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    The Rodney deal wouldn't have been possible if Southwell was still on the wage bill.
  2. Statto


    Southwell has agreed a settlement paving the way for a move away from the club.
  3. Statto

    Left Back.

    The formation against Stockport County will be irrelevant. They will again target our weakness by bombarding our box from set pieces.
  4. Statto

    Left Back.

    Well done to Williams on a solid performance, but let’s not get carried away. We were playing possibly the worst team I have seen this season in Chesterfield. The acid test is on Wednesday against a team who hit us for 5 Boxing Day.
  5. As Roy Race says, ‘Usually waiting for the rest to catch up’ - he is on point for me. We don’t have a striker who scores and we don’t have any box to box midfielders who break their necks to get into the box. We have a workmanlike team with a devoid of natural flair and ability. We will never get the best out of a player like Macdonald when we don’t have the players to compliment his strengths.
  6. Surplus to requirements. Manager obviously doesn’t see him as part of his plans.
  7. Result aside, the manager is clearly struggling and doesn’t look any nearer to turning things around. I personally think he has lost the dressing room, exactly like Fullarton did. Body language of the players is a give away.
  8. Statto

    Pete Wild

    Being a manager of any club is a breeze when you over achieve and sit nicely at the top of the league table. You get to see how good a manager really is when he’s under pressure. That time has come for Pete Wild. As an inexperienced manager, he won’t have experienced the pressure he is feeling right now, it’s sink or swim time I think. I personally hope he succeeds, but it’s clear by his tactics, team selection and post match comments, there are inconsistencies which would strongly suggest the cracks are showing.
  9. Saturday 26th is the end of the agreed loan period.
  10. He got the mangers job just before the season started and got an immediate tune out of the players to grind out positive results. The league table suggests at this stage, he’s doing a decent job. When you take into consideration his budget, he’s doing a very good job. The season will be like a rollercoaster in terms of results, but that will be the same for every club.
  11. The league we are in is a much of a muchness in that anybody can beat anybody and the teams who grind a few results out will find themselves near the top end of the table. The reality is, we are not that great but we have been able to grind some results out thus far this season. We are well and truly punching above our station and as fans we need to realise that. I’m disappointed we didn’t make it to the first round proper today, and yes we were poor, but Harrogate have deep deep pockets and their fans can’t be happy with what they’re serving up so far! We have a good manager, lower the expectations a bit and appreciate we as a club can not financially compete with most at our level.
  12. Statto

    Josh MacDonald

    Remember, Josh was coming back from 12 months out with a Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury. I was reliably informed he dropped to the level he did, because it guaranteed him the competitive minutes he needed, and he was under the guidance of his old manager and advisor who could gauge exactly where Josh was at in his progress. By all accounts, everything so far is looking very encouraging, and his return is near.
  13. Statto

    Josh MacDonald

    Pretty sure it’s his road back. We don’t have a reserve side so it makes total sense to go away, get games, prove his fitness, and then be in contention when he returns.
  14. Statto


    Soul destroying weather conditions. The positive is, we got a point we probably didn't deserve. Forget and move on rob Solihull Moors now.
  15. "Jamie brings with him a vast recruitment network" If the above is true, it's an immediate improvement and a skill set we are going to need to rebuild this squad.
  16. Nicholson will be unveiled as our new manager
  17. The BOD need to get this decision right. Somebody who in the short term can get a reaction from the current group to stave off relegation, and in the medium to long term, have the ability to recruit and develop young players.
  18. Statto


    Is there a winger who does produce over 90 minutes? Wingers can only affect a game from an attacking perspective when they get the ball in the right areas (final third) and on the side they are vacating. To get wingers involved in a game, you need ball playing midfielders and a forward line which has the ability to hold the ball up. Our squad has neither the ball playing midfielders nor the forwards to hold the ball up so the wingers are always going to be pissing in the wind on a consistent basis. If they're not getting the ball or being actively involved for whatever reason, you ask them to work their socks off. I think Josh does that, and he probably doesn't get the credit he deserves for his defensive work. He worked tirelessly today!!
  19. Statto

    Adam Morgan

    Is Peniket better than what we have already got? 100% in my opinion.
  20. The team and manager are doing absolutely nothing different to when we were winning games. The difference is down to fine lines and a little luck. As ever, when points are dropped it highlights a host of perceived weaknesses I think it's fair to say, we dont have an expansive team of players who play possession football and dominate games, but we do have a group of players who give 100% every game (despite what others say) when in truth, hard work sometimes isn't enough to break teams down.
  21. No so long ago, we were winning games and 99% of us were shouting above the roof tops and Billy Heath was the messiah. Why do we get all twitchy when we go on bad run of form? It's madness
  22. Ever present this season I think. Heath obviously likes him or is it more of the fact we don't have any decent midfielders?
  23. How do you mute Mickey Thomas. What an irritating moron
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