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  1. In all seriousness that is quite a good footballing midfield, doubt very much we will see it
  2. Something seemed to go wrong after the Wrexham trophy defeat
  3. 3 defeats could see that total rise to 3 teams
  4. Can Hillhouse be recalled from Droylsden? Droylsden have nothing to play for, may be a good idea to have him involved in our last 3 games
  5. NA saying he is going to make changes, not entirely sure what he can change really. Senior K Roberts Pearson Hutchison Macmanus Hatfield Maynard Marshall Jackson Boden Muldoon Although Glennon doesnt deserve to be dropped, Senior probably deserves the last 3 games
  6. Hembers any chance of an upto date list please?
  7. Its not what they are saying, its the failure to see any good they have done, the fact that they use any slightest oppertunity to have that argument and that some can not accept critiscm of something or someone they think is above critiscm. It eventually becomes very tedious.
  8. Never said we cant expect them to be better. Vardy was being watched by a whole host of clubs, but many were reluctant to pay what Stocksbridge wanted because of his reputation, our board backed theirs and their managers judgement. Who thought Spurs would get that much for Bale, Utd for Ronaldo, Leeds for Ferdinand etc etc. Remind me again what the board did with the Horsfield money?
  9. But they have happened, and Vardy & Gregory were not fortunate. I have always said areas need to improve, but in my opinion they are the best board of directors tue club have had in my time supporting the club. Nit a glowing reference given the majority of clowns we have had, but happy to have them at the helm
  10. Anyone know how much the golf days bring into the club?
  11. The point I am trying to make is the majority of previous boards have been worse than what we currently have. Yes I have issues with DB and the current board and they have made plenty of mistakes and need to improve in a lot of areas, but they have and are doing overall a good job in areas that previous boards have failed, and that is running the club in the black. They have had income from 2 decent transfers and 2 TV FA Cup games, but that is all part and parcel of a football club, to say they are lucky, as some have is ludicrous, as they were the people who took a gamble on Vardy and Gregory
  12. Bring back Jim Brown !!! Now they were the proper good times.
  13. So you are not prepared to offer your support to the Manager & players because you have an issue with their boss?
  14. I feel as much part of FCHT as I did part of HTFC. And your answer to the question Luke posed you is?
  15. I say lets bring back the happy times where the board were open with the fans and everyone got on like a house on fire. The Shay was a welcoming place to go and we were one big happy family...
  16. Aspin has done a great job over the last 2/3 seasons, but something's he does need questioning, Mr.V seems happy to hammer the BOD at every opportunity, but anyone has a moan about his beloved Neil Aspin they are regarded as a clown. Aspin has made some shocking errors this season and is continuing to make the same ones, even Mr.V can see that if he was being honest. Mr.V was very quick to slate the manager last season for his constant selection of Danny Lowe, Paul Marshall and Chris Smith, why no criticsim of the manager this season ?
  17. Just saying that it isnt just a lack of board activity, what is being served up on the pitch is turning people away. Much more of Tuesdays first hour and a few more will turn their backs
  18. I know of at least 5 long standing Town fans that have stopped going because the football is rubbish or words to that effect. I also know a season ticket holder that will not be renewing his season ticket next season as he has "better things to do than watch that"
  19. Tom Scargill in the courier described the game as a "thriller" The manager described it as "entertaining" Well I hate to dissapoint them but from where I was sat it was dreadfull for over an hour, as bad as it gets, and slightly improved with the introduction of Boden.
  20. I think what all these stats say is we have a core 1000 that can occasionally rise to 1500/1600 when the bigger boys come to town or the team is winning games at the top of the table, and that has been the same for at least a couple of decades
  21. Rubbish. The league is poor and the play offs were on a plate a few weeks ago, and possibly still were untill tonight.
  22. you cant tell me they were fighting for it for the first 60 mins tonight
  23. First half was dreadfull, all 11 Town players looked like they couldnt give a fook. Second half started in exactly the same fashion. Hattersley shouldnt in my opinion be anywhere near a starting berth, he is slow, lighweight, loses more headers than he wins and always seems a good yard away from the pace. Centre halves must love playing against him. The performance improved slightly after Boden was introduced as we actually had a striker on the pitch, his touch and movement was way better than what had gone on before him and with the right service he will score goals. Again Aspins lack of usin
  24. At least James Marwood cant this year
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