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  1. The ref's already arrived for an early pitch inspection, just to be certain
  2. Graham Mitchell 4th left back row, looks like Robbie Painter 2nd right back row, Dean Martin front left? Front centre looks like Wayne Benn who played one game for us towards the end of John Bird's reign.
  3. Perhaps we could approach Jeff Stelling for sponsorship.
  4. "It's a completely different pitch than it was two hours ago"
  5. 10/01/1953. Town knocked out 1st Division Cardiff in the FA Cup 3rd Round. Derek Priestley, Eddie Murphy & Jimmy Moncrieff were the scorers, in front of a crowd of 23,162.
  6. to Paddy Roche. Did much to keep us in the league in the 1980s, and the club's leading purveyor of snacks in the 1990s.
  7. So if we ever fold again we could reform as "Halifax Thursday". Any trace yet of the covenant at Thrum Hall that was referenced in the mid-80s?
  8. At The Shay in 1981 when manager of Preston, sharing a joke with Town boss Mickey Bullock. RIP. 📸 Keith Middleton
  9. Hopefully they'll be impressed enough with his progress to send a couple more if required.
  10. Hartlepool have won their last 3 but opposition have had red cards in each match.
  11. It's the Noise Abatement Society enjoying a 3-2 win vs Colchester in 1959
  12. Merry Christmas everyone. Here's to usual service being resumed in 2021! 😄
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