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  1. Shaymus


    The ref's decision is final. The correct one would have been a disallowed goal, a booking for Maradona, and a free-kick to England. The finger lies with the officials. As has been said above, Maradona simply got away with it, as did Thierry Henry for France v Republic of Ireland in 2009, and Joe Jordan for Scotland v Wales in 1977. As well as countless others. Francis Lee once scored a goal for Man City v Spurs which you can see on Youtube by punching the ball into the net. These other 'crimes' weren't done against England, hence people rarely talk about them.
  2. Shaymus


    The referee was the one who allowed his goal. Maradona did something so blatant, it was incredible he got away with it. Of course, scoring it against England seems to have made it almost a criminal act. Any other team, little fuss. He took a chance, reached the ball in the only way he could, but only lousy officiating made it what it became, a goal of legendary proportions, shading perhaps his other goal that day. Maradona was without doubt the greatest player of the Eighties and that's how he should be remembered. IMO.
  3. My step-daughter's entire class at school all sent home today to self isolate. Kids in school at the end of my street already isolating.
  4. Goal of the Season, too. Outlawed shortly afterwards, but then Peter Osgood teed up Jim McCalliog in another 'illegal' free-kick to knock Bradford City out of the Cup in 1976.
  5. Much the same was said of Jimmy Greaves.
  6. Shaymus


    But Bob Walker (I think it was) claimed it was costing too much to manufacture and came up with some 'classy' alternatives which looked to have been thought up by infants in a spare two minutes before home time.
  7. In a bid to regain his fitness, Clarke joined Halifax Town on loan in February 2008, making his debut at centre-half in a goalless draw with Stafford Rangers, helping the side to their first clean sheet since New Year’s Day. Clarke proved to be a class act in the heart of the defence and didn’t taste defeat until his seventh match with the Shaymen. He scored one goal, a powerful header in the 32nd minute which set Town on their way to a 3-1 win at Histon on 8 March 2008.
  8. I've still no idea. I know about the European Championships which I think we've qualified for. Where does the Nations League fit in and should I be upset we haven't qualified for whatever it's supposed to be?
  9. Such as? I'd genuinely like to know. Factual or mere hearsay?
  10. Don't know, I wasn't there. It has been mentioned before, but overall, he got more out of the players than his immediate predecessors. Why pick out one game?
  11. Promoted by Jim Harvey. I've heard it said by some that Jim Harvey was loathed by the players but not seen a shred of evidence, and the pictures that came out after the win at Wembley certainly refute that for me. Maybe if he'd brought in a player or two for the run-in, that could be laid at his door, but perhaps he thought the squad was good enough to get itself out of trouble having clawed its way back into the pack. His exit from the club was shambolic - there were whispers before the Wembley game and within hours of the new club's greatest triumph, social media was full of Billy Heath this
  12. And Phil Horner, who scored the two late goals.
  13. Habergham used to stand with me but I'm pretty sure he just ended his association with Halifax Town immediately following the North Shields FA Cup defeat. I don't recall seeing him after that match.
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