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  1. It’s Rikki Clarke of Surrey and it’s clearly fake.
  2. He pretty much does every time he speaks. Constantly whinging about money when he hasn’t physically invested any. The boreham wood guy has put in over £1m in 6 months. DB would keel over.
  3. Can’t help but think that it’s some sort of contractual obligation. The home kit is just that and the away kit and 3rd strip must be used away from home. Why else would we wear an orange kit against a team wearing red? Likewise there is no need to wear green tonight against another team wearing a red home strip.
  4. Didn't Rodney get 2 against Barnet last season.
  5. Juryeff


    The 98 team was kind of a perfect storm but, although there are similarities, I don’t think this team is quite there. That’s not to say I don’t think we’ll do well as I think we’ll finish between 7th and 11th. We’re missing a striker who we can rely on to fire us to the top end of the table throughout the season. You never know. Maybe Southwell will flourish under PW and be that guy.
  6. Clarke 6th minute. Header from a corner. Disallowed for a hand on the defenders shoulder.
  7. Shhh! Don’t tell everyone.
  8. So now we have a new manager let’s get down to the nitty gritty and ask... What’s the curry night going to be called? Pete’s pakora and pasanda night?
  9. Calm down. The team is in good hands. Tomorrow or even Wednesday is fine for the new manager. I’m more worried about bringing players in as, if we bring in a manager from outside, we might not take any of the triallists who have looked good. The new guy will likely want his own people.
  10. I’ve paid no postage and offered to pick up to save them postage costs. Whoever’s running the twitter (OT) needs to read the message before putting a standard response
  11. It’s impossible to like this enough. 100% right.
  12. Here’s a little something for those who profess to be “ITK”.
  13. It looks like Mr Fullarton was ruling with an iron fist. The shackles are well and truly off. What a refreshing change of direction.
  14. Has he been paid yet? Thought our lot were on 44 week contracts?
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