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  1. Its a statue, except its really him. No need to cast him in bronze as he never moved for his last 18 months with us.
  2. We've brought back Andy Thackray as team podiatrist, Dave Hanson and Jamie Murphy as physios and Mark Sertori as masseuse for the play offs?
  3. With the boy returning to school today we have...
  4. The goal is a thing of beauty.
  5. Juryeff

    Tom Nicholson

    Interesting that Heath himself thought he would get sacked if we didn't beat Chorley. Fullarton always said he was the manager not their mate. He said he didn't care if they hated him as long as they went on the pitch and did what he asked.
  6. I'll probably go halves with a mate again. If 2 of us were to attend every game it would save us plenty of money but still put money into the club.
  7. One of the worst players in the history of the new club.
  8. I was convinced at the end of January that we would finish 2nd or 3rd but having seen us at Torquay and home to ebbsfleet we'd have been lucky to finish top 7. Play off final always the aim though.
  9. I've had it in the diary since january.
  10. Burnley fans and even a man u fan in the background too.
  11. Leona Lewis covering run. Adele murdering everything but most especially make you feel my love.
  12. Juryeff


    Yes, the fantastic duo of Greenwood and Thomas really served the club well.
  13. Juryeff


    I doubt there is life in the courier at all but this series is the best thing any of their "journalists" has produced in about 10 years. I dont think I have read his book but it will be going on the list. What a genuinely great bloke he seems to be. The memories brought a tear to my eye.
  14. For my tactic to work you need a high line of engagement, full backs set to overlap and tackling set to "get stuck in". If I remember I'll screen shot my tactics later but if you do it you should get into the top half at least by the end of the season.
  15. I'm having problems having just secured my 2and consecutive promotion. The club still doesn't have a brilliant reputation so signing players for league 1 is proving difficult. Current formation is as follows- Sweeper keeper, preferably on loan. Duckworth and JBW wing backs with support function. 2 centre backs set as ball playing defender with defend function. Earing deep lying playmaker on the left of 2 centre midfielders. Nolan on the right as box to box midfielder Williams and Allen as wingers with support function. Cam King as shadow striker playing off the left. Rodney up front as advanced forward. Suggest a couple of loans if you can get them. Tyler Magloire at centre back, Toby Esder in midfield and Liam Cullen up front.
  16. There's a few to try but, first things first, have you got rid of Niall Maher? He causes problems if you dont because he doesn't play well and complains about not getting picked. 2nd, ditch the 442. Need to play 4231 or 532. Either way you need Nolan in as a central midfielder or box to box and Earing as deep lying playmaker or mezzala.
  17. What a great judge of a player John McGrath was.
  18. Think you need to read again Bubba.
  19. Paul Willis, went on to premier league with Leicester. Shaun Smith who played for crewe up to championship level. Cameron Jerome who we released in favour of erm... Matthew Hoyle.
  20. He said his knee used to swell up like a balloon after every game. He didn't know until he started training as a physio that he had a snapped cruciate ligament.
  21. Juryeff

    91/92 kit.

    Bit of an odd one I know but, why did we have 3 kits for the 1991/92 season? The first one looks like it was bought off a junior club but I really liked the other 2. The 90/91 kit was the best ever though.
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