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  1. If we'd been in the same position I would have stuck with the original club whoever was in charge. Directors, staff & players come & go but you support the club regardless of its temporary representatives, even though you may not like what's going on at any given time. We've got FCHT now but, for me anyway, it will never be the same as HTFC.
  2. Better to struggle in the FL every time. Anything to avoid being in this league.
  3. Not seen this before https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAdgqUlQgdI
  4. As I understand it, if it's a fixed period loan e.g. 1, 2 or 3 months, they can sell him. If it's a season-long loan as seems to be the case, they can only sell him with our agreement. Whether we would stand in his way is another matter.
  5. Halifax Courier photo of supporters helping to clear snow from the pitch 13/02/1978.
  6. Worked as a volunteer for Town for around 60 years. Won an award for it.
  7. Didn't think they could do that in what is effectively a season-long loan
  8. on loan https://www.stockportcounty.com/danny-lloyd-returns-to-county/
  9. It's not every day we're guaranteed to stay up
  10. Next week: celebrating the 40th anniversary of Town's defeat at Crewe.
  11. Have a drink before the match so you're Comfortably Numb
  12. Combined attendances of around 30,000 that Xmas
  13. Composite photo of The Shay almost 40 years ago. Stills taken from Match of the Day 28/11/1981 (Town vs Scunthorpe).
  14. According to Johnny Meynell's old testament full names were Francis David Shawcross & Arthur Matson Taylor. Odd that 'keeper Malcolm White wasn't on the photo as he was already at the club.
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