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  1. I don't have Shaymus's book(s) to hand but if we were league leaders with 19 points in October we must have had a pretty shocking run to finish 15th! https://fchd.info/lghist/fl1960.htm
  2. Can't be many other Q's... Brian Quailey only other I can think of! Quinn surely has to be the pick (at least in my time as a fan).
  3. I was definitely in Skircoat for Rushden and on the North Terrace for the Woking game. Attendance was 3,951 for the Rushden match which more or less exactly the capacity, I'd thought, but I do recall it being quite a squeeze inside the Skircoat... Found this old report from Woking after that match which for some reason is still on the Surrey Live website, George Mulhall's comments at the bottom are... interesting! I knew he did go on about fat ladies singing a fair bit towards the end of the season but wasn't aware he'd specifically mentioned one in particular! https://www.getsurrey.
  4. Ooh I like this game! Thunderbastard From Rushden With Love A View To A Killeen
  5. He obviously never saw the fella that played for Chasetown (whose name escapes me)
  6. Must be the Bahçeşehir Okulları microclimate...
  7. Didn't stream today so can't comment on the performance itself but it is really, really frustrating to be getting a good haul of 4 points from 2 tough away games, then losing immediately after at home. Whatever the reasons - and yes injuries clearly have played a huge part - this team isn't playoff material and won't be until they start showing some consistency.
  8. Imagine getting so incensed by the postponement of a match in sub-zero conditions on a Tuesday January evening, which your club's manager was in full agreement with and which you couldn't actually legally attend anyway, to bother to register on a rival's messageboard, just to spout a load of juvenile willy-waving nonsense worse than the Daily Mail comments section, I applaud you sir.
  9. Given how late this season will finish, if of course it finishes at all, they could do worse than push the start of next season back a little too - perhaps not as far as October, but perhaps somewhere in between then and when it would usually start. A month or so extra could make a big difference in terms of willingness to open up large scale events 'outdoors' - I'm desperately hoping things settle down early enough for me to attend a couple of music festivals this summer that were postponed or cancelled last year, but chances not looking fantastic at the moment hopefully the vaccines will st
  10. Lots of great memories from some of the matches already mentioned - Kidderminster, Rushden and Southport from the Conference title winning season stand out for me, plus the first couple of games of the Div 3 season for both good and bad reasons - we were 20 minutes late into Peterborough as we were dropping my grandma off in Stamford to see her sister and she kept giving us wrong directions bless her, then going to Wrexham in League Cup where we set off with the fuel light on, dad was too cheapskate to even put a fiver in at Hill Crest as they charged 2p/litre more than the one at the top of P
  11. Finish not half bad either! Chadwick's goal extremely well taken too.
  12. Goals 1, 8 and 12 are real crackers, but I have to say the ones that please me the most are 10 and 11 - Hyde getting on the end of decent crosses to score the more 'routine' goals. I mean absolutely no disrespect saying routine here, but the ability to get those kind of goals is something we've lacked since the days of Gregory, so it's hugely encouraging to see us creating and putting away those kind of opportunities.
  13. True. Hartlepool is up there with Scarborough, Morecambe and Gillingham (when we played Brighton) as the coldest I've ever been at a match.
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