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  1. The collection was sold to Andrew Pinfield, who has sold the photos to various people. I bought virtually all of the negatives from Andrew, and have since sold them onto somebody else for safekeeping after I had them professionally scanned. So the copyright if any is unknown. Does it lie with the owner of the original photos or the negatives? Or the club, who have kindly allowed me to use the photos on my Twitter account? In my experience Keith was happy for people to use his work provided he was credited. Many of these were on the photo-cd back in 2005 which was produced with Keith's assistance, although most of the ones for sale are printed from the re-scan from the negatives in 2012 so are of better quality.
  2. Would have been normally, but these aren't normal times. They're quite possibly more stable financially than many in League 2
  3. Especially if there will be a lot of midweek games because of a shortened season.
  4. Not saying we should sign any of them, but lots of familiar names released by York https://www.yorkcityfootballclub.co.uk/news/club/thirteen-players-be-released-retained-list-announced
  5. Hopefully Staunton can work on getting his attacking headers just under the crossbar instead of just over it. Could have been well into double figures last season.
  6. Your point is?! https://fineartamerica.com/featured/halifax-town-the-shay-east-stand-1-1970s-legendary-football-grounds.html
  7. Depends who has bought them and what they are prepared to invest in the club on an ongoing basis. At the moment the club relies purely on two people to top up regular cashflow. Is that sustainable to even stay where we are? If so, great. There was talk of a couple of interested parties towards the "end" of the regular season but nothing came of it.
  8. Would be nice, but difficult to pull off again in the current financial climate in anything like those numbers. That's not to say it shouldn't be attempted but realistically it may prove to be more of a lifeline than funds to move forward. The accounts showed large losses, only cushioned by the Vardy money, which now appears to have run out. Outside investment is required if we are to kick on. I suggested a share issue a few weeks ago. In my opinion it is time for that.
  9. Something to be said for that. As for retained list for next season, and others have seen far more games than I have, so happy to receive constructive criticism keep as priorities Johnson Duckworth Brown Maher Redshaw Clarke as squad player / coaching role. No surprise that most of that list are defenders. The rest depending on the funds available. I'm not sure who is under contract. We need more creativity. Cam King's great on his day but at least needs competition. Will he be tempted to return to Kings Lynn if offered the opportunity? I suspect some of the list above may be subject to them wanting to stay.
  10. Over to the board now to give Wild a competitive budget themselves or try for new investment.
  11. Didn't turn up second half. I didn't get my hopes up too high so not too downhearted. I had thought that our best hopes left when Rodney didn't return, but would he have made a difference on the meagre supply today? Now hope that Pete Wild gets a budget to bring his own players in, but the recently published accounts were worrying.
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