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  1. Well deserved. Class act who I’m glad PW signed on for 2 years.
  2. Thanks to Itman for another excellent write up. Would have enjoyed spending a few days in the area if we could attend. Fingers crossed for another good performance, more goals and 3 points. Fancy Chadwick to score again.
  3. We’ve often struggled because we usually have a thin squad. The best example being the year we dropped out of the 3rd Division. We were mid table until a couple of injuries to key players resulted is a terrible run and relegation. If we could go injury free we’d get promotion this season. If only life was that simple.
  4. I’d move Johnson on at the end of the season, especially if we get promoted. He’s a good shot stopper but there is more to goalkeeping than that.
  5. I like the look of Chadwick. How long have we got him for?
  6. Disappointing. Doubt the players ran the extra mile today. If we can become more resilient we’ll be right up there at the end of the season. Fingers crossed we come out firing on all cylinders in the next 2 games.
  7. It’ll be a very happy New Year if the Shaymen get promoted. I’m a believer. Happy Christmas everyone.
  8. Would love to go to this match. I’m expecting both sides to battle for everything. I think we might just nick it. Fancy some Chadwick magic.
  9. I’m a fan. The squad is improving significantly. A bit of luck with injuries/ suspensions and this will be a great season.
  10. Viruses mutate all the time. Bullshit Bertie released the info re the latest mutation to encourage the UK public to stay at home. He didn’t consider the consequences of our European friends closing their borders and the food shortage implications. I suspect our friends across the Channel will have seen the same mutation but are less transparent than our useless politicians. Boris out. A total clown.
  11. I think the momentum is with us at the moment. Long may it continue. I’m going for a win. 1-0 to Town.
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