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  1. It's not every day we're guaranteed to stay up
  2. Next week: celebrating the 40th anniversary of Town's defeat at Crewe.
  3. Have a drink before the match so you're Comfortably Numb
  4. Combined attendances of around 30,000 that Xmas
  5. Composite photo of The Shay almost 40 years ago. Stills taken from Match of the Day 28/11/1981 (Town vs Scunthorpe).
  6. According to Johnny Meynell's old testament full names were Francis David Shawcross & Arthur Matson Taylor. Odd that 'keeper Malcolm White wasn't on the photo as he was already at the club.
  7. Two photos of Jim while at The Shay. Not sure who took them. The second is probably Courier.
  8. City fans watching the ball hit the net.
  9. Wonder if they'll try Maher there & put Staunton back in midfield. Maybe best to leave alone while currently keeping clean sheets.
  10. Some City fans want Pep sacked. Good job we're not that fickle
  11. Loan signing (from Everton) John Thomas on the right, who was to return 13 years later
  12. Yeovil to win it. Second promotion spot up for grabs. Shrewd use of the loan market & why not us?
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