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  1. Merry Christmas shaymen fans,, let's get to stockport tomorrow support the boys and make some noise like county and Chesterfield away. Performances might not be the best at min were all in it together let's stop moaning and get behind the team starting tomorrow. Up The SHAYMEN
  2. FCHT210883

    Notts County

    Get the drum at the back and let's make some noise and cheer boys onto a win
  3. Good luck to Pete at grimsby body language says it all. Shame our fans havent turned up in voice and support tonight
  4. Imagine down the side. Hopefully more than 400 for a local game. Let's get there and get some noise made and support the boys to a win. Keep the faith. Come on Shaymen
  5. How many people think we will take tonight. I know were not playing well but still 4th in league and big game. We should be taking 700 tonight
  6. Said that from first few weeks. We still miss a kosoylo someone who looked like he could score a goal. I think if wild would bring players in he would but it will be limited from BOD which has been the problem last few years.
  7. FCHT210883


    Some very bitter fans. Probably lot better then what we have now least he could create chances
  8. How many will we take tonight. Let's make some noise. Come on Shaymen
  9. Told me 4.15 when rung up but thought would be on. Blue sky now at Wembley
  10. That is ridiculous I am going in the home end.
  11. First decent comment seen on here for a while. Bosomworth needs to go no ambition at all.
  12. To be honest we should easy be bringing 500 to this game. Our away support gone poor this season.
  13. Totally agree be better cheering team on instead of singing heath out and were s##t. Clueless them stood at front
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