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  1. Paterson and Hume attacking behind Horsfield, with the creativity of Brown and O'Regan. The goals Thackeray and Bradshaw scored shouldn't be underestimated either.
  2. All about perception - did we let them come to us or did they push as back? Not saying it was the case but sometimes you can only play as well as the opposition let you.
  3. Reminds me a little of hearing the tragic news of another of our younger ex players Dave Longhurst. Different circumstances as he passed away during agame for York, but another very popular lad on our books who went far too soon. 25th minute applause sounds great idea.
  4. Makes you realise how trivial so many other things are. We mean about football, weather, Brexit, taxes, work and so on. Trivial in comparison .....
  5. Just seen on match updates a ref to our Twitter page saying Jordan Sinnott has passed away. Heck of a shock. No details as yet. Sincere condolences to his family.
  6. Didnt know Macalinden and Erik were together ....
  7. Staunton more than merits his place as midfielder, and if you think he's aimless you need to watch matches more closely
  8. Its whether he gets any better offers or is happy to accept what our terms are. Not saying it about him but not much loyalty in the game these days, even if we were the club to give him a chance!
  9. Well ppl have been complaining Wild has stuck to a formula so today hes changed it. Cant have it both ways! I'd sooner have Redshaw playing alongside front man, but lets see how we fare
  10. I can never understand these big payouts. If I'd been sacked I'd have got diddly squat and probably not even a reference. Can anyone explain please??
  11. True - but didn't Aspin take Johnson on loan when he was manager of Gateshead??
  12. Best keeper in my time without doubt was Alex Smith. Thought he would be our keeper for ever ....
  13. Cant see any match updates on Towns website....?
  14. Usually away fans still come through a separate turnstile even without segregation
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