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  1. klarkie

    Gary Wilby

    Suffered a stroke unfortunately, I was speaking to Dennis about him a couple of months ago. He was in a care home but I think he may be back home now.
  2. The RFU have managed to sort the whole season out with minimal fuss
  3. Perhaps they're a new version of green and clears
  4. Perhaps Shaymus can tell us if we've played them in the county cup. Harrogate Town play Guiseley in the semi final in a couple of weeks.
  5. Harrogate is, and always will be, in the West Riding of Yorkshire, the historic counties weren't abolished when the administrative areas were created in 1974. Harrogate Town are members of the West Riding County FA and as such can apply to them for grants.
  6. You might be right about the owners but you'd be wrong about the fans.
  7. Being fairly a regular supporter at both clubs 1500 at the rugby always looks less than 1500 at the football. I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions.
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