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  1. saw the same video when doing my Stewards training at Anfield Erik. Bloody horrendous footage
  2. Also seen a method on fb for people in isolation, especially the aged, of putting a pillowcase/towel through the letter box if you need assistance. we have always checked twice a week on the 2 elderly couples in the bungalows at the end of our close but are keeping in touch daily now if even only by phone
  3. This coruna virus is nothing new, it's been around for at least 15 years. my wife has been taking precautions by telling me to stay the hell away from her for at least that long
  4. Recording of a Wembley cup final crowd. Was it Kirby or Mulhall that had the idea. Can't remember which ?
  5. One visit to the Skircoat bogs and your immune to everything for the rest of your life !!
  6. I heard that many a young lass would say "oh god oh god " to DJ on a Saturday night
  7. Yeah i always got my metric and imperial measurements mixed up at Heath as well
  8. Why not surf on the pitch. We once had ice skating on the Shay pitch
  9. 'Drifts' in and out of the game too much
  10. Elder brother went to Tech and used to get the Whitley bus back to Mixey because all his mates went to Whitley
  11. Think Tommy More's changed name to Calderdale High School. I'm not sure as, being a Heath scholar, I never lowered myself to that level.And please, before any comebacks, no disrespect meant I'm only kidding
  12. I keep telling the scousers in my local that, statistics wise, we are a better team than liverpool, as they do not have 100% record at Wembley Stirs the atmosphere a bit on a sunday lunchtime
  13. Used to have lovely tea and scones with the Crossley girls at the cafe on The Moor on the lunch break
  14. Another Heath lad, ey up

  15. Tu non accipere The Skircoat was sang on a regular basis by us Heath Grammar lads
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