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  1. 20 pages on a Town forum about Rugby League. Whodathowtit?
  2. That must be you Pete?

  3. A great away win, a clean sheet again, out of the bottom four and there's a thread like this. Get to the boozer and celebrate you miserable beggars. If you're old enough!
  4. You started it! Blah! Blah! Blah!
  5. Aye, do that. Along with the list of businesses owed £2,000,000 by Town. Grow up! :-(
  6. Not so long ago Halifax had a Football League club, a Super League cluband a Rugby Onion club flying up the divisions. Now all are in lower, don't mean owt leagues and we all argue with each other. At the end of the day we are a half hearted town and we end up with half hearted hopes and ambitions. Until we can find someone with drive, ambition and more importantly a bit of brass we'll continue to bobble along underneath the likes of Wakefield and Hartlepool.
  7. Correct. But then if FCHT are a new club, who are the squatters? :-)
  8. I'm a Town fan and indeed I wish Fax well and am pleased they seem to be turning the corner.
  9. It's quite easy to pay your rent when you're writing Two million pounds worth of debt off I should think.
  10. If Rugby League is so awful, inferior, pointless and downright not worth a mention, why do you keep mentioning it?
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