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  1. To be fair, a 'streaming S/T' or similar would make far more sense for me personally than an in-person one, even outside of any COVID restrictions. I admit that I'm one of a minority here in living away from the Shay, but if the facility is there longer term it's something I'd almost certainly go for every season if priced around this mark. The only question would be if it was economical to run it in a (hopefully more) normal season when maybe only a few dozen Town fans would want it, but if the infrastructure is being setup for this season and it's not too much effort to take it forward it co
  2. In the past I've bought S/T sharing cost with my mum (who lives locally - I do not) who used it for some, not all, games; on the rare occasions I made it to the Shay as well, one of us paid in. Would guess we missed about 1/3 to 1/2 of games so we didn't get full 'value for money' but this wasn't a priority for me at £199 at it was a way of supporting the club from a distance, however the consideration becomes a bit more important at £299. Am still contemplating whether to go for one this year, it's certainly not going to represent value for money but on the other hand the club could do with a
  3. Wonder what his stats are on discipline... hopefully those challenges are just the right side of that line. Welcome to the club Jack. Only scored one goal for Gloucester (and so far in his career) but what a beauty! [Was hanging on posting this until I'd seen the highlights reel as didn't want to steal their thunder(bastard) but it isn't on there] https://ne-np.facebook.com/gcafcofficial/videos/679656049245838/
  4. Hopefully he's not costing the club as much as Ludden did, probably cost more per minute on the pitch (at least in wages) than anyone else to ever play for HTAFC/FCHT
  5. I hope PW isn't rowan back on his promise to sign alder best players for this season. He'll be for the birch if so.
  6. Betway have Boreham Wood at 20/1... maybe they know something Skybet don't! Harrogate 6/4 Notts County 6/4 Yeovil 13/2 Halifax 10/1 Barnet 11/1 Boreham Wood 20/1 https://sports.betway.com/en/sports/evt/4221739
  7. Apparently they do a no-contract monthly pass, £25, with access via their app on phone/tablet/smart TV, probably my preferred option if it works (as don't want to sign up to 12 months of another TV provider with BT in package at >£200 cost). I had 6 months free BT Sport app access previously with a mobile contract and watched the home 2-0 win against Guiseley on my phone (couldn't quite figure out how to cast it to my TV...) and that worked fine. Edit for link: https://www.bt.com/sport/monthly-pass/
  8. Wasn't there some talk of a black and white striped away kit that year (2011/12)? Not quite the same now, as we weren't playing in those colours by 1921, but would be (for us) an unusual change kit and one I'd certainly buy if the design was half decent.
  9. Reuben kicked some serious arse back in the day, one of the best bands I've had the privilege of seeing.
  10. Didn't he come out with similar claptrap after our 2-0 win down there? Or am I misremembering?
  11. "not appropriate" to kick them out my arse. And we all know what the "mitigating factors" are £££. EFL showing as always they care less about the game than they do the cash and covering their own arses. Pathetic.
  12. Was absolutely gutted we lost that (home) game as a 10-ish year old kid. Really felt like we'd battled and deserved the draw. Found a fiver on the terrace as we were leaving, didn't even cheer me up that much. My dad always said he didn't drop it on purpose... Part of me still thinks he did but then he always was a tight arse so he was probably right!
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