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  1. Harold Tetlaw and Jack Brown were the only members of this group actively involved when I first joined the Supporters' Club in 1983. I think there had been some sort of fall-out with Paul Wrigley, Booey and Zeb before I joined, because they weren't involved then. The chairman was future councillor and mayor John Hardy, Harold was treasurer, though I think Steve Kell took over the role, and Jack Brown worked on the car park on match days. Reg Eastwood didn't do anything (he may have had the title as president), though he used to get free tickets for matches, I believe. Dave Allinson helped with the car wash until our defeat by Whitby Town. Lawrie Plumbe was around, Dave Dibb, Richard Hanson, Mick Lord, as well as Brenda England and Glenda Southernwood. It was only a small bunch. I worked on the car wash (on one occasion totally on my own for nearly three hours), and collected money off visiting supporters and non-members on the door of the Sporting Club on matchdays. Happy days. We did guess the gate, but I don't recall any major Christmas raffles or anything big. I got into Sunday football in 1984 and by the time I got involved with the supporters' club again in the early Nineties, Derek Newis was chairman and there were regular guests at the monthly meetings, usually held in the NALGO Bar, Northgate House.
  2. Yet some will say he was a major problem, if you believe some of those on here. They're always happy to take certain players' viewpoints to back up their own argument, but not everyone's. Harvey worked wonders and came within a width of a post to keeping us up. Can't believe someone on here saying was it Harvey or the players who gave us that day at Wembley. Harvey picked the team.... Had we stopped up, would Harvey have been the miracle worker or still the problem? DB had Billy Heath lined up before the final and his handling of Harvey was a disgrace. So Billy Heath got us back up...was it him, or the players, though? Can't have it both ways, can you?
  3. That's the whole point. Some don't want to. It's a worldwide problem. As has been pointed out in other circles, there really only two types of people - good and bad. I fall into the first.
  4. What do you mean? Are you suggesting that one day racism will disappear? I'd like it to but fear it never will. Please elaborate as to why it's an ignorant statement.
  5. You got to the messageboard before me. That's my stance exactly. There doesn't have to be a political agenda to be anti-racist, that is true, but by making such a statements, and demanding change, it can only come from the top, so therefore, logically, government and protests become intertwined. But I will not have Hoddie or anyone saying that certain people must be part of the problem because they don't want to attach themselves to a movement such as BLM. Of course black lives matter, we're all as important as anyone else. The UK is far more tolerant as far as I can see and black and ethnic minorities are given more opportunities today than they've ever had. When I started supporting Halifax Town over forty years ago, we had no black players in the first team, and the only one on the books was Tony Rowe, a friend of mine on social media. In sport, athletics, football, politics, television, in all walks of life, black and ethnic people represented greater than they've ever been. 'Coronation Street', as bad as it's been over recent years, had a a very powerful episode around a month ago, when the head of a black family tackled a white man who was clearly racist. It was very emotive, and a brilliant message was delivered. Racism is sickening, but you'll never eradicate it, especially in America. The next election over there should be interesting, and if the American people have anything about them, Donald Trump will be history this time next year.
  6. So does that mean, if a player doesn't want to wear a BLM shirt simply because he feels he doesn't want politics being brought into sport, he must be a racist? And he's also part of the problem? Bollox.
  7. Scooby Doo could be next up because Shaggy is a rotten representation of the sex industry.
  8. No more Rule Britannia at Last Night of the Proms!
  9. I've heard they can congratulate each other elbow to elbow, but everyone's all over everyone in the box. Ridiculous.
  10. A friend of mine worked in the boardroom. When the Brighton delegate came in pre-match and their chairman asked him, 'Alright?', my friend said he was feeling nervous. The chairman patted him on the shoulder and replied, 'You'll be alright tonight.' True story. Believe what you want but there's a train of thought that the result was contrived.
  11. I've often thought that. Very soft goal. And Geoff looked a mile offside.
  12. Shaymus

    Euro 1996

    Only going forward. Which, to be fair, was the direction they were usually going to take the pressure off. For all Jeff Astle got lambasted for missing an open goal, the fact is, the Brazilians couldn't cope with him after he came on.
  13. Yes, but Radio Ronnie was wired up!
  14. 1945 v Chesterfield as part of a montage of football in Second World War.
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