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  1. Marine sold over 25000 tickets at £10 a pop!! I reckon that’s over 4 season’s worth of ticket revenue for Brighouse Town, who are in the same division. Marine likely to put it towards a 4G pitch so all their teams (ie women and juniors) can play their matches at the the ‘Marine Travel Stadium.
  2. My input to this thread is nearly at an end as I’m running out of fingers, thumbs and toes to count on............
  3. 16 in 11 league matches now
  4. If you’re not watching The Shaymen online, Briggus Town will be looking to follow up last Saturday’s 2 nil win v Pontefract Collieries when they unexpectedly host Buxton in the FA Trophy 3rd qualifying round. Briggus were reprieved after losing at Kendal in the 2nd qualifying round as the Mintcakemen played 2 ineligible players who are on loan from Carlisle United. Not only has this landed Briggus the home tie v Buxton, they’re also £1,100 better off as 2nd round winners money is £1,500 as opposed to the £400 they expected to receive for losing. **Kendal have the right to appeal but this is th
  5. Indeed it is - the glitz and glamour of Pontycarlo will descend upon the Lightcliffe road out of Hove Edge tomorrow!!
  6. A match report here!! http://redirect.viglink.com/?key=71fe2139a887ad501313cd8cce3053c5&subId=2448479&u=https%3A//www.nonleaguematters.co.uk/forums/index.php%3Fthreads/monday-12th-october-2020.2852/
  7. Thanks for all the lovely messages! Rather hoping The Shaymen bypass Bratfud this winter...... Briggus one up after 2 mins but 2-1 down after 8!! Another penalty, another big crowd, 100% effort from every player and 2 goals in 2 mins to draw level at 3-3 before a late winner for the table topping Geordies. At least I won the 1st prize in the half-time draw, a fruit and veg hamper (no mention of the word ‘fresh’ on the ticket!) Next home match a week on Saturday 24th v Pontycarlo
  8. I don't recognise these "dog botherers!!!!!!!" Yes, 'tis me. I'm a bit of a throw back to the days when if you went to watch The Shaymen on a Friday evening and The Terriers on a Saturday afternoon, people didn't think you were a moron or wanted to punch you (I'm aware that there was plenty of that back then, just never my scene.) I still come to The Shay at pretty much every opportunity I can. But I'm first and foremost a 3rd generation Huddersfield Town fan (my son and daughter are now the 4th, poor buggers!!) Twice I have made the wrong decision as to which HTAFC (or now FCH
  9. Quite a few Shaymen there on Saturday - spotted a few hats and shirts. And the match was as full of incident and goals as last Monday. But BTAFC pretty desperate for a win now - I hope they get it by 945 Monday eve.
  10. The HD6 postcode is centred on Spout House Lane, south of The Yorkdhire Payments Stadium. The HX3 postcode centres on St Giles Road, but to the north side of the ground. The stadium address is actually St Giles Road and is actually on the boundary of the two postcodes.
  11. After beating Pontycarlo last week, Briggus have been handed a reprieve in the FA Trophy. Despite losing at Kendal, they are through to the 3rd Q round due to Kendal playing 2 ineligible players in the 2nd Q round. Division higher Buxton are at The Yorkshire Payments Stadium this Sat at 3pm. If you’re not watching The Shaymen, Briggus Town will try to get their first win of the season tomorrow when Ponty Collieries visit The Yorkshire Payments Stadium, 3pm ko. 396 saw 7 more goals at Brighouse Town yesterday with another sending off and another penalty!! Sadly the sending off w
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