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  1. Shaymus

    Fred Smith

    Just heard that former Town full-back Fred Smith has died. He joined us in September 1974 after playing in America, making four appearances before being released by manager Johnny Quinn. He started out with Burnley before spending three seasons with Portsmouth.
  2. The man who thought up the idea of ice skating at The Shay was Halifax Town secretary Norman Howe. His death was announced in the Halifax Courier today. He was 93.
  3. How did you get to hear about it? Was it word of mouth or was there something in the Green Final?
  4. Wish I'd have known. The skating episode to be featured on Calendar, probably tomorrow.
  5. Do we have any folk on this messageboard who took part in the ice skating at The Shay in March 1963, or happen to know of anyone who is still around who did?
  6. He should have played in the 1975 European Cup Final, but Jimmy Armfield gave the old boys one last 'hurrah' and McKenzie was left on the bench.
  7. Not condoning any of this, but Hunter had already split Lee's lip off camera in the initial scuffle. Having both been sent off, Lee took Hunter by surprise, and that's why he was reeling, as anybody would do. Leeds were often labelled as dirty, and 'cheat' was a word often associated with them, but let's be honest, Franny Lee was the biggest diver in the game at the time, as seen in this clip when Derby were awarded a penalty. That's what started the whole episode, as Lee had gone down again in the second half, leading to the first altercation. Hunter talks about this in his book. He said something to Lee and they squared up, so Hunter hit Lee before Lee hit him. On the way off the pitch, none of Lee's blows actually landed, so to assume Hunter got a good seeing to, as many have suggested on social media, is a bit wide of the mark. Hunter was a hard tackler - not a fighter. Franny Lee was a poacher in the box and a penalty expert - scoring them ('Lee-one pen' as it would say in the classified results in the papers) as well as winning them. When they appeared before an FA Commission, Hunter was let off and Lee handed a four game ban and a £200 fine. Not sure of the state of their relationship after, but for many years they had been team mates for England.
  8. An elderly lady I visit decided to contact Wiltshire Farmfoods, to have her meals delivered. She rang their number, only to be told that she was 51st in the queue.
  9. 'Saturday Sport'. Here's the TV listings from Saturday 2 February, 1963. Incidentally, there were only four games played that day, all in the bottom two tiers. Games were played at Swindon, Torquay and Oldham. I think the Brighton v Town match was chosen as it was the closest ground to London, and the cameras hot-footed it to Brighton. The BBC were scheduled to show West Brom v Leicester and Luton v Sunderland.
  10. I knew there was footage out there. I believe the West Yorkshire Archive have some. I once saw a glimpse on Calendar - just a few seconds - but I've never seen all that before.
  11. I believe he still lives in flats at Sowerby Bridge. Not been to The Shay in years, though.
  12. The lad fourth from right looks like Dave Dibb.
  13. Yellow team. Back row; Paul McCormack, David Johnson, Terry McDermott, Joe Corrigan, Jim Brown, Frank Worthington, Frank Worthington jnr, Bob Worthington. Front; Alan Hudson, Emlyn Hughes, Alan Kennedy, Dave Worthington, Craig Fleming. Striped team. Back row; John Platt, Brian Taylor, Bob Wardell, Dave Verity, Eric Harrison, Trevor Cherry. Front; Billy Ayre, Les Chapman, Don Shanks, John Robertson, Jim McCalliog, Billy Bremner. Game played 11 May 1989. Frank Worthington's X1 7 Jim McCalliog's X1 5. Referee Trevor Simpson.
  14. Your Francis Lee is Billy Bremner. Yellow shirt, front left is Alan Hudson.
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