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  1. First Half i was quietly impressed,at times looked like a football team. Second half....oh well,back to the drawing board.
  2. I know someone who walks past the ground every other month,and they said we are getting a new manager!!!!
  3. Well young sam was on a 3 day bender over the weekend so something has gone on. I will post allegedly though,as he could of been FB hacked by a mate.so who knows.
  4. Can never take away what he has done for this club,anyone who says he doesn't deserve thanks is nuts. But if by game ten and we haven't got that first win,then he has to go and i hate saying that. Because unless we have somebody lined up on the quiet,which i very much doubt its probably another 2-3 games before another bloke appears. Then its a case of the new guy's tactics etc kickin in which could take more games,before we know it its christmas and points adrift if we are not careful.
  5. It sounded bad,but i wont go off on one as i wasnt there. But it isnt looking promising is it lets be fare. Still....we are the shaymen and its been worse,just. =/
  6. ive had to turn the radio off....i hope they prove me wrong i really do,we sound as crap as we look.
  7. my mate who walks past an house which is owned by an agent who knows an agent of another agent who once sat down at the shay,but has since sat at valley parade,said he's heard from his misses that she was talkin to someone in the cafe who is the ex partner of a top striker coming in next year.
  8. Can we not remember what aspin has done for this club? it certainly hasnt been the bod who got us back to where we were. Remember Jim Vince anyone? nice bloke shite manager for us. One average season doesn't deserve the man to be replaced,people need to remember who we are. Some truths now,WE...will never get decent crowds until they have a drastic change in how they promote the club. Its laughable,we are a Conf club with a great ground...loyal but small fanbase who deserve far more,but we have certain people at the club who are happy being on the same level as Emley(sorry emley)when it comes to promoting the club. No club shop/NO advertising even in the crappy local rag...nothing. You ask the local folk in town today and about 10% if that will know its our last home game sat,nothing to play for true.....but lets get the next generation through the gates for a quid or free.Its not hard,but for some reason the bradford boys cant seem to suss it out.
  9. This ^ i blame jim McCalliog myself,never should of let flicker,mcphillips etc leave,bloody rubbish jim get it sorted.
  10. how can you expect the people of Halifax to go to a club who cant even be arsed to advertise a game,give free tickets out to kids etc Whats wrong with saying as we are playing two pointless games we gonna knock a couple of quid off entrance fee for last few games? i hope he runs his car dealership and golf trips better than he runs the club.
  11. agreed...the club hasn't had any real commercial push for years. i mean arnt our BCFC loving bod supposed to be business men? im pretty sure Mr B sells his BMW showroom etc by advertising and what not. So why can he not fathom out that a Lower League Football Club needs the same push to attract a new fan base/further income?
  12. BillyCatsBarr


    I say good luck with it all,but the pessimist in me just hopes down the road in years to come we don't end up with egg on our faces. Im sure we wont,but i still fear having to go down the re forming road again one day. Because next time that happens we wont be as successful imo. But yea good luck.
  13. FGR...ffs. stick to your veggie pies and overpaid thugs and we will stick to picking up 3 points and constantly showing up so called superior FT teams. COME ON SHAYMEN!!!!
  14. Some inspired signings in Jan needed from NA to stop our season falling away. If right players available we need to strengthen in Jan, particularly in midfield. Can we find a creative midfielder to play in to Boden's feet? We have one called Schofield but NA dosn't like him for some reason,guess all them appearances in the football league meant nowt.
  15. So..who's down The Shay next sat? I'll be there whoever is in charge and whoever is playing...COME ON SHAYMEN!!! Safe journey to the faithful coming home now.
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