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  1. The problem with Helli was that he was a fan who was also working, and therefore representing the club, albeit on a voluntary basis. He often forgot when he was supposed to be one or the other.
  2. It was the previous season. I saw it, too. Jim Vince was manager and grabbed hold of Helli to try and calm him down.
  3. He has a fantastic collection on Youtube, though where he's getting it all from, I don't know.
  4. Only 14 Halifax Town players (1911-2008) have a surname with an X in it, and only two with the new club.
  5. Yes, they brought a lot of fun into the game. Greavsie was a scream, often The Saint did well to stop his own laughter. I used to tape the programme if I was working, which used to be alternate Saturdays.
  6. I'm on your side, but know from personal experience the grudges felt by outlying towns of Brighouse and Todmorden, who always felt that nothing regarding finance ever went to them and all the council income was spent in Halifax. So the leisure centre (Tod) and swimming pools at Brighouse & Sowerby Bridge were welcomed.
  7. Yes, and that after three consultation exercises (two Labour, one Conservative) with the people of Calderdale asking whether or not they wanted a new library. The last one, if memory serves me right, didn't actually ask the outright question of do you or don't you, but put it in such a way so people could not give the definite answer. The overriding feeling from the responses was one of 'keep it where it is' but Barry Collins and his crew had other ideas, and before you knew it, the new library was being built, a bit of a walk and a struggle for the elderly, but hey, which councillors cared? T
  8. Yes, Solihull away. Town met Charlton in the next round.
  9. Thank you for your efforts. I trawled the wonderweb, too. Not sure how I was aware of the two missed penalties but I found that out from somewhere.
  10. Many thanks for that, very helpful. Was the second penalty after the goal? I'm just trying to cobble something together for next week and I'm bereft of a match report for this game.
  11. Yes, he ended up with this! It's a humorous tale he told me about how he came to sign for Liverpool. John Toshack was set to leave for Leicester so Shankly was looking for a replacement, and having watched Waddle for Town, decided he might do. Waddle, of course, had scored the crucial goal at Walsall that sealed Town's safety from the drop into the Fourth Division but to help supplement his wages in the summer was working at the Ravenscar Hotel near Scarborough when Shankly enquired with George Mulhall about his availability. George had to ring Waddle at the hotel and told him to get to Leeds
  12. Does anyone have a clear recollection of this match? Town won 1-0 with a goal courtesy of Danny Holland, but it was also a game in which Town missed two penalties. Tom Baker hit one against the bar. My questions are; who missed the other, was Tom Baker's kick that hit the bar the first of the two penalties, and did Holland score after both penalties were missed? Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Yes. Two games after this one, Town beat Bradford City 4-0 then went on a run of ten without a win, a run which coincided with the arrival of the mercurial George Whitelaw.
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