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  1. Update on new fixtures 3rd April 2021 - Man Utd A 10th April 2021 - Bury A 17th April 2021 - Wolves H 24th April 2021 Preston H 1st May 2021 - Burton A 8th May 2021 - Preston A 15th May 2021 - Wolves A 29th May 2021 - Man Utd H 22nd May 2021 - Chester A 5th June 2021 - Rochdale A 12th June 2021 - West Vale FC H 19th June 2021 - Chester H
  2. AFC Halifax hope to make an announcement tomorrow about something they are doing to help the fundraising and an opportunity for others to help also.
  3. Akinde rumoured to be going to Oxford
  4. Would do me, wouldn't leave much in the budget for another 9 players though!!!
  5. I hope if we do sign him we are yet to see his A game.
  6. Macca gone, Wilde gone, Hanley would be a downgrade
  7. Agree and how lightweight they become
  8. 23 years old and looks like a 16 year old playing adult football. Would be the most uninspiring signing ever
  9. It's a separate injury not a reocurance of an old injury. Yes it would be a big plus if he added goals, but it's no coincidence goals looked harder to come by when he was out of the team.
  10. Out of the remaining players in negotiation, Josh Mac is the one I would be very dissapointed if we can't get him to sign.
  11. Which players are left to negotiate with? Ducky Hotte Josh Mac Tomlinson
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