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  1. DavidB86

    Jonny Edwards

    Exactly what we are missing. Driving centre forward who could tussle and hold.
  2. At least it will give Harrogate a chance to muster up more that the 87 fans they found few weeks back?... or maybe not.
  3. There has been a hell of a lot of tears watching town over the years! haha
  4. A game where Kingsley James turned up and played... looked like the player we thought we had signed!
  5. DavidB86


    Not the first time either, allegedly.
  6. He didn't look like he wanted to be there when we played them other week. Me and the other lads all said the same....
  7. Completely agree, the better option in my opinion.
  8. DavidB86

    Spot on!

    Agreed Nick. Remember being impressed at the run from well within his own half. Great to see him on the end of it.
  9. DavidB86

    Busy month

    Agreed, on Solidull... look strong! Chesterfield i think will be up there too.
  10. Agreed. It has come back better than before too!
  11. Finally got round to ordering mine (and payday came ) Added a second U12 this year - roped in friends son too! 1 x Adult 2 x U12
  12. Still a fair few 'pianists' int' Stands!
  13. And a lot of the time new managers don't get the time they need / deserve these days, so this would be a good plan.
  14. Wow! impressive stuff.
  15. Agree with those points - and to be fair he only signed his pro contract with them in June last year.
  16. Looking forward to seeing him and hoping that he turns out what we need. He does look good on the ball and able to score a goal (an area where King hasn't added thus far) and seemingly quite a big strong presence in the middle of the park - again, nice to add...
  17. Agreed. Berret, I liked and thought decent but Collins was noticeably better than the rest of that team when he played and I do feel would / should of been the type of player to sure up that midfield last season given the chance for it to play out the game naturally...
  18. Not sure if anybody posted this, when he signed... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tUCjdaT2cXw Wait for the bit about former clubs!! :-)
  19. DavidB86

    Cliff Moyo

    Signed for Macc.
  20. What a squad of players eh?!
  21. I thought somebody had said Ferry signed permanently at Woking?
  22. Got burnt on the last one i went to! Was hotter than Lanzarote Was the one that Adam Morgan scored from the half way line if i remember correctly....
  23. You were bang on Lewis... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48368414
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