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  1. Wasn't it only 10 minutes ago they were moving out of there?
  2. Never going to be any good down the middle though either, for me. He doesn't have the presence or finishing. Much better suited to out wide in a front 3.
  3. Fondop - Chesterfield game.... After being a boo baby and kicking the ball at hoardings and scuffling with a Town player by the dugout.
  4. https://www.fourfourtwo.com/us/news/could-liverpool-celebrate-premier-league-title-everton
  5. Too scared to get stuck in, unfortunately.... I love Josh though and would love to see him on the team sheet as he is a great outlet.. especially when under the cosh. We like to play Hoofball....he would be the perfect person to have a available for a kick and chase game IMO.
  6. Correct. Remember seeing a video interview in the past (possibly pre season i think he re signed) he has stated it suits him as it is and that they have had offers many a time.
  7. Off to Hartlepool i see.
  8. Couldn't agree more. Earing looks decent to me and is more attacking than holding. If Cam King isnt playing then he is the obvious swap for me.... We don't have another natural No. 10.
  9. DavidB86

    Jonny Edwards

    Exactly what we are missing. Driving centre forward who could tussle and hold.
  10. At least it will give Harrogate a chance to muster up more that the 87 fans they found few weeks back?... or maybe not.
  11. There has been a hell of a lot of tears watching town over the years! haha
  12. A game where Kingsley James turned up and played... looked like the player we thought we had signed!
  13. DavidB86


    Not the first time either, allegedly.
  14. He didn't look like he wanted to be there when we played them other week. Me and the other lads all said the same....
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