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    Just seen this. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.kentonline.co.uk/gravesend/sport/amp/six-game-ban-for-spitting-212738/
  2. I have read the forum for many years and find it in many ways informative and an open place to discus on going situations and have healthy debate. I simply don't post due to arguments that start mainly due to one poster. How does every thread turn into the rubbish above. If people have had a number of temporary bans then surely it's time to be permanent.
  3. Never felt the need to post but after watching the game today couldn't understand the team selection, tactics, subs and what Heath was playing at. Teams in this league are faster, stronger and try to play the football on the deck. We simply didn't compete at times, letting them carry the ball over half the pitch without even challenging. Denton still can't jump, flick ons go everywhere but to a town player and is simply not good enough to start at this level. I am not saying is all doom and gloom but don't see this team scoring the way it is set up and with the players who heaths loyalty to is becoming embarrassing i stand to be corrected and will stand by Heath but after today he has a lot to prove if he isn't just a conference north manager
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