options. Pity I don’t agree with all of his plans. It’ll be The Tories for me this time, but only because I think Corbin is incredibly dangerous and would be an embarrassment to the country.
  12. The real fool is the Labour negotiator who agreed to Corbin been interviewed by Andrew Neil without getting an agreement that Boris had to do likewise. Typical Corbin bollocks. Why would we let them negotiate an exit deal with EU when nobody else on the Labour Front Bench wants out (apart from Corbin). You just can’t make it up. Politics is at an all time low in the U.K.. Where is David Milliband when we need him. Enjoying life in New York. Why would he want to fight with Unite.
  13. Brilliant. They all lie to get power, but Corbin’s judgement is terrible. Thick as a brick. Will be interesting to see if Boris gets interviewed by Andrew Neil. He’ll be exposed if he does but shamed if he doesn’t.
  14. A lot of people left in the 70’s and not all came back in the 80’s. Even Corbin isn’t saying he’ll confiscate assets, so people can simply sell their homes, move domicile and pay tax in their new home. They are not blackmailing anyone. They have multiple homes, some abroad already, so it’s easy for them to up sticks and go. Don’t see how they make other people’s lives a misery. Their taxes help pay for our services.
  15. You clearly have no understanding of supply and demand, opportunity cost, how to research or most importantly of all good manners. You might want to consider the plight of the Venezuelans who have suffered terribly on the back of Marxist policies.
  16. The obvious one is - 0.1 per cent of tax payers (30,000 people) pay 12 percent of total income tax take and approx 6 percent of total tax revenues. If tax rates go to Corbin levels many of these people will leave the country, so tax collected crashes and less is available to pay for services. It’s possible many other also leave making the situation even worse. 5 Percent of taxpayers generate 50 percent of the total take. Corporation Tax increases would lead to a similar moves out to countries like Ireland, Holland, Luxembourg. Its a delicate balance but Corbin has got it seriously wrong. Hopefully the opinion polls are right and Corbin gets stuffed and Unite have a rethink.
  17. Couldn’t agree more. Corbin is incapable of understanding the consequences of his policies which would hurt the people he says he’s going to help. Bring back David Milliband.
  18. Chesterfield and Wrexham in the bottom 4.
  19. How many Town fans there? Good atmosphere?
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