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  1. As a Town fan living 150 miles away, I only occasionally get to see home fixtures. If streaming from The Shay was available at say £5 or £10 per game, how many Town fans might sign up on the basis that they are too far away from Halifax to watch matches live. It might not cover the full costs of a behind closed doors season, but could probably go some way to minimise the financial chasm that clubs could be facing with behind closed doors matches. Add in some creative online sponsorship or "golden goal" or online draw for a match shirt each game .....??
  2. Think each club in National League could be allocated one or two overpaid Premier League prima donnas who could fund the club for a season from their wage packets .... If Bale is on (allegedly) £600 000 a week, then he could probably cover the cost of one of the three divisions on his own. Sponsorship? The Gareth Bale National League has a ring to it ..............
  3. Were they short of a linesman/assistant referee then??
  4. Tear seems to be only missing name i can think of ....? Night off already??
  5. Did indeed. I was born at 6.15pm, so gave my dad enough time to get back from the match! Think I was destined to be a Town fan from that moment on ....
  6. Do you know what 1st Town game your dad saw was? If so check ebay to see if there is programme from the game for sale and frame it. I was born 19 March 60 and have that days programme vs Newport framed on wall. Whole thing cost me £15!
  7. Why has this suddenly turned into a Covid and lockdown debate? Can we stick to topic???
  8. Football needs to take a leaf out Rugby unions book - no chat, no dissent, no foul language. The referee is GOD!
  9. wornomad123


    Thing is you have to have a squad, which means versatility and players who can cover injuries, suspension etc. Jeff can be that sort of player - he's shown that, and if Wild can work with him on discipline he could be an important cog in the wheel
  10. Suggestions maybe that there aren't going to be wholesale changes, but I can see one or two surprises in the retained list. Think he will keep (without knowledge of who is currently on a two year deal) Johnson, Duckworth, Brown, Maher, Earring, Cooper, Allen, Sho Silva. I think he will invite Hanson and Williams back for pre-season training. I think he may offer Clarke a back-room role. Staunton will choose to move back south; Cameron King will go (maybe to Kings Lynn); Redshaw will find a better offer and the rest will be released. In-coming a stronger reserve keepe
  11. Paterson and Hume attacking behind Horsfield, with the creativity of Brown and O'Regan. The goals Thackeray and Bradshaw scored shouldn't be underestimated either.
  12. All about perception - did we let them come to us or did they push as back? Not saying it was the case but sometimes you can only play as well as the opposition let you.
  13. Reminds me a little of hearing the tragic news of another of our younger ex players Dave Longhurst. Different circumstances as he passed away during agame for York, but another very popular lad on our books who went far too soon. 25th minute applause sounds great idea.
  14. Makes you realise how trivial so many other things are. We mean about football, weather, Brexit, taxes, work and so on. Trivial in comparison .....
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