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  1. Of course i want nothing back but my 10 quid would be spent rather quicky ha ha
  2. Be good to get an investor plus a good new player funded by the fans
  3. Couldn't someone set up a crowdfunding page? Lots of shaymen all over the place home and abroad. I would put a donation in.
  4. We are not far off having a really good team. I agree TSS had his back to goal and arse on the floor to much, Earing has the potential to be much better just needs more confidence, the subs came on and the game was much better. I have total faith in Pete Wild to sort this out. Redshaw looks quality
  5. Good point but 'Barmy Army' beats that hands down
  6. Yep the football needs to catch up a bit
  7. I went to a game this year and ohhhh Hali Hali, Hali Hali Hali Halifax was so loud I thought the footy is missing a noise like this.
  8. I hate to say this but the Rugby fans are a lot more vocal with less fans
  9. There used to be a lot more songs as well back in the day.
  10. After watching Yeovil at the Shay when they beat us i thought they will be up there at the end of the season. Really want the shaymen to be promoted but i got them at 44-1 to win the league with a £10 stake!
  11. Not good times for Chesterfield at the moment. This is what one of their fans has put in their forum I'm done ! Walked out obviously hope we win 3-2 and look like an idiot but don't think it will happen You can see it in their eyes ladies and gentlemen forget weather they are not good enough they don't care they are not interested and they are not playing for each other this lot just turn up play and win draw or lose they get in their cars and go home and do not give a sh"t and they don't give a damn about me and you If we carry on like this it's over for good I'm walking away from the ground now and could genuinely cry the damage that had been done to my club is off the scale but I won't cry for them because trust me they have no heart no desire and no shame they don't hurt when they lose and if they say they are its all lies lies lies God help you CFC I will always love you but your breaking my heart Goodnight Must be really bad to leave before half time at only 2- 0 down
  12. FC Halifax Town HOME NEWS GO BACK LATEST NEWS INTERVIEWS COMMERCIAL NEWS LEAGUE NEWS U19S FIXTURES & RESULTS GO BACK FIRST TEAM FIXTURES & RESULTS FIRST TEAM LEAGUE TABLE U19S FIXTURES & RESULTS U19S LEAGUE TABLE VANARAMA LEAGUE FIXTURES & RESULTS TEAMS GO BACK FIRST TEAM U19S THE 100 CLUB FANS & COMMUNITY GO BACK SUPPORTERS' CLUB JUNIOR FANS SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH AFC HALIFAX DISABLED SUPPORTERS DEVELOPMENT AND ACADEMY COMMUNITY & SCHOOLS PROGRAMME CLUB GO BACK GUIDE TO THE SHAY WHO'S WHO COMMUNITY CLUB STATISTICS MBI SHAY STADIUM DISABILITY INFO FLARES FACT SHEET CONTACT US TICKETS & HOSPITALITY COMMERCIAL SHOP Wrexham v Halifax Town AUDIO COMMENTARY NEWS AUDIO COMMENTARY AUDIO COMMENTARY COVERAGE POSTED BYFC HALIFAX TOWN POSTED ONTHU 15 AUG 2019 POSTED INAUDIO COMMENTARY The club has been made aware of some comments made with reference to our match-day commentary provision. Our comms equipment was purchased when we were part of the FLi website deal which allowed us to use a sim card and provide commentary via a phone as the majority of Conference National clubs did not provide ISDN lines for visiting Clubs. Since we moved to our new independent site, the commentary is provided with the same equipment but we have to commentate via the web rather than via a phone line. Therefore, we phone a SKYPE number and then use MIXLR to broadcast the SKYPE call. This relies on a reliable internet connection which depends on the ground we’re visiting. We constantly review our commentary service but unfortunately we can’t legislate for the the quality of internet at each individual ground. 'We realise that we won’t always please everyone but can assure you we’re doing our best with the resources available to us' With greatest respect if you are offering a service for fans you should upgrade to better kit and not just be reliant on internet service providers at another ground. Shame for the fans who can't make it to an away game for whatever reason.
  13. I will send an email to Fc Halifax as well
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