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  1. I've just been informed that Roy 'Lofty' Lorenson passed away last night. He was something of a legend in his day, serving Halifax Town well for nine seasons. An uncompromising centre-half, he featured in the early rounds of the epic FA Cup run of 1952-53, scoring in the first round replay victory at Ashton United, but missing out in the games against Cardiff, Stoke and Tottenham. Roy went on to make 236 first team appearances and scored eight goals for the club, totals which would have been greater had he not missed two years through his time doing his National Service. He moved to Tranmere R
  2. So where's everybody picking it up from if everyone's following Government guidelines? Mmm.
  3. Shaymus

    1000 Fans

    You're absolutely right. I'm not getting a season ticket and if I fear there's little chance of getting in on the day I just won't bother trying.
  4. I don't know who came up with the title 'The Shaymen Shout' but it was unnecessary and looks and sounds very silly. IMO.
  5. A 3-2 defeat, six days after we'd beaten Huddersfield 2-1.
  6. Did they not do a track and trace, or take people's temperatures, on the way in?!
  7. Yet Don Revie urged his players to settle down as quickly as possible - a stable home life, and all that.
  8. I've just heard that Nigel Walker won't be home for tea!
  9. I remember Knocker as manager of the Shay Hotel side. Actually, his lad Paul Norcliffe played for us at Prospect Inn and actually scored in that game to which I referred. I remember the original Shay Hotel side, formerly William Deighton, which seemed to have some real rough-necks playing for them. I played for Halifax Sporting Club when we formed our team in 1984. The first match was a friendly v Shay Hotel on Savile Park, on one of the pitches opposite St Jude's. There were no goal posts, so we used tall poles, with no crossbar. Shay Hotel won 4-0, and the pub landlord Winston Hey walked on
  10. I'd like to know what the FA rules are, if any, about gender. If a woman was something akin to a world beater, what would actually stop her from being selected for a team in the Premier League, for arguments sake, if the manager felt they were good enough. Over centuries, football was seen to be played at mainstream level by men, though women's football was very popular before the war. But there were never any questions asked about mixing teams. Does the FA rule book specifically say that teams in the accepted pyramid of English football should be made up of men only? We have female referees o
  11. Saturday teams were putting up their own posts in the mid-Nineties at Savile Park. I had a brief association with Boothtown and played when available on Saturdays. The posts were permanently up at Roils Head during the times I played up there on Sunday mornings - 1984 - 2000 - before the Council found a convenient loophole regarding playing on Sundays at Savile Park, at the same time they were trying to flog the land at Roils Head. After they failed to sell it, they kept two or three pitches available to hire - the one immediately outside the changing rooms, and the old cricket pitch site on t
  12. I remember playing for Prospect Inn against Shay Hotel at Hullen Edge. We led 3-0, 3-2, 4-2, then crumbled and lost 5-4, a result which affected our manager so much that he allegedly had slight heart tremors and went straight home to recover without going to the pub! The last two goals were almost identical - flick-ons from a long throw. Jonny Cavanagh, who played for Pressers Arms on a Saturday, played in that match but I can't remember any other of the Shay Hotel players. It was the 1990-91 season. Were you playing and do you remember the match?
  13. Had there not been the outrage over Jack Grealish's original omission from the squad, and Harry Maguire's alleged indiscretions, I wouldn't have known England were playing - certainly didn't know when they were kicking off, at what time and who against. League of Nations match, apparently - what exactly is this? I'm lost. Of the game, my daughter informed me that it was like watching paint dry. That was before the injury time shenanigans, which sounded very exciting.
  14. Spiffing idea. I'll recommend it to the house.
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