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  1. People must be getting bored on here! we have never in the New club days announced season ticket deals as early as we did! great prices but why would you buy in May or June, most have always been bought in July! I would think a lot of true Yorkshire men would use the 4 month deal! All should take advantage of the 2 Free U12 offer and get the kids down the Shay!
  2. John Pickering if I remember held the most appearances for the old club 400+ I think! great guy finished his live coaching kids at Middlesbrough Academy! Died some 15 years ago?
  3. Big D

    Matty Brown

    He is in my eyes Mr Halifax Town! has been since Macca moved on!
  4. Wasn’t pre season as It was an International break, will try and find out on Saturday but don’t think they watched much of the game!
  5. Archie Taylor!! playing on the wing with Flair Suited him?
  6. Vardy had a very tough first year at Leicester on and off the field! the step up in playing and what he was earning were behind him wanting to pack in after his first season! he came to the Shay on an International weekend off with a couple of mates! they were smashed and even worse by end of the game, a bit like Gaza and his hangers on! Vards dropped about 4K on the floor an estimated by someone who would know nort me! one of his mates neared his ass to the diners! He owes a lot to Pearson convincing him that he was good enough and to sort his life out!! the rest is history and a happy ending to a lad with real pace could head the ball and used both feet! if only he had signed for Arsenal we would have been quids in!!!
  7. Great news!! Have to say very surprised, but well done BOD, thought they might have played things out and save money! shame wasn’t announced earlier could have put a few more on the crowd! but good news!
  8. He is a young lad and from the south so makes sense from his point of view!
  9. Ferry played youth team st Brentford and is Stevenage player, Southern Lad! just a loan to end of season! makes sense, probs had enough of the house in Leeds?
  10. Big D

    Could be worse !

    Get Mcleish down to parliament to solve Brexit! hes doing a great job getting Scotland out of Europe!
  11. In July I had David Chadwick and 18 of his family visit the Shay, on aUK tour from the States! Dave got player of the season in early 70’s! he couldn’t believe that our surface was REAL grass, it was perfect, they must of asked the same question 6 times!! He never played on a surface that good in his day, speedway track and all! How things can change or be changed!!
  12. Big D

    The pitch

    The last time it was called off was an evening match and the ref deemed it fit until he decided doing his warm up that it was freezing and becoming dangerous! The pitch drains better than ever before and Ref has bowed to Away team! Unbelievable!!
  13. Big D

    The pitch

    Unbelievable I live 10mins walk from the Shay and have just cut my grass as it was bone dry! Cant believe an away team can have that influence after ref declared it fit an hour before! strong wind and sunshine drying it!!
  14. Big D

    The pitch

    Still got 2 hours in this wind to help it! Doesn’t really matter B Frocks will ruin it tomorrow anyway lots of rain and snow tonight and tomorrow!!
  15. Big D

    The pitch

    Weather half mile from the Shay, sunny 7c and strong wind dried my road and all the house roofs 2.5 hours to KO so all should be ok, 3 more points only thing that could be in doubt!! lets hope for a perfect week!
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