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  1. I will have George Wild and Kevin Roberts please. Will transfer the money now. Ta Rik
  2. Very very sad news. RIP too young and a great talent. Wonderful player scored some class goals !
  3. I just read the Wayne Rooney article on bbc football. He said, After the emergency meeting, at last the right decision was made - until then it almost felt like footballers in England were being treated like guinea pigs. "I know how I feel. If any of my family get infected through me because I've had to play when it's not safe, and they get seriously ill, I'd have to think hard about ever playing again. I would never forgive the authorities. Sorry Wayne i get your point but you poor guys earn an absolute mint whilst we have to go to work. I work at a University where i have no chance at all of been off unless i catch it.
  4. I went to the game and the players commitment is not an issue as they all looked really frustrated. The realism is we are just not clicking at the moment and many of our players would do really well in other teams some at a higher level. We are missing a creative mid fielder and CB big time. With these and the currant squad i believe we would challenge
  5. Completely agree with you on this. There was a thread a bit back asking why the crowds are low for Calderdale. Games like these are the reason why. Football and any sport that you pay to watch is supposed to be entertaining and the reason you pay is because you probably could not do it yourself. When the standered though is low it does not attract people. Good opportunity today missed.
  6. Sorry but thats my business not yours! I wouldn't wear it so may as well go to a bigger fan that can add it to a collection.
  7. It wasn't that cheap but i can't say how much as i may sell it. It was an implulse buy!
  8. It was brilliant. I bought the jacket could not resist it plus it is mint unworn!
  9. I got a blast from the past yesterday. Went to a charity shop in Leeds and saw this jacket! Must be from the 1980s. I had many a happy day down the shay as a kid watching the footy and the speedway.
  10. shaymanrik

    Why is it ?

    Nice for the kids but no probably not enough. Bon Jovi tribute act would be good! Seriously though its the whole package that needs looking at and the thread is about this. Why not try a crossbar challenge or something similar
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