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  1. Next game is massive. Dover had a good win today but will they fancy a trip up North on Tuesday? Credit to all involved for bouncing back from the debacles at Yeovil and Stockport.
  2. I’m hoping Southport make it up. Good day out.
  3. Goals in the team again. A subs bench that can positively influence a game. The Non League Mesi plays for us. A solid defence. CK regaining fitness. The Board driving us forward.
  4. In the playoffs as things stand. Come on Town.
  5. No, at a bigger club. But in my view, though I like him, he’s not good enough for Ipswich, who should be back in the Championship next season.
  6. No way is he going to a club like Ipswich. Sounds like his agent is trying to get him a new deal.
  7. We looked terrible at Yeovil and Stockport but the Board and manager have made some very positive changes and the performances and results have improved. The next 3 games are winnable and if we can take 9 points from the next 3 matches confidence on and off the pitch will rise dramatically. Come on Town. We can make the Playoffs.
  8. Anyone at home is all you can hope for. I’d like Stockport again. Bring a good crowd and we’re improving. Would be a good benchmark to measure that improvement.
  9. We certainly do as the 3 matches after that will be challenging.
  10. Good point. They haven’t lost in 6.
  11. 5 points from safety if it stays like this. One target at a time.
  12. At least that’s 4 points in 2 games, which means we don’t have to make a decision about PW, which would have been inevitable had we lost both.
  13. Richmond96

    Guess Who

    Che Ghevara and a young Jeremy Corbyn
  14. Encouraging team and our injured aren’t out long term. Win today and we’re back in the playoff places and confidence is on the up.
  15. What a relief. Beat Stockport, get everyone fit and why can’t we gone on a run like Sutton?
  16. It’s all about restoring confidence now. Can PW do it? He didn’t look confident himself before the Stockport match.
  17. To be fair PW doesn’t have a lot of options. However, it would be interesting to know how fit everybody is. Redshaw has to start if he can last 70 mins. Duckworth should stay on the right and what’s happened to BW?
  18. Richmond96

    The End

    It must be under consideration. By my calculations we’re not breaking even. The Board must be putting in quite a lot and I’m upset by the last 2 away surrenders. The Board must be really depressed. If they just walk away goodness knows what will happen next.
  19. Don’t get the love in for Johnson. Might be a decent shot stopper but can’t take crosses. Terrible error for their first. The only players who looked to move forward were CK and Allen. The rest simply not interested. The manager has to get a reaction, as not putting in the effort is not acceptable.
  20. Too right. Our squads too thin for that. He has to get them working. I’ve driven 600 miles to see the last 2 away games and the effort has being disappointing to say the least.
  21. Just got back to London. What a depressing day. No effort or ambition. I’m not going to give up on Wild yet but he has to get us running around. The last 2 away games here been terrible.
  22. Wouldn’t have come all the way from London if I’d seen the team sheet in advance.
  23. Coming up from London so hoping we at least run around, which we certainly did not at Yeovil.
  24. Richmond96

    Notts County

    Let’s hope they don’t have anyone sent off. This is a very big game after the disappointing performance at Yeovil when we never past it about or ran around.
  25. Thanks for this. Redshaw looks good.
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