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  1. First live game for ages. Goal came out of nothing really. MoM for me was Johnson - one stunning save 2nd half. Sho Silva a good target man, but needs someone alongside. Cameron King could become special player, but a couple of times took the difficult option. Weaker down the left side - Jeff King struggled and added to pressure on JBW who is ok but not the liability some were suggesting. Thought Staunton had good game and played a few lovely long passes. Liked Allen and he could also become a key player. After pre-season chaos I think we are in a good place. Wild is a good appointment - no singing of "Wild boys" by Duran Duran?? - and a lot more interaction than previous manager!
  2. I loved the Mulhall/O'Regan partnership, with Kieran planned to take over as manager. If we could find the senior experienced guy to work with Clarkey in the same way they did, I think it could work very very well
  3. Thought you meant Kosy for a minute or two .....
  4. A very poor crowd - only just over 8000. How many were there at Leicester when we played Hereford??
  5. Lionel Ainsworth been released by Plymouth. Seemed to do well after his loan spell with us ....
  6. Always been the issue with Town - we play superbly against the best sides, but put dross out and we can easily descend to their level!!
  7. wornomad123

    D B

    I'm not particularly convinced one way or the other about JF. Seen managers come and go, both as saviours and shockers. Living away I only see the highlights so that doesn't help. Like everyone I want us to stay up and it has certainly not looked optimistic recently. But with regard to DB appointing him it's interesting to look back to end of April last year. JF had done what was asked of him and secured National league status. People werent decrying DB for worst appointment ever. This season hasnt seen us where we would want to be, but it does show what a fine line there is and how rapudly things change in the game we love.
  8. Can't remember what it's called when you score more than the opposition.... Its a short word l know, but for the life of me ..... Does it begin with a W??? Or is it a dream and I'll wake up to find my lovely other half coming out of the shower???
  9. Unless my maths is poor, I think that is a record of 2 goals in the last 7 league fixtures after Chesterfield match. Haven't had such a poor spell in a long time from memory. Whats the solution guys?
  10. Obviously Terry McPhilip's at Blackpool, and is Noel Horner there as physio as well. A few appear to be on FB, such as Darren Heyes, Peter Craven, Mark Bradshaw, Bobby Barr, Jon Brown, Andy Campbell and even Chris Tate!
  11. Dunno how you think we can score one in a game let alone two!!
  12. Probably cadged a lift off Santa! Did hope McLeod or Tomlinson would be starting. Hanson gone back to Bradford?
  13. Have we still got Berrett? Keep forgetting about him!
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