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  1. Virgo hates us. End of. Hasn't got a clue.
  2. Juryeff


    Have you even read Browny's statement? Safe to say the relationship has certainly disappeared from his point of view.
  3. Juryeff


    And people thought Aspin didn't get on with some players. Clearly no love lost between Brown and Wild.
  4. Juryeff


    wound up with debts over 500k.
  5. He was with Sheff Wed until the age of 14 and got released. Went back to playing with his mates and joined Guiseley via college. They dropped lucky but their system offered the education and football mix that he was after.
  6. I believe they will be getting a few quid off Barnsley now. Jacob Brown, from Halifax, just signed for Stoke. Rumour has it £3m rising to £5m.
  7. Juryeff


    Torquay away the same weekend as this year. There's going to be a yorkshire wing at the travel lodge again.
  8. Its a no from me, for purely financial reasons. The house needs repointing.
  9. What chance Maher playing right back? Played there for Bolton and Bury.
  10. Make of that what you will.
  11. There's your left sided centre back.
  12. JBW lived at the 24hr McDonald's at Birstall didnt he?
  13. If i was playing in midfield under Keates I'd stop running too.
  14. Surprised Virgo went for Clarke. He never backs us to win and never gives us any credit at all.
  15. Juryeff

    A fourth!

    That's a surprise. RUEBEN Noble-Lazarus
  16. From the video he looks to have a bit more physical presence than Cam King. King a bit more cute and tried to ghost past players, this guy looks to be more bustle past.
  17. Both seem sound and viable to me. Makes sense to have people pay a more modest sum up front to get money in while also guaranteeing further funds during the season.
  18. Southwell was on £1200 a week. Hopefully this lad is on a little less but with a lot more productivity.
  19. You have to say next season will be the one we really need to judge the manager on. Yes he signed the majority of these players but he only had 7 days to put them together. This season, with his squad, we should see what he's all about. He talked about athletes which says to me that Cam King and JBW will be out the door. King through his health issues and JBW through pie eating. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds.
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