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  1. We played them in the FA cup so he probably did
  2. It is definitely getting better. 1st half was top notch from the lads.
  3. Right this is a different manager who might play decent stuff or actually knows what his best team is after so many games. He also might start playing two up front. Just for your information I do not proceed to insults against anybody.
  4. People people already getting on his back and taking a dislike to him. Just get behind him and the assistant and be there on Saturday when the team need support.
  5. Any Football League experience?
  6. Steve Evans wouldn't get this job as he would want too much money. Not only that he will want half time refreshments and food(Burgers, hot dogs or even chips) before, half time and at the end of the game.
  7. Best performance so far. Just getting unlucky
  8. indeed but DB said he might be talking to someone who is already managing a club.
  9. Thanks for the idea Lewis Walsh!
  10. Who is Not Hoddie!!! Keeps giving me warnings for no reason at all!
  11. I'm sorry but why have I been given a warning by "Not Hoddie" ??? well we do play better football but it's still crap
  12. Well when we played them in the friendly they played better football than us until they had a man sent off and even parts after that too. Despite the score
  13. It can't be any worse than what Aspin makes us watch!!!!!!!
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