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  1. I haven't seen as many games as most on here but after 1/4 of the season we're 2 points off top & 3 points above 4th. I'd have taken that a month ago. We've lost to the 2 relegated teams, who have the parachute payment, and away at Wrexham where I think we've only won once in 30 years. All 3 of those can expect to be in and around the play-offs, as should we. I have confidence in Wild to add to our strikers if necessary, maybe on loan.
  2. Exotic names like Mark Hilditch & Eric Snookes
  3. Northampton. Ref was Joe Worrall, who was considered one of the best at the time.
  4. Yes he did after leaving Town
  5. Jack Haymer with Lammie Robertson, Les Massie & Bill Atkins 20 years ago. That would be some forward line in their heyday.
  6. Shaymus will know for certain, but I believe Buxton, Nicholl, Smith, Lee, Wallace, Massie & Meagan are still with us. Alex Smith was at The Shay last season but the match was rained-off.
  7. If we win on Saturday that would be a record of 8-1-1 Eerily reminiscent of our usual formations in recent years.
  8. That's one without Brown out of the way. Hopefully, with it mainly being one game a week after this, he may only miss a couple more.
  9. 15 points clear of the drop zone. The Town are staying up!
  10. Unexpected top 5 apart from Solihull.
  11. Modern day legend. We're lucky to have both centre-halves.
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