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  1. Yes, but what wouldn't you give for a local derby with the men from Spotland these days?! The pie and peas in the Church were worth the visit alone. Up the Dale!
  2. They scored in the first minute, not a penalty. Spooner's second was, though.
  3. I saw him score an extra-ordinary goal for Town at Tranmere. Hit his shot low along the ground, it hit a piece of hard loose turf, and the ball flew into the top corner.
  4. I think this may be it, Wednesday 6 September 1967, beat Lincoln City 5-2 (HT 2-1). Town's team was; Hayes, Branner (I think), Bodell, Blyth, Hampton, R Lee, Skrgskecki (I think), Greaves, Reeves, J Lee, McCarthy. Lincoln City: Adlard, Emmingham, York, Lancester, Hubbard, Pilgrim, Mason, Wells, Fletcher, Samuel, Hawley. Town scorers: J Lee, Greaves, Reeves, McCarthy (2). No attendance given in this old notebook, hand-written by whichever Halifax Courier reporter it belonged to (probably Bill Carter). Hope this is the right game. Ivan Hampton certainly in there, not sure which one's you, but I'm guessing you weren't Dick or Jeff Lee, Norman Bodell, Ian Blyth, or Phil McCarthy.
  5. Was that in a reserve match? I have all the details of every reserve match for that period.
  6. He was nicked by a former Halifax Town manager, too, in Harry Hooper. Frank played in Halifax Town's FA youth team before Dave and Bob broke through.
  7. Already got my copy!
  8. About right. He let the game flow when he could, went back and booked someone after play was broken up, did OK for the majority of the game for me.
  9. Shaymus


    Featured heavily in this book here; http://theforgottenfifteen.co.uk/
  10. Brian Redfearn's funeral will take place at Rawdon Crematorium on Wednesday, 28 August at 11.40am. His son Neil has said that anyone is welcome to go and pay their respects.
  11. Alex Raisbeck to Chester in 1936. Surprised you can't remember.
  12. Obviously before my time, but I've just read a report of that game. Swindon (whose side included Ernie 'donkey kick' Hunt and Mike Summerbee) went 3-0 up in the second half. Barry Tait pulled one back in the 70th minute and it wasn't until the last ten minutes of the game that the fightback was really on. Tait completed his hat-trick and then Brian Redfearn crashed home the winner in the last minute.
  13. Sad to hear that former Town winger Brian Redfearn died on Saturday, aged 84. Played for Town between 1961-63. Also father of Neil Redfearn, who also played for Town some forty years later.
  14. The league table doesn't lie. The title is ours to lose!
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