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  1. Stockport need to do something fast to get their season back on track. They are a bigger club than us, but not sure Rodney would want to go back. They played him out of position and the manager clearly didn’t rate him. We love him. Will be very interesting to see how this turns out.
  2. I don’t think this is value for money (1,200 / month for 2.5 years). He’s seen better years and on the way down. Would far rather have CK.
  3. Brilliant. I don’t think Barrow will win they league.
  4. No. We definitely got the better of this deal. Took his goal beautifully today.
  5. Very disappointed with the atmosphere today. SJ was also to blame for a very soft goal again. However, Nolan looked really good and we found a way to win despite the ref struggling. I hope we can get Brown back for the next league game.
  6. I doubt we’ll get another player. We’ve done well on the signing front recently (In and out) and I doubt we’ve got the funds for another new one. If we get lucky with injuries we can do the double - Trophy and promotion.
  7. Credit to the team, manager and the Board. What a turnaround since Boxing Day. Through 50 points and now targeting the playoffs. Really looking forward to the run in.
  8. We’ve still got a good bench that can win it for us.
  9. It’s not exactly pleasant out there. It’s about winning tonight, nothing else. Success breeds success. Hang on and then Saturday, as the form team in the league, we go again.
  10. Next game is massive. Dover had a good win today but will they fancy a trip up North on Tuesday? Credit to all involved for bouncing back from the debacles at Yeovil and Stockport.
  11. I’m hoping Southport make it up. Good day out.
  12. Goals in the team again. A subs bench that can positively influence a game. The Non League Mesi plays for us. A solid defence. CK regaining fitness. The Board driving us forward.
  13. In the playoffs as things stand. Come on Town.
  14. No, at a bigger club. But in my view, though I like him, he’s not good enough for Ipswich, who should be back in the Championship next season.
  15. No way is he going to a club like Ipswich. Sounds like his agent is trying to get him a new deal.
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