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  1. Paul and Jimmy Willis?
  2. Too young to have watched Monty Python?
  3. Grant Holt scored his only Town goal in 2-1 defeat.
  4. Theres only one Frank, Shelf's finest.
  5. Yugoslav FA if you don't mind
  6. Most appearances whilst drunk?
  7. Quite ironic for Halifax really, as Thrum Hall had staged Sunday RL games for several seasons by 1974. There the admission was 'free' but a programme was a compulsory purchase at the turnstile to cover the entrance fee. Seem to remember the rugby begging Town not to play on that Sunday as the fixtures would clash. Without refering to Shaymus' gospel, I think the crowds were something around 4500 at the Shay and 1500 at Thrum Hall, proving the rugby club's fears to be correct. I was the Shay that day, think it was a draw with Southport.
  8. Anything to do with playing a Sunday fixture?
  9. Think his name was Darrell/Daryll. Used to shout 'It's got to be' whenever DG was near to goal.
  10. Yes I can, was a real extrovert. Also had a 'thing' about Dave Gwyther.
  11. Siiiii, claro. ┬┐Que tal hombre. Supongo que Espanyol y Cadiz van a intercambiarles lugares, no muy pronto?
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