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  1. The club was galvanised by the arrival of dual football/cricket international Willie Watson.
  2. The lads enjoyed it so much they want to come up for a game next season, so hopefully you won't have to wait another ten years.
  3. £40, or £35 for season ticket holders. It's a midday start for those who didn't know. Eight of the side that featured against City will be in attendance, plus other squad members.
  4. Shaymus

    Chris Wilder

    I write all mine. And buy a programme to read them.
  5. Confirmed attendees for the match with Maidenhead United on 18 January; skipper Dave Evans, goalkeeper John Kilner, Geoff Hutt, Dave Harris, goalscorer Paul Hendrie, John Smith, Andy Stafford, Malcolm Goodman, Vernan Allatt, Kevin Johnson, as well as family members of manager George Kirby and winger Franny Firth. There are still places available for anyone wanting to dine pre-match and catch up with these lads who gave Halifax Town its most famous victory.
  6. 1980 - Paul Hendrie 5th January Manchester City (h) FA Cup W 1-0.
  7. I've seen that article. Absolutely no truth that the pitch was waterlogged - they were trying to get the water off it! Don't know where that story came from.
  8. Lights not powerful enough for the TV cameras. You can read all about this game in the next issues of Backpass and When Saturday Comes, or you could even meet the players themselves when they are guests of the club for the match with Maidenhead on 18th January.
  9. Pep's contract expires at the end of next season. City will become just one of the next five or six vying for Champions League places. No Aguero, David Silva, and relying on Stones and Walker. No chance. Liverpool's youngsters showed that their future is very bright indeed. IMO.
  10. Couldn't agree more. There was a time when the FA Cup was THE cup to win - it had all the glamour, and when a First Division team was toppled by a minnow, it really was a big story (as with Town and Man City). Cup Final day was the biggest event in the footballing calendar - then the money and men in grey suits ruined it all and convinced others that the money's with the Premier League and Europe, and that what they think it's all about. It's a disgrace.
  11. Unbelievable, Jeff. It got a mention on Sport on Two, with the words from the presenter, 'Spare a thought for Halifax Town. A week ago they were beating Manchester City in the FA Cup, today they've been beaten by Crewe, bottom of the Fourth Division.'
  12. Most of the players from the Town team that performed those cup heroics will be back at The Shay on the 18th v Maidenhead - confirmed John Kilner, Geoff Hutt, Dave Harris, Paul Hendrie, John Smith, Andy Stafford, Malcolm Goodman, plus a few other guests. Should be a day to remember, as it was exactly forty years ago today when Paul Hendrie was probably sticking the ball in the net around this exact time. Best day ever following Town for me.
  13. Shaymus

    Guess Who

    Keith Nuttall, Ryk Adams.
  14. You mean coaches have coached the winger out. Utter nonsense.
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