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  1. https://open.spotify.com/episode/0cmxBFUKnjEBSSb5DwNNNC?si=my0S73nQTXqI5WbGxe6QdQ
  2. imagine if Greggs signs for Huddersfield and scores **** loads of goals......gets picked for England for world cup! ha ha!2 Shaymen up front for our world cup!
  3. Let's be honest we don't have a scooby do how we are going to do this season,we might have some good players but we might not play as a team,it's all about how the players gel and become good team mates etc,we've just got to hope aspin pulls it out of the bag again,we have no reason to doubt that he can't get us playing and pushing on again,he's never let is down before -yes last season died a slow death,but he knows that as well as us,and he's had a clear out and brought in his next batch,all we have to do is look forward to the season and get behind the lads,all day not worry about any other teams.
  4. I do think we was lucky we were playing another part time team tho,we would of been punished if we would of played the likes of Wrexham Lincoln etc But who cares we got the points!
  5. Good gritty performance,proud of the boys tonight, enjoying this beer on the way home!come on shaymen
  6. Hopefully going down tonight if I finish work in time,working in Peterborough so half way there,does anybody know of any parking near the ground.cheers
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